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When "Amazon" is written in English, how can I change it back to Japanese? What are the causes and remedies?

| Amazon Prime Video |
Published on Sep 14, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Why the sudden English? How can I go back to Japanese?" You must have been wondering, "How can I go back to Japanese? Don't worry. We will show you in detail how to change the English language Amazon notation back to Japanese.

When I try to shop on the Amazon app, for some reason the notation is in English. Why is it suddenly in English? How do I get back to Japanese?" You must have been wondering, "How do I get back to Japanese? Don't worry. We will show you in detail how to change the English notation on Amazon back to Japanese, so please take a look.

How to change Amazon's English notation to Japanese

How to deal with Amazon notations that are in English, for smartphones <iPhone and Android> and Amazon apps

There are many people who use their smartphones to shop with the Amazon app. First, we will explain how to change the English notation on your smartphone's Amazon app screen to Japanese.

Since there is little difference between the Amazon app screen for iOS and Android versions, we will explain the operating procedure for the iOS version.

  1. Open the Amazon app, tap the "≡" icon on the menu bar, and go to the settings screen.

  1. Tap "settings" on the Amazon app settings screen, and items for advanced settings will be displayed. The item related to language settings is "Country & Language". Tap it to proceed to the language selection screen. 3.

3. In the first line, change the country/region to Japan. The second line is the language setting. If you choose Japanese, the screen will automatically change to Japanese. Press the Exit button to complete the setting.

How to deal with Amazon notation being in English and PC browser operation flow

When browsing Amazon with a computer browser, there are two simple ways to change the language to Japanese.

Change from the language setting icon at the bottom of the Amazon page

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Amazon web page and you will see the footer menu as shown below. Click on the language icon next to the Amazon logo.

2. The site region is now set to the United States, so there is no Japanese item in the language settings. To change the notation to Japanese, you need to change the region. It is possible that you opened a URL with American parameters and mistakenly entered an American site.

3. click on the region list icon with the American flag. This will take you to the Regional Settings page. Select Japanese from the list and a new page will load and changes will be made immediately. No matter which page you are viewing, you can easily make changes in a single operation.

Change language settings from the top left menu bar

  1. Click on the "≡ All" icon that appears at the beginning of the header menu.
  2. Scroll down the menu that appears. There are two items related to language settings. As explained in the first method, you cannot directly set the language to Japanese from the language settings because the site region is now set to the United States. There is no Japanese language option. Click on the region icon with the American flag.

  1. When the site region is moved to the Japan site, the notation will automatically return to Japanese.

These are the instructions for changing the "Language Settings". Regardless of the model or manual process, a notification e-mail will be sent to the address registered in your account when the change is completed.

How to deal with Amazon Prime Video being displayed in English

When watching videos on Amazon Prime Video, there are sometimes errors that cause the language to be displayed in English. What should you do in such cases?

First, check the region of the Amazon site you accessed. As mentioned above, if the site region is in the U.S., there is no Japanese notation, so check the URL address or the country flag next to the search bar in the footer menu. If the region is not Japan, you will need to change the region to Japan.

If you see the Japanese flag in the region but the site is written in English, you can change the language setting. Click [EN] to the right of the search bar and go to the language settings page.

Choose Japanese and click the "Save changes" button, and you are back on the Japanese page.

This is how to change back to Japanese in the language settings when Amazon's notation is in English.

Causes and solutions for not being able to return Amazon's English notation to Japanese

Although you have tried the above methods, there are times when you are still unable to return the page to Japanese because the page is still in English. In that case, here are some solutions you can try.

Cause 1: Check the URL of Amazon's Japanese site

The URL for Amazon's Japanese site is set to "" and the American site is set to " If the site is set to a country other than Japan, there may be no Japanese in the language settings. First, check the site address in your browser and change the exact URL.

Cause 2: Clear the cache.

Cache is a method of temporarily storing the content and information of a web page on your PC once you have used it, so that the next time you open the page, the page will load more quickly than before.

You often hear that clearing the cache makes your PC run faster.

On Amazon, if you have too much cache, then a language change might not show up on your screen instantly.

So, clear your cache once and visit Amazon again.

Cause 3: Amazon glitch that causes Amazon notation to be in English

In some cases, due to a glitch of Amazon, the description is changed to English and it is impossible to change it back.

In such cases, it is better to leave the browser temporarily and try to access Amazon again after a while.

「英語になる」と訴えるツイートに対する「Amazon Help」のリプライ

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On the Amazon Japan site, there is a glitch that sometimes the notation is in English. But don't worry. In this article, we have shown you how to change the Amazon notation to Japanese. Please refer to it when you need it. Also, to download videos from Amazon Prime Video, please try KeepStreams for Amazon once.

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