Ranking of Masaharu Fukuyama's hit songs! Thorough explanation of how to join and leave the fan club!

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What is your favorite single? According to the results of the survey, Masaharu Fukuyama's hit song ranking! Also, I would like to introduce "How to Join or Leave the Masaharu Fukuyama Fan Club".
Ranking of Masaharu Fukuyama's hit songs! Thorough explanation of how to join and leave the fan club!
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What is your favorite single? According to the results of the survey, Masaharu Fukuyama's hit song ranking! Also, I would like to introduce "How to Join or Leave the Masaharu Fukuyama Fan Club".

Masaharu Fukuyama is one of Japan's most popular singer-songwriters. On March 21, 2021, the 31st anniversary of his debut, he held his first all-ballad live concert online. The event was enlivened by a wide variety of songs.

Masaharu Fukuyama made his debut as a singer in 1990 with the song "Kioku no Ame no Naka" ("In the Rain of Remembrance"). During his 30-year career as a singer, he has created several famous songs. His voice and melodies have not faded away.

According to the results of the "Which single do you like best? According to the results of the survey, Masaharu Fukuyama's top 10 hit songs were selected! In addition, I would like to introduce "How to Join or Leave the Masaharu Fukuyama Fan Club" this time.

Masaharu Fukuyama's Hit Songs Ranking! 10 Songs

No. 10: Heart

No. 10 is "Heart. This single was released in 1998 when Mr. Fukuyama resumed his activities after a hiatus from music. It is a powerful song with lyrics that seem to describe an encounter with destiny. The song attracted attention when it was used as the theme song for the drama "Meguriai," in which Mr. Fukuyama himself starred.

No. 9: Hotaru

No. 9 is "Hotaru" (Firefly). This song was written by Mr. Fukuyama as a tie-in song for the NTV drama "Bisho desu. It is a tie-up song for "Kimi ga Ita Hibi" (Nippon Television Network Corporation). The world view of the novel "Bi-oka" by Ira Ishida, on which the drama is based, is projected in the song.

No. 8: milk tea

Eighth place went to "milk tea. This song is about a woman's love. It is a beautiful ballad with straightforward lyrics about feelings for a loved one.

No. 7: HELLO

Coming in at No. 7 is "HELLO. HELLO" ranked seventh on the list. According to the Oricon single sales ranking, it is the second biggest hit among Masaharu Fukuyama's songs after "Sakurazaka. The up-tempo melody is very pleasant and refreshingly expresses the feelings of a man with a one-sided love.

No. 6: Hatsukoi

Coming in at No. 6 is "Hatsukoi. This song was written for a commercial for Toshiba's LCD TV "REGZA," in which Fukuyama is also featured as an advertising character. It is a ballad about the importance of lost love, and the song accentuates the sexy atmosphere of Ms. Fukuyama.


No. 5 was "MELODY. There is a secret story that if "MELODY" sold well, he asked the executives of his record company to buy him something.

No. 4: Sakurazaka

No. 4 is "Sakurazaka". This song was released on the 10th anniversary of their debut. It is a love song inspired by "Sakura-zaka," the name of a real place in Ota-ku, Tokyo, and has recorded the highest sales among Masaharu Fukuyama's singles in the Oricon single sales ranking.

In the comments section, comments such as "Sakurazaka overlaps with my memories" and "I voted for Sakurazaka, which I listened to during my happiest period.

No. 3: Let's be a family

Third place went to "Kazoku ni narou yo" (Let's be a family). The third place vote-getter was "Kazoku ni Naro yo" (Let's be a family). It received 159 votes, or 5.7% of the total votes cast. The song was used as a commercial song for Recruit's marriage information magazine "Zexy," and was later made into a CD. The lyrics, which question the ideal state of the family, sung to a quiet melody, resonate with the heart.

No. 2: Good night

No. 2 is "Good night," Fukuyama's first ballad. It was Fukuyama's first ballad and a monumental song that made the top 10 on the Oricon singles chart for the first time. In the comments section, there were episodes such as, "I was a junior high school student at the time, and this song grabbed my heart.

No. 1: Squall

First place went to "Squall. This is a song that Fukuyama wrote for singer-songwriter Eiko Matsumoto and self-covered in 1999. The song sings of a woman's sad love, and some commented, "Squall...it really touches your heart.

In the comments section, there are also comments such as "I think the charm of Fukuyama's songs is that they all have their own personality, and I can relate to them and find them moving," and "Each of Masha's (Fukuyama's nickname) songs has its own memories, and I can't decide which one is number one.

About the Masaharu Fukuyama Fan Club

I was wondering why there are two memberships instead of one. BROS. membership is more expensive than mobile membership (612 yen per year), but it offers more benefits. I am actually a BROS. member myself, and the number one benefit is the ability to receive the first advance registration for live concerts.

I myself am a BROS. member, and the number one benefit is that I get the most preferential tickets to live shows.

However, I haven't used all the benefits yet, so I will introduce them after I find out what other benefits are available.

Here is a summary of how to cancel your Fukuyama Masaharu Fan Club membership, annual membership fee, benefits, and event information.

Masaharu Fukuyama BROS Official Fan Club Join and support Masha!

I became a member of BROS Official Fan Club I became a member of BROS Official Fan Club about 6 or 7 years ago.

The reason I joined was simply because I wanted to get tickets for the live concerts.

I am so glad I joined.

I recently secured front row seats at a local concert.

I don't think you can get front row seats without being a BROS member.

BROS Official Fan Club How to join

Now, let me explain how to join the main club.

1. click "Join Now" on "BROS.OFFICIAL FANCLUB" on the official website.

2. register your e-mail address. 3.

Enter your registration information. 4.

4. confirm the information you entered.

5. complete the membership application.

That is all.

BROS Official Fan Club How to withdraw from the BROS Official Fan Club

There is no withdrawal system.

If you do not complete the continuation procedure by the end of the month in which your membership expires, your membership will be automatically cancelled and you will not be able to log in to the fan club members-only site from around the 10th of the day after your membership expires.

BROS Official Fan Club Annual membership fee, benefits, and event information!

Annual membership fee is 1,000 yen for admission fee + 4,500 yen for annual fee = 5,500 yen

Payment methods are

  • Credit card payment fee 0 yen
  • 100 yen for paperless payment (convenience store)
  • Paperless payment (pay-easy) fee 100 yen

BROS Official Fan Club Privileges

  • Ticket advance acceptance (by lottery) 1st round
  • BROSS. newsletter
    This is a newsletter that provides live reports, dramas, movies, commercials, behind-the-scenes footage of music clip shootings, original project corners, and more.
    BROSS.TV is an Internet-distributed program that shows you Masaharu Fukuyama in all kinds of ways and expressions that you can't see on TV.
  • Fukuyama Video
    Various videos are now being distributed, including behind-the-scenes footage and the production process of goods.
  • Fukuyama Newspaper
    What happened then?
    We report on Fukuyama information that can only be found here.
  • Participation in fan club member-only events (by lottery)
    Members-only events are held irregularly.
  • Issue of membership card
  • Privilege gift for membership
  • Delivery of New Year's cards and newsletters
  • Birthday mail
    If you register your nickname on your birthday, you can view an original message with your nickname.
  • New Year's greeting card
    You will receive New Year's greeting cards at New Year's.
  • Nenga Mail
    You will receive "New Year's greeting mail" with a New Year's greeting movie.
  • Sales of members-only goods
  • Application for program viewing and extra participation (by lottery)

If you join "BROS. OFFICIAL FANCLUB", you will get so many benefits.

And as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the biggest advantage of being a BROS. member is that you can apply for the 1st advance tickets to the live shows.

You can receive your tickets earlier than general or mobile members.

I also receive birthday e-mails on my birthday and can apply to attend extra events.

Conversely, what would you like to see improved? Nothing in particular, but I would like to see Mr. Fukuyama up close!

I know it's absolutely impossible, but it would be nice if we could have a "handshake session" or something....

I would love to shake hands with him in my dreams.

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