Is LAXD Video a transition site for FC2 Video?

| Published on Jan 05, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
What kind of site is LAXD Video in the first place? This article will examine and explain what kind of site LAXD Video is, the features of LAXD Video, and its safety. Please take a look at it for your reference.

Have you heard about LAXD Video, newly launched in 21 years? LAXD Video Market has been in operation for 23 years.

It is said to be a transition site of FC2 Video Market, as it offers similar services to FC2 Video Market.

What kind of site is LAXD Video?

This article will examine and explain what kind of site LAXD Video is, the features of LAXD Video, and its safety. Please take a look at it for your reference.

What is LAXD, an FC2 transition site?

LAXD Video is a digital contents market where you can post and enjoy videos and photo collections.

It offers adult-oriented videos in a wide range of genres, mainly "voyeuristic," "amateur," and "pimped-out" videos. to purchase and enjoy.

Like FC2 Video, there is a point system and it is in the form of single item sales.

Android and iOS are also available, and purchased digital content can be downloaded and enjoyed.

The establishment of LAXD Video is related to the tightening of regulations on the FC2 video market.

Originally, FC2 Video was reported to the police for handling illegal adult videos.

In order to get rid of its negative image as an "illegal site," FC2 Video is now strictly enforcing its video contributors.

For example, video sellers on FC2 Video are now required to submit identification documents. It is also the case that any videos without verified identification were deleted.

Video sellers who refuse to submit identification documents will be locked out of FC2 content, but will be moved to LAXD videos and post there.

This also means that video content that was massively deleted on FC2 due to lack of verified identification has also been moved to LAXD Videos.

It is not surprising to find videos with "FC2" locomi and content for sale on FC2 on LAXD Videos.

The above is the background regarding the opening of LAXD Videos.

What are the features of LAXD and how does it differ from FC2?

Next, we would like to explain the features of LAXD videos and how they differ from FC2.

Filmed works can be monetized

LAXD is a digital content marketplace, and of course you can post and sell your own works.

As I said before, video sellers do not need identification, and moreover, overseas users can sell their works.

On Twitter, you can also see word of mouth that has confirmed earnings on the LAXD Market.

Not much at first, but why don't you just go ahead and build up your earnings steadily in your own style?

A rich lineup of erotic videos!

LAXD boasts a lineup of more than 300,000 videos, including royal road voyeurism, outdoor scenes that are unique to individual shooting, exposure-type videos, and amateur pornography videos.

Of course, it may be difficult to say that the contents are all of high quality, but one of the features of LAXD is that you can choose your favorite contents from a large number of contents.

Less restrictions on video posting than FC2!

LAXD, which has opened as a transition site for FC2, allows users to submit video works without providing identification, so video regulations appear to be relatively loose.

Therefore, it is undeniable that some videos sold on LAXD may violate the law or have gray content.

Although it is considered almost impossible to post child pornography videos, we cannot say for sure, since there are many individual contributors to the site, which is used around the world.

All I can say is that when you buy LAXD content, you are responsible for deciding if it is illegal or not.

How safe is LAXD? What are the risks?

There are no specific risks related to personal security in LAXD videos, such as virus infection or leakage of personal information.

LAXD's website has a good company profile, privacy policy, and terms of use. Since it clearly states that privacy is strictly controlled, there is no problem regarding security. The possibility of security damage caused by malware is extremely low.

As mentioned above, LAXD is operated by NEMESIS AGENT, INC. and is located in California, USA.

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In this article, we have researched and introduced various aspects of LAXD videos.

LAXD Video is a digital content market site that was launched as a transition site for FC2 content and is still in operation. Its specifications are similar to FC2, making it a smooth experience for those familiar with FC2.

LAXD boasts a rich lineup of over 300,000 videos posted on LAXD, mainly of the "voyeuristic," "amateur" and "pimping" types.

It appears that video restrictions have been loosened by FC2, and you may be able to find content you cannot find on FC2 on LAXD.

Please use the site in a way that does not violate the law.

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