How to Cancel Roku Subscription in Simple Steps?

| Published on Sep 12, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you're looking for an easy way to cancel Roku subscription, then you're at the right place! Follow this article for simple steps to cancel your Roku subscription.

Among the top streaming platforms, Roku is worth mentioning. It has a wide range of TV shows to watch in one place. Whether it is heart wrenching saddest story or a thrilling story with tons of plot twists, you can find all categories at Roku. All you need is a subscription to Roku. However, you may have a reason to cancel your Roku subscription via how to cancel your Roku subscription.

Many users state that unsubscribing from Roku is very tricky. They often use the wrong steps, in which their money is still deducted from their credit card. By following this guideline on how to cancel my Roku subscriptions via Roku manage subscriptions, you'll be able to cancel Roku in no time.

So, stick to the very end of the article as you’ll be discovering the key to how to cancel the subscription on Roku TV.

What Is Roku TV?

Roku TV is an all-in-one entertainment platform where you can watch shows from 300+ channels. Not only that, the shows are available at affordable prices. You'll be able to watch cartoons, dramas, series, news, and movies in one place.

Also, the best part about my Roku subscriptions is that you can manage them. Roku manages subscriptions that allow you to use a single account on various platforms. Also, you can cancel your Roku subscription if you don’t want the premium version.

However, the central audience claims that unsubscribing from the Roku channel is tricky. They have searched countless times on how to cancel the subscription on Roku but didn’t find any information related to it.

Therefore, in this article, we'll provide you with legit and authentic information about how to cancel Roku subscription in simple and easy steps.

How to Cancel Roku Subscription?

Roku is a top-rated entertainment platform that can stream numerous channels in a single place. It is compatible with various platforms. Roku offers its audience high-quality and remarkable content that no other device does. It not only has my Roku channel's content but also content from all over the globe.

Roku is a location-based app that provides you with content with respect to your country. If the content is unavailable or forbidden from your country, you won't be able to view it. In addition, the remaining content is conveniently available, and you can access it with a single touch.

Due to millions of subscribers of Roku, Roku TV is trying to feature more channels for the convenience of its audience. Not only that, but Roku is also super easy to use. The user interface allows everyone to use it for entertainment effortlessly.

That being the case unsubscribing from Roku is also very easy. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to cancel subscription on Roku TV. In this guide about how to cancel Roku subscription, we’ll tell you about easy steps that you can take to cancel Roku subscription.

How to Cancel Roku Subscription on Mobile?

Entertainment should be timeless. There are hundreds of platforms that you can utilize for entertainment. You can watch your favorite show or series and take a bunch of snacks. It entirely depends on our routine and how you prefer watching shows. It can be either midnight or afternoon; it depends solely on you.

Watching shows and series should be done anywhere. You cannot always get time to watch them on TV or on your PC. That being the case, Android and Apple’s portable devices can make entertainment timeless and effortless for you.

With them, you can watch your preferred content wherever you want. Roku subscription makes it possible for you to watch movies, cartoons, and content from any channel, with portability.

You can watch it while taking a subway to school or sitting at a café. From Roku manage subscriptions, you can even cancel Roku subscription without any trouble. So, let us guide you on how to cancel Roku subscription or how to cancel a subscription on Roku through your phone.

  • Open your browser and navigate to Roku’s website.
  • Click your avatar to reveal your account from the “My Account” tab.
  • Next, open the “Manage subscription” and select the channel you want to unsubscribe from.
  • Click on cancel subscription and choose a cancelation cause to end the subscription.

Voila! You’ve just completed unsubscribing from Roku using a mobile device.

How to Cancel Roku Subscription on PC?

In this guide on how to cancel Roku subscription, there are some easy and clear steps that anyone can follow. So, let’s dive right into it.

  • Navigate to Roku’s website.
  • Click on your avatar to reveal My account.
  • Now select manage subscriptions and locate the channel.
  • Click on cancel subscriptions; you'll find it near the channels.

It was easy canceling Roku subscriptions, right? Now, Roku won’t deduct any charges from your account after you've canceled subscription. You can rest assured and stay trouble-free without being anxious about wasting your money.

How to Cancel Roku Subscription on Roku TV?

You can either purchase a Roku TV in which the Roku app is preinstalled or use your current TV to use the Roku app. With Roku TV, you can access 300+ free and premium channels like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. You can find all of it on Roku, whether it is action, thrill, food, sports, or any other genre.

However, anyone can have their reason to cancel Roku subscription via Roku manage subscription. So, if you want to get advice on how to cancel Roku subscription in simple steps via how to cancel subscription on Roku TV, you can follow this guideline. So, without further ado, let's get straight into it!

  • Use your Roku remote and locate the asterisk button and press it.
  • Select Roku manage subscription or manage subscription.
  • The most crucial part of how to cancel my Roku subscription is to cancel the subscription after you locate the channel.
  • Now confirm it, and you're done!

How to Download Videos on Roku Channel with KeepStreams?

The Roku channel contains all the hit series and movies you may want to watch in a single place. You may have a reason to unsubscribe from the My Roku channel by using a guide on how to cancel Roku subscription. Also, if you want to watch Roku videos offline, use KeepStreams for Roku Channel.

It is a platform for downloading videos from the Roku channel and accessing them offline. KeepStreams will convert your video into .mp4 format, and you can access it on your PC. It has three price plans. You can either pay it monthly, biannually, or annually. The annual price plan is $59.99. Plus, the best part is that it supports both macOS and Windows.

So, if you want to watch Roku videos after canceling the subscription, then KeepStreams is the best option for you.


Roku is the best platform for watching drama, movies, documentaries, etc., in a single place. Roku is available for free, excluding the Roku device. So, if you want to subscribe to a premium channel, Roku will start deducting money.

You can use this guideline on how to cancel a Roku subscription to stop paying for a channel. The guideline “ how to cancel a Roku subscription" is super easy to follow, and you'll be done in no time.

Also, if you're looking for a platform to download Roku videos after canceling Roku subscription, then KeepStreams is ideal for you. It is available on numerous platforms like Twitch, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, Netflix, etc.

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