How to Cancel Vimeo Subscription in 2022?

| Published on Sep 13, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you are wondering how to cancel Vimeo subscription, here is the complete guide to canceling Vimeo subscription.

Vimeo is known for its online streaming and providing hosting service. It allows users to upload original content and market or promote their custom videos.

Currently, Vimeo has an audience of over 80 million, and with such a vast audience, you can promote your work easily with a Vimeo subscription.

The negative aspect of a Vimeo subscription is that it is a little expensive, but you can also cancel it as you like. If you feel uncomfortable with it, we can help you with canceling your Vimeo subscription in a straightforward way.

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What Are the Differences Between YouTube and Vimeo?

YouTube is a video sharing and hosting platform. It is free to use, free to upload, free to view, and also has ads, and that's how they generate revenue and make money. The world can share, like, and comment on this platform.

Speaking of Vimeo, it is a sharing platform just like YouTube. Vimeo was introduced in 2004, and the best thing is that Vimeo is ad-free. Vimeo generates revenue and makes money by having people pay to host videos on its platform. So the uploader pays for the Vimeo subscription.

Vimeo has a very similar feature set to YouTube. The audience can upload, share, like, comment, and all those things. 

Features of Vimeo

  1. Vimeo subscription allows uncompressed high-quality video.
  2. There are also staff-curated video playlists and categories for the people to watch.
  3. Vimeo picks have high recognition in ad space, video production, and filmmaking.
  4. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn't serve other users' content.
  5. Vimeo provides a better live streaming option as well.  
  6. You can also get the option to sell your content for web series or movies and documentaries.

Now, of course, as we mention, it's not free. You do have to pay to host on the platform.

How Does Vimeo Works?

Vimeo allows its paid users to upload the original content on its platform and allows other users to watch the uploaded content; users with Vimeo subscriptions can freely view the content, share it, like it, and even post their opinion on it. 

You can use Vimeo by both means; you can go for the free version, where you are not restricted to viewing content; however, if you want to upload your content, you will have limited cloud storage. If you are the creator, you can go for the free trial, as they offer many free tools to enhance your videos and edit them professionally. 

Still, if you want to use advanced tools to make videos more attractive, you can go for the Vimeo paid version. Using paid Vimeo provides you with the tool and helps you adjust your content, make it more appealing, and manage your content.

What Are Different Vimeo Subscriptions and Their Perks?

Vimeo offers different subscription packages to users. Every package is designed according to the need, offering various tools and cloud storage. Suppose you are new to Vimeo; you should use the free version first. 

The basic version of Vimeo offers 500MB of free storage per week, which you can use to upload videos. On the basic version of Vimeo, you will get a total of 5GB of storage.

The paid version of Vimeo starts from 12$ per month. Vimeo Standard starts from 35$ per month. Vimeo Advanced starts from 55$ per month. If you don’t want a Vimeo subscription anymore, you can also cancel your Vimeo subscription.

Every subscription has its feature and perks. Users also have some fantastic perks available on free Vimeo if you don’t want the paid one or looking to cancel Vimeo subscription. 

If you use more advanced features or own a production house, we suggest you go for the Vimeo Business. It will provide a better tool and endow a better search engine.

How to Cancel Vimeo Subscription?

Vimeo is the platform where user can upload their video content, and Vimeo will showcase your creativity to 80 million users. With the help of Vimeo, you can stream your content and customize it in real-time as you want.

Vimeo pro account is ad-free, and this quality makes Vimeo pro account surpass other live streaming share platforms. Plus, Vimeo pro account plays a significant part in getting more reach for your content.

In this case, at some point, you think Vimeo pro account is not working as you desired, so you can cancel the subscription. If you want to cancel your Vimeo right away, follow the steps to cancel the subscription.

  1. Open Google Chrome and visit Vimeo's official website.
  2. Sign in to your Vimeo account.
  3. Click your profile icon. It will redirect you to the menu section.
  4. In the menu section, select "Settings."
  5. Here you will see the "Billing" section. You can have a view of your subscribed membership. 
  6. In the membership plan, you will have the button "Auto-renew." You have to disable it by simply switching it off.
  7. After switching off the "Auto-renew," you will not be charged for the upcoming month, and it will unsubscribe from Vimeo.

Can I Cancel Vimeo Anytime? 

If you think Vimeo Plus is not worth it, you can unsubscribe from Vimeo any time you want. You also get a refund on your Vimeo annual subscription if you cancel your subscription before the start of a new month. If you have purchased Vimeo Plus monthly subscription and cancel the Vimeo subscription within five days of the new month, you will still be refunded. 

One of the best perks Vimeo membership endow to the user is that they can even downgrade their subscription or cancel their Vimeo account. If you think you can work with simple tools provided by Vimeo and you don't feel the need to use advanced tools, you can cancel your Vimeo account without paying any hidden charges.

How to Download Videos from Vimeo?

You can always use KeepStreams for Vimeo when looking for ways to download stuff from Vimeo. KeepStreams offers some of the best options in terms of offline streaming, and you can download high-quality content created by the world's best content creators from Vimeo, along with various subtitles and audio options. 


If you are unsatisfied with Vimeo for any reason, you can cancel Vimeo account by following the simple method we discussed in the above guide.

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