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What Are the Differences Between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus?

| Apple TV Plus |
Published on Apr 19, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This is about the Apple TV and Apple TV Plus comparative study. We have provided everything we know about both the app and the platform.

Apple is one of the best-operating systems out there.. Every year millions of people eagerly wait for the Apple events to watch what new the company will pull off from their sleeves. Every year Apple satisfies its fans with the best products. The latest Apple event happened earlier this year.

Apple has recently launched its all-new Apple TV+ in its software-focused Apple event. Well, apparently, this is just a subscription service for the Apple originals. However, it is not like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, where you can get access to back any catalog of licensed movies and shows. It is not a separate standalone application for the iOS platforms. However, it is more of a service you can make avail of while using Apple's TV app. This is going to expand to many more devices in the upcoming months. So, if you are worried about the app's availability and its contents, don't be.  

According to our sources, the Apple TV app will be offering paid subscriptions. It will help you stream shows and movies from the company's partners like HBO without bouncing to any other third-party video services.

So, here today, we have gathered to help you with the best comparative study between the Apple TV app and Apple TV plus to help you know better about these two.

What Is Apple TV? Does Apple TV Have Free Movies? Everything You Need to Know About It!

Apple TV is a $69 worth set-top box that connects to your TV via HDMI cables. Then it will connect to your house's wireless network that will bring the magic of internet videos, OTT contents, and more and stream them on your TV. The most interesting part we found in the product is its remote. It is a three-button remote you can buy.

In the launch event, it was initially described as a 'hobby' of the company. Since its launch in 2007, Apple has sold 25million of these amazing little boxes.

  • The funny thing with these TV, is that even some people with Smart TVs are using Apple TV. This is mainly because they have canceled their subscription to cable and have moved to Apple TV or because the TV interface is very customer friendly.

Do You Need an iPhone Account to Buy an Apple TV? 

Well, you will not need an iPhone to use this. However, you will need an iTunes account that will help you sign up, log in, and start watching different TV shows and movies available.

Things You Can Watch on Apple TV

Apple TV has more than 50 channels. You can always stream stuff on Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Disney, ESPN, CNBC, ABC News, etc. You can get the complete list of channels on the company's official website. However, this does not mean you will get all the TV channels you would have if you stayed on your cable subscription. With cable TV channels, you can only watch the stuff that the content provider decided to make available over the Web.

Apple is also considering offering add-on subscriptions, which Amazon Prime Video does with its channels. Now, you can already subscribe to those channels. However, there are other benefits of doing it with the new TV app method.

For now, you can share your access to your Apple TV channels with up to six family members. Also, instead of watching content from different apps, everything will be watchable on your TV. You will also be allowed to download shows for offline watching.

What Are Some Other Features of the Apple TV? 

Some hardcore apple fans love the TV for its AirPlay capabilities of it. This means that you can always display whatever you are doing on the MacBook or the iPhone on the screen. However, you should have all those devices connected to the same wifi.

Does the Apple TV App Cost Money to Use? 

No, unless you are paying for Apple TV plus subscription or any TV channel subscription, it does not. The TV is completely free to use.

Now that we have shared and described almost every information we could about this Apple TV, here we will now talk about:

Apple TV Plus and Things That Are Unclear About It

What Is Apple TV Plus? 

Apple TV plus is a video subscription service that features Apple's ever-growing list of original TV shows and movies. When the Apple TV plus app launches this winter, Apple TV plus will become the exclusive content watching platform. Also, Apple has poured a lot of money informing a star-studded roster of talent working to produce some programming that can stand equal with the best shows on Netflix.

However, Apple TV plus is not a standalone app. Do not misunderstand Apple TV plus as another application. It will eventually be accessible through the Apple TV app on Mac, iOS, and other platforms. It will likely have its dedicated tab or a section in the Apple TV app. However, Apple hasn't described the specifics of that at the event held today. Even the Apple TV Plus website has been extremely light descriptive about the details on this. So, the best information we have got about this future of the Apple TV plus is some glimpses of an Apple TV plus row with flashy animations in the keynote at the launch.

Another thing you as a consumer should know about this application because the services will be ad-free, and Apple is planning to launch it in over 100 countries.

Now that we have some information about the Apple TV plus, here are a few things that this platform is not. Confused? Stick with us till the end to find out.

How to Download Movies from Apple TV Plus?

Downloading movies is always a wise choice because relying on any platform is not advisable because from time to time some movies and shows are removed due to some rights and all. Moreover, new ones are being added as well. But, what would happen, if you have decided to watch your favorite stars’ movies on the weekend, and suddenly on the weekend, you come to know that the movie is removed from the platform?

You will then start finding another platform where that movie is available, and you have to buy a subscription for another platform as well. So, why not download the movie when it is already available on the platform you are subscribed to?

Yes, that is the best thing you can do. KeepStreams For Apple TV Plus is one such software which allows you to download movies and shows from there. Let’s talk about this amazing downloader.

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Simple Steps to Watch Apple TV on Computer

KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus - Currently the Best Downloader

KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus is a downloader that allows you to download movies from Apple TV plus and almost all the other OTT platforms.

Let’s check out the best features of KeepStreams:

  1. HD Quality Download: The videos are downloaded in HD.
  2. Subtitles Download: Subtitles are also downloaded with the videos.
  3. Ads-free: Downloaded content is ads-free.
  4. Compatible format: Downloaded videos are MP4 files by default which is highly compatible with almost all the device and media players.
  5. Browser: The browser option enables you to browse through any streaming website inside the software interface. You can also stream the videos right there as there is a player integrated in the tool too.
  6. Multiple OTT Support: Not just Apple TV Plus, but it offers a wide range of OTTs. That means one software for all your downloading needs.

Steps to Download Movies from Apple TV Plus

  1. Download and install KeepStreams for Apple TV Plus.
  2. Launch the software, and from VIP Services click Apple TV Plus.
  3. Now, login to Apple TV Plus there.
  4. Now, go to the video you want to download, and click Download Now.

Your movie will be downloaded in some time.

Final Thoughts

So, this is about the Apple TV and Apple TV Plus comparative study. We have provided everything we know about both the app and the platform. We found that these are not the same products as the former is a standalone application whereas the latter is a platform. The rest of these two products have been described in the easiest manner possible in the article. 

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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