What's the current status of Hamiraw! Closed down, a comprehensive explanation of the successor legit sites in place of Hamiraw!

| Published on Jan 13, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
There have been many rumors recently that Hamiraw has closed down, so we will introduce the current status of Hamiraw and a list of alternative sites and applications.
What's the current status of Hamiraw! Closed down, a comprehensive explanation of the successor legit sites in place of Hamiraw!
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5 Minutes Reading
There have been many rumors recently that Hamiraw has closed down, so we will introduce the current status of Hamiraw and a list of alternative sites and applications.

Hamiraw is well known as an illegal manga site where you can read manga for free, just like "Manga Raw". There are often rumors that Hamiraw has recently been closed down. What is the current status of Hamiraw? Is it really closed? Or, what is the successor legal site to replace hamiraw? This time, we will introduce its current status and a list of alternative sites and applications.

What is Hamiraw?

Hamiraw was an unauthorized site that posted comics without permission from the rights holders.

Previously, Hamiraw's website itself used to function, but has since been shut down.

Now, however, when users visit the Hamiraw website, they are forwarded to another unauthorized website called NIKARAW.

Although Hamiraw itself has been shut down, the operator has created another clone website and illegally posted cartoons.

Reviews of Hamiraw|Some people are using the site knowing it is illegal

Our investigation of Hamiraw's reputation on the Internet revealed that there are posts implying that people are using Hamiraw while being aware that it is an illegal site. However, Hamiraw is a legal site and there are various risks involved, so you should never use it.

Summary of 5 safe manga sites as alternatives to hamiraw

With the closure of Hamiraw, here are some good successor sites to replace it.

All of them are not illegal manga sites like Hamiraw, but excellent sites that have obtained the ABJ logo, which certifies that they are legitimate sites.

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour, a safe manga site as an alternative to hamiraw, is a full-fledged e-book store established by NTT Solmare since 2004.

You can get a 70% off coupon just for registering as a member, get points back for signing up for the monthly menu, and use the discount system at a discount.

With over 20,000 free comics, many sales and coupons, an easy to use bookshelf app, and easy to search titles, the site is highly regarded for its overall strengths.


U-NEXT, a safe manga site that replaces hamiraw, is known for its video streaming service, but it also offers comics and other e-books.

Manga are discounted up to 40%, a cut rate that is comparable to e-book stores.

For the first time, we offer a 31-day free trial period, during which you get 600 yen worth of POINT, so you can basically read a volume for free.

Unlike e-book stores, you can also watch the anime, which is a great feature to enjoy along with the original work.

DMM Books

DMM Books, an alternative safe manga site to hamiraw, is an excellent site where you can get a 70% off coupon when you register as a member.

This site is suitable for when you want to read a lot of comics, as you can get 50%-70% POINT on eligible items during major events.

The subsidiary site also offers adult-oriented works, and privacy considerations, such as a bookshelf lock feature, should not be overlooked.

Comic Kingdom

Comic Kingdom, a safe manga site that replaces hamiraw, is one of the top sites for point redemption, always offering up to 50% of points.

This system allows redemption for monthly courses, point purchases, and point usage.

You can always get up to 30% on point purchases and up to 20% on point use, for a total of up to 50% redemption.

During campaign periods, the reduction rate can be increased up to 80%.


EBOOKJAPAN, a safe manga site on behalf of hamiraw, is the only store that manages the spine and holds events every day of the week.

Softbank and Y-Mobile users and PayPay users are particularly well rewarded, so if you use the service, it is a good store to register.

More than 10,000 comics are available for free.

Using illegal comic sites like hamiraw is dangerous!

Risks related to viruses

Simply accessing illegal or pirated comic sites like hamiraw can lead to viruses that can cause damage to your computer or smartphone. This can lead to repair costs and, depending on the situation, fees that can be as high as buying comics.

Danger of being directed to malicious websites.

Because illegal comic sites like hamiraw contain a large amount of advertising, you may be asked to pay for some reason every time you see them. For example, you may be asked to pay a membership fee even if you have not registered as a member.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Illegal manga sites like hamiraw often have a membership registration interface, but becoming a member of a pirate site can be very dangerous. In many cases, personal information obtained through membership registration is stolen. Credit card information can be misused without your knowledge, and charges can increase without your knowledge. This also applies to social network accounts.

The 3 best legitimate apps to replace and succeed HAMIRAW

Pikkoma|You can read the whole story for zero yen if you wait for a certain period of time.

If you wait for 23 hours, you can read the story of the subject work for zero yen.

What makes Pikkoma a suitable alternative to Hamiraw is that you can also read manga for 0 yen.

The system allows you to wait 23 hours and read one story at a time from works eligible for Pikkoma's "0 yen for waiting" program.

You can read as many titles per day as you like in parallel, making it a perfect alternative to Hamiraw.

Some titles can be read for 0 yen until the last episode is delivered, so please check it out.

For a limited time, you can also enjoy the bonus of additional 0 yen trial readings.

Pikkoma is available as an alternative to Hamiraw, and 0 yen trial readings are often offered during limited time campaigns.

The works eligible for the 0 yen trial changes from time to time, so check the application regularly to see if a manga you are interested in has been added to the list of eligible works.

You can also take advantage of a special redemption program when you purchase paid titles on Pikkoma.

If you purchase the latest volume on the day it is released, you will receive 100 points, which is recommended for those who want to read the new volume immediately.

Manga Park|Application to read up to 8 episodes a day for zero yen

You can read up to 8 episodes of manga for zero yen per day.

Manga Park, an app that is a worthy alternative to Hamiraw, allows you to read up to 8 episodes a day for 0 yen using FREE coins.

FREE coins are distributed 4 times per episode at 6 am and 9 pm every day.

Coins cannot be saved, so if you use them up before the next distribution time, you can read manga with maximum waste.

Delivery of original works that cannot be read anywhere else

This is a chime point of Manga Park because original works cannot be read anywhere else.

In addition to original works, more than 500 works are available.

The distribution is updated daily, so we recommend checking the application frequently.

Palcy|Application for reading free manga with zero waiting time

With other manga apps, you may have to wait a certain amount of time before you can read the next story for 0 yen, but with "Palcy" you can read the next story without waiting.

With "Palcy", an app that is a suitable alternative to Hamiraw, there are always at least two manga that you can read the entire story for 0 yen.

Palcy, which can be used as an alternative to Hamiraw, has various unique elements.

For example, completing certain "quests" earns bonus tickets.

One ticket allows you to read an episode of the comic, and completing the quest allows you to read more of the work.

In addition, as you read through the comic, you can earn "Yell".

Yale can be exchanged for reward tickets and gift requests, allowing you to read comics for fun.


The pirate comic site Hamiraw has now been shut down, but it is believed to have been transferred to another unauthorized website called NIKARAW and continues to operate. Aside from that, there are many risks involved in using a manga site like Hamiraw, and we do not recommend using it easily.

Instead, try using the five legitimate manga sites we have introduced and the three safe and usable manga apps.

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