Apple Music vs Amazon Music: Which One Is Better?

| Published on Mar 16, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Apple Music and Amazon Music are two of the most popular music streaming services, but which should you select?
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Apple Music vs Amazon Music: Which One Is Better?
5 Minutes Reading
Apple Music and Amazon Music are two of the most popular music streaming services, but which should you select?

The music industry is growing day by day. New artists are emerging, and new songs are released and enjoyed by the audience daily. People are trying to find ways to enjoy music, and the best way is through music streaming apps. With the music industry growing, music applications are also evolving.

Apple Music and Amazon Music are the two topmost platforms that people use. These applications are the hub for music so that people can enjoy their favorite artists everywhere. Both of these applications have recently been updated with new features. Now you might be thinking, Apple Music vs Amazon Music which is better? No need to worry. Here is a detailed comparison guide to help you choose the right one.

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Apple Music vs Amazon Music - Overview

Between Amazon Music vs Apple Music, Amazon Music was the first to be launched. It is a music streaming platform that Amazon developed in 2007. In the beginning, it had only 2 million songs and 180,000 artists. Amazon Music was considered the first DRM-free music; this made it easy for users to purchase MP3 files from the record labels. Amazon MP3 was later named Amazon Music Prime, and in 2016, it was called Amazon Music Unlimited. As of 2022, Amazon Music has about 90 million songs and 55 million subscribers.

Before the launch of Apple Music, iOS users had iTunes, through which they could purchase songs and listen to them. Then, people started facing issues, and iTunes became Apple Music in 2015 and was launched in 100 countries.

Apple Music has many unique features and even offers 24-hour radio programming. You can listen to high-quality music with this music streaming platform. According to the statistics, it is seen that Apple Music has 90 million songs and about 98 million subscribers.

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Apple Music vs Amazon Music - Plans and Pricing

  Plans Pricing/Month
Apple Music Voice $4.99
Student $5.99
Individual $10.99
Family $16.99
Amazon Music Unlimited  Individual $10.99
Family $15.99
Single Device $4.99
Student $5.99

When we talk about Apple Music vs Amazon Music HD, the pricing and plans also play an essential role. One main difference between these platforms is that Apple Music does not offer a free program. However, they have given an opportunity to their new users to subscribe to the Individual Plan and take a 1-month free trial before committing to it.

On the other hand, Amazon Music has a free plan with a limited selection of songs and playlists. This is a good feature for the new users to understand the platform's working and features before subscribing to some plan.

Another difference between Amazon Music Unlimited vs Apple Music is that Amazon Music has podcast content. They have about 70,000 titles of podcasts that people can easily listen to. Regarding Apple Music, users have to listen to podcasts on different platforms. They have to use Apple Podcasts to have access to them.

Other than this, Apple Music is slightly more expensive than Amazon Music. This leads to the final verdict that Amazon Music is much better than Apple Music regarding the pricing and subscription plans.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music - Amount of Content

The next thing to the comparison between Amazon Prime Music vs Apple Music is the availability of content. Both of these platforms are amazing when it comes to content. Not only can you find the hit songs, but you can also find the less famous indie songs on these platforms. They also feature a vast range of artists on the forum.

Amazon Music has 12 categories, so users can easily find which type of songs they want to listen to. Their playlists are also ranked according to the hit songs they have. Amazon Music also allows you to search your music and find the one you like. Hence, the interface is straightforward and easy to use.

Apple Music has a vast collection and a lot of content to explore. In the Browse section, you can find hundreds and thousands of playlists. They have a very different group of music that ranges from old songs to post-war Japanese pop and a lot of other content. They also have playlists with everyday hits and the week's top music. This makes it easy for music fans to find the latest releases. With Apple Music, you can search for your favorite music, playlists, and artists. You can also find the lyrics-styled video so that you can easily read the complex lyrics and enjoy the song. 

In this category, Apple Music wins the comparison because of the intensive collection.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music - Audio Quality

Sound quality is also a big thing when it comes to music streaming platforms. It is seen that Apple Music provides four audio quality settings, and Amazon has about five of them.

With Apple Music vs Amazon Unlimited, it is seen that Apple Music streams music in AAC format. Amazon Music needs to state which kind of format it streams the music in. Both of them provide music in high-resolution lossless audio. However, with such audio quality, you may encounter connectivity issues and find buffering in your music content.

In both Amazon vs Apple Music, you can find high-quality audio. This is why both of them are equal regarding sound quality.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music - Interface

When discussing the interface of Apple Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music is much easier to navigate. The navigation bar has all the essential categories you need to find your music. The search bar is also easy to find and will give you the results in a few seconds.

Apple Music desktop is also very clean and minimal. The interface is also simple, with easy-to-find categories. It also makes it easier for you to create and edit playlists. You can also jump between the sections on this app and customize your desktop and make it fun.

Because of all these fantastic features, it can be safely said that Apple Music has a much better interface when the comparison is of Amazon Music HD vs Apple Music.

KeepStreams - An Easy Way to Download Music

Other than Apple Music and Amazon Music, there are different ways through which you can enjoy music. One of them is through KeepStreams. This is the ultimate platform through which you can download music and videos.

KeepStreams is a simple and easy-to-use website that is compatible with more than 600 websites. It allows you to download high-quality music and has a batch-downloading feature. This means adding your favorite music to the queue will make KeepStreams automatically download music to your device. This is an impressive platform that will surely make the life of music lovers easy.


Choosing between Apple Music vs Amazon Music can be pretty hard. Both platforms are good in their way and have some impressive features. But we hope the comparison above will help you find the one that is better according to your liking.

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