How to Fix ESPN Error 1008 in Easy Steps?

| Published on Oct 11, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
ESPN error 1008 is a common error you may encounter during ESPN Plus streaming. Read this article thoroughly to learn how you can fix ESPN app error 1008.
How to Fix ESPN Error 1008 in Easy Steps?
5 Minutes Reading
ESPN error 1008 is a common error you may encounter during ESPN Plus streaming. Read this article thoroughly to learn how you can fix ESPN app error 1008.

Evolving with technology, ESPN shifted its services to an over-the-top streaming service named ESPN+. This allowed sports enthusiasts to watch their favorite games live and on the go. The only downside of this innovative technology is that sometimes the channel faces problems and errors, the most common being the ESPN error 1008. Knowing the causes and fixes, you can solve this problem in the blink of an eye. Stay with us till the end, as we'll explain how.

What Is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is the over-the-top sports video streaming service in the US, owned by two partners, ESPN Inc. and Disney. The channel is one of the three flagship streaming channels by Disney based on subscription; the other two are Hulu and Disney+.

The service features sports programs of cricket, soccer, racing, hockey, golf, boxing, rugby, tennis, and every game you can think of. It has exclusive streaming rights from hundreds of sports councils and leagues. The cherry on top, the service even has films based on sports!

This streaming platform can easily be accessed through several devices by following some easy guidelines. The service is available for streaming on mobile, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. It is easily accessible on Samsung TVs and Apple TVs. Viewers can also stream ESPN on LG Smart TVs.

Like other OTT services, ESPN Plus allows viewing after subscriptions. The service offers two subscription packages: monthly and annual subscriptions. It costs $9.99/month for a monthly subscription and $99.99/year for an annual one. Subscribers can also avail of the Disney bundle for $13.99/month, including ESPN+, Disney+, and the ad-supported version of Hulu. The Hulu ad-free bundle with ESPN+ and Disney+ is priced at $19.99/month. Existing subscribers who wish to cancel their subscription to the service can do so in simple steps.

What Is the ESPN Error 1008?

Even though the streaming service is top-rated and frequently viewed, sometimes it can encounter errors that can leave the subscribers scratching their heads and searching for solutions. Some issues may not take time to resolve, and there are easy ways to resolve ESPN Plus issues.

One such error is the ESPN error 1008. Commonly, this error occurs due to connection issues where the service takes time to load, and eventually, an error code 1008 ESPN app pops up. This can happen for several reasons, from a slow connection to cache and cookies clearing to a possible virus.

Possible Reasons for ESPN Error 1008

As mentioned, there is more than one reason for the ESPN+ error 1008. Some commonly found reasons are:

Interrupted Internet Connection

Since ESPN Plus is an OTT streaming service, a stable internet connection is a prerequisite for a smooth viewing experience. If the connection is slow, the service takes a lot of time to load; thus, the ESPN error code 1008 pops up after repeated attempts to connect.

Congested Connection

We, humans, are multitaskers. Although so are the machines, they still have limited capacities. If you are someone who does a lot of tasks on your system and forgets to close tabs, this can ultimately add too much load on the connection, which needs to work to keep all tabs running in the background. This can be the reason why you are enquiring about an ESPN error code 1008.

Presence of Potential Virus

If the above solutions don't work, there could be a malicious force at work! Viruses are a real pain in the neck and RAM. They can significantly affect systems and hamper the smooth streaming of several OTT services. A potential virus is a possibility you must not rule out when identifying the reasons for an ESPN error 1008

Practical Solutions for ESPN Error 1008

Here are some of the possible fixes that you can try in order to get rid of this error.

Reset Your Connection

A common cause for the ESPN app startup error 1008 is a slow connection. A slow Wi-Fi connection is normally instantly identified since all connected devices, such as smartphones or tablets, fail to load apps. To solve this issue, turn off the Wi-Fi and wait for 10 seconds before restarting it. If this does not help, check to see whether your service providers are undergoing maintenance. In such a case, you might have to wait until the maintenance is completed.

If you are connected to your mobile internet, see your connection settings. A 4G connection is an ideal one for streaming. Slower connections usually interrupt smooth service, so you might have to consider switching to a faster and more stable one to eliminate ESPN app error code 1008.

Clear the Cache

The next solution for getting rid of error code 1008 ESPN is clearing your cache and closing unwanted tabs. To clear the cache:

  1. Open your browser settings. The tab may appear at different sequences in different browsers, so don't panic if you can't find it instantly.
  2. Open the "Cookies and Site Permissions" tab. This may be from a different name and sequence as per your browser. If you find it too overwhelming to look for the exact setting, simply type "cookies" in the search bar of the settings and hit Enter.
  3. Clear the cookies
  4. Do the same for caches.
  5. Clear browsing history
  6. Close the browser and relaunch it after some time

Once you open ESPN Plus after completing these steps, ESPN Plus error code 1008 must have been eliminated.

Install or Update Your Antivirus

If simple solutions don’t seem to be doing the trick, the antivirus may be a solution. Install antivirus in your system. If you already have one installed, it might be outdated, and you might have to renew it. Many laptops and devices have free versions of antiviruses pre-installed, and users might have to buy the full version to maintain their systems' protection. If you have a free version installed, try renewing the license or installing a new one.

Reboot Your System

It might sound funny how we think an on and an off fixes many bugs. Restarting a system relieves the device of any functions in the background and ceases background activity. When the system restarts, those background apps or programs are no longer running, and the device and its connection are restored to be able to run ESPN Plus smoothly.

Contact ESPN Support

If you have tried every possible solution and nothing seems to work, the only way out is to contact ESPN Support to seek possible solutions.

How to Download ESPN Videos Without Error Codes?

One thing we now know for sure is that the ESPN error 1008 is linked to connection or system interruptions. However, how about we get rid of the problem once and for all? The best way to do so is to download the ESPN+ content with KeepStreams for ESPN+.

KeepStreams for ESPN+ is an OTT downloader that provides the smoothest and non-stop streaming experience without ESPN Plus error 1008. The software is available in free and paid versions, with different settings for windows and Mac PCs.

The software enables ESPN+ videos to download at an amazing 720p video quality. What's even more attractive is its ability to auto-download newly released shows! So now you can have the latest sports event on your laptop without sifting through the streaming service itself!


ESPN has been the uncrowned king of sports shows since it aired as a cable channel. The service got even better when it was upgraded to an OTT streaming service, allowing viewers to have an unmatched experience of events and films on one platform. However, the service can suffer some issues, the most common being the ESPN error 1008. With simple steps and easy solutions, the problem can be solved in no time.

To stream ESPN Plus without ESPN+ error code 1008 or 1008 error code ESPN, you can simply download the videos to your devices via KeepStreams for ESPN+ and enjoy them forever.

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