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erocool closed? We recommend an alternative free erotic manga site to erocool.

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Published on Aug 15, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
Pirate site erocool (, where you can read erotic manga for free, is shutting down! What about alternative manga sites? We also recommend KeepStreams downloader to enjoy your favorite videos anywhere!

The coterie magazine site erocool (erocool), where you can read high quality erotic manga for free, is loved and used by many readers.

In fact, the site erocool also contains many pirated manga, making it an illegal site.

In January of this year, it was reported that the erotic manga site erocool had disappeared.

Suddenly, the Erocool site could no longer be opened or accessed from the manga links that I was reading, and I could not find any revived sites at all. It seems that even Erocool's domain ( has completely closed down.

Is Erocool really closed at this point?

Has the domain already been scrapped?

In this issue, we once again investigate the current status of erocool.

Current status of erocool

First, let's access the existing URL of erocool,

Then, the above text is displayed on the page.



The above text was displayed on the page.

Searching for what the code 503 error is about, I found the following interpretation



I found the following interpretation. In other words, the server is temporarily closed and outsiders cannot access it.

Since it says temporary, does that mean that erocool may be back in business?

At this time, there is no such possibility yet.

When I search Google using Erocool or erocool as keywords, I can only see related articles. erocool seems to have been removed from the search results.

I don't know how was completely blocked.

By the way, if you want to download sex anime/adult movies from other free erotic sites instead of manga, I recommend KeepStreams/Adult Downloader.

Erotic Movie Downloader|KeepStreams

What is KeepStreams Adult Downloader?

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KeepStreams Ad ult Downloader is a powerful video downloader that supports hundreds of popular domestic and international adult sites such as Pornhub, FANZA, ANIMEMBER, and more. You can save all your favorite videos to your device. You can also select 4k, HD quality, mkv, mp4 file format, etc.

How to use KeepStreams

Step 1) Visit KeepStreams ' official website and download KeepStreams. keepStreams is compatible with a wide variety of devices and systems, so MAC is also available.

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Step 2: Install KeepStreams and enter the interface screen.

Step 3) On the KeepStreams screen, enter the URL of the video site in the built-in browser to find the video you want to download.

Step ④Click "Ready to Download" in the upper left corner of the viewing page, and a pop-up window will appear to play the video.

Step 4) Select your desired music, quality, etc. in the window that appears, then click the "Download Now" button. Downloading will begin immediately. For batch downloading, click the "Add to Queue" button to batch download.

What sites are similar to erocool?

There are a lot of similar sites to erocool, for example


nHentai .net, as the name suggests, is a site dedicated to Hentai. Hentai manga, doujinshi, and currently over 165,000 galleries can be read for free. That's about it. Nothing special to say. But for true hentai fans, there is no better place to go. This site knows hentai from 0 to 100, is updated frequently, and lacks nothing. The site is easy to use and works well for the user. I can't find any flaws.

My Erotic Books.

Ore no Erobon is a huge erotic manga site with 8,000 free erotic manga among many other free erotic manga sites. The range of erotic genres is very wide, covering a variety of content from standard works to SM, lesbian, tame, molestation, and more. The search function is also very extensive. You can search not only by title or author, but also by matching words in the description, so you will never have trouble finding a manga.

There is also an extensive tag search and not too many or too few synopses, so you can find the erotic manga you like. Among other things, there is an "artist list" section that allows you to sub view the works of an artist if you come across one with a design or taste you like.


Buhido is a perverted doujin site with many erotic videos featuring characters from popular anime such as BlazBlue and Fate.

There is very little here that is not poorly drawn by fans. All of the doujinshi here are professionally drawn and published in Japan. The drawings are truly remarkable. The three key elements of koma, kawaii, and storyline allow doujin to be enjoyed not only as reading material, but also as shikoshin.


There are tons of free doujinshi sites on the Internet with all sorts of content, but this guy was one of the best of the best: stores a thick catalog of premium doujinshi manga, all free to read. 2017 The site was just launched in 2006, so it's a real novelty. The site attracts frustrated men, and as a result, it has more than 9 million views per month, and that number continues to grow; some sites that have been around for more than a decade haven't reached that number of views, so hats off to them.

Everyday Erotic Manga

The most attractive thing about Mainichi Eroko Manga is the high quality of its works. The writers of this doujinshi are very talented, talented enough to rival the various regular manga artists I have read. The writers here are all talented, and they use their talent to create 2-D cunts for you guys to wank off to.

What makes Mainichi Erotic Manga unique is that we don't deal with Rule 34 content. Many manga based on popular anime, such as One Piece and Fate, are not available here. This is what makes us different from other doujinshi sites. Many doujinshi sites have doujinshis based on popular female characters, such as Bulma and Nami.

These are 5 similar sites to erocool. However, since these are free pirate sites, there is no telling when they will be shut down. There is also a high risk if you use these sites.

  • Virus infection
  • Leakage of personal or credit card information
  • Participation in virtual currency mining in the background, generating a large amount of communication volume

Never use pirated sites like erocool, because if you are in the above risks, you could incur serious damages.

Investigation into the cause of closure of erocool

We investigated the cause of erocool's closure.

A Japanese manga artist named Maki Murakami filed a DMCA complaint and appeared in a U.S. court claiming that many pirate sites (e.g., nHentai, erocool) infringed her copyright by posting her work without her permission.

Maki Murakami is a manga artist who, in addition to writing for commercial magazines, also runs a doujinshi circle and publishes her creations.

Thus, many of the sites that were sued were shut down. This seems to be the reason for erocool as well. Since erocool and other sites were originally pirate sites, it is no surprise that they were shut down as a violation of the law.

Free erotic manga sites as an alternative to erocool

So, are there any manga sites where you can read erotic manga for free instead?

Here are some officially operated manga sites. They are legitimate manga sites, so there is no risk involved. The number of advertisements is also reduced compared to pirate sites, so you can enjoy erotic manga with ease.

Of course, we recommend sites with trial periods. If you add up all the trial time, you can read erotic manga for free for more than half a year, so please give it a try.




Point: You can read erotic manga for free on U-NEXT.

There is a H-next channel for adult users, and you can enjoy a lot of erotic manga and movies.

200,000 videos and more than 150 magazines are available for unlimited viewing.

Super long trial period of 31 days

One monthly plan, no other fees

图片包含 徽标



  • 30-day free trial period with 1 minute of registration
  • Over 130,000 erotic manga titles to choose from
  • Various genres such as female, male, TL, BL, etc.

D Book

徽标, 公司名称


Point: Free for the first 31 days!

  • Free for the first 31 days
  • Read as many manga magazines as you want on your smartphone and tablet!
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly plan is only 400 yen

Comic Seymour



Points: Free for the first 7 days

  • First 7 days free trial
  • Comic site operated by NTT, a major company
  • Unparalleled selection with 960,000 manga
  • Wide variety of genres such as situations, plays, costumes, etc.

All-you-can-buy books

Points: Free

  • One month free trial
  • Over 900 erotic magazines and 4000 manga
  • The lineup is rich with big tits, adultery, cuckoldry, cum inside, cum on the brain, training, love triangle, etc., including sisters, female teachers, married women, classmates, and more!
  • Register now and win 5,000 yen worth of D-Points!

Kindle Unlimited

图形用户界面, 应用程序


Points: 1 month free trial

  • One month free trial period
  • Enjoy books on any device (including Kindle)
  • You can read books and magazines from a wide range of genres, not just erotic manga

What if I can't read the book after the free period?

You can download and save manga/videos to your own device during the free trial period and enjoy your favorite manga/videos anytime and anywhere, even after the trial period has expired.

In this case, we recommend using KeepStreams.

Enjoy not only free manga but also free erotic videos.


The pirate site erocool (, where you can read free erotic manga, has closed down. Even though you can no longer access Erocool, there are many alternative manga sites. In this article, we have introduced a safe and convenient official erotic manga site as an alternative to EroCool. We also recommended the KeepStreams downloader so that you can enjoy your favorite videos anytime, anywhere.

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