How to Get OnlyFans for Free in 2023?

| Published on Feb 24, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
If you are one of the avid users of OnlyFans and want to access free content on OnlyFans, this article has something for you. Read on!
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How to Get OnlyFans for Free in 2023?
5 Minutes Reading
If you are one of the avid users of OnlyFans and want to access free content on OnlyFans, this article has something for you. Read on!

OnlyFans has been creating buzz all over now. Although OnlyFans came into existence in 2016, it has gone viral during the pandemic. Initially started off as a talent shed, multiple people used it to earn extra income as the money was tight because of the unforeseen job cuts and pay cuts.

OnlyFans provided content creators, also known as OnlyFans creators, to engage in their own thing but charge a subscription fee for that service from their fans. Unlike this sort of affair, there seem to be a lot of middlemen which OnlyFans has removed and you can directly deal with your audience and charge your amount with no haggler in between. In this article, you will learn how to access OnlyFans without having to pay subscription fees.

Before getting free content on OnlyFans, you need to have an account on OnlyFans which you can create in easy steps from the official website. Don’t worry, you can also delete your OnlyFans account whenever you want.

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has more or less revolutionized the space of talent performance. Though it tilted later towards more adult content, the intention that the makers of the app had was to allow people to subscribe to content creators up close and personal. If you wanted more control over how an artist, or anybody else, made money from their skills, you'd want this.

How to Access OnlyFans Content for Free?

Many people have this flawed notion that to have an OnlyFans account you would require to pay a price. No, that is not at all true. OnlyFans is a clean slate, many aspiring talented people come and a majority of them are from adult industries, whether strip clubs, porn, or nudist soft-core sexual content. A lot of creators also offer free subscription services. You can actually sort out the services that you would like to access in comparison to services that you dislike. In this case, remove creators who will charge money from you.

There are third-party applications and tools available for you to access, but I don’t think, from a security standpoint, you should be doing this. Cyber laws are getting stricter every passing day, just for some bucks you wouldn’t want to go behind the bars. So, to end the conundrum of free access, I will mention some accounts of OnlyFans creators that you can access and use for free. If not free, then the pricing will be very minimal; you won’t even feel you are being charged.

Is It Possible to Download OnlyFans Videos?

Although it is not a way to get free content from OnlyFans, it is a great way to have the videos on your computer or device even after any subscription you have has ended. I mean, when you subscribed to any user, you can download their content so that even after ending of the subscription, you can watch those videos.

For downloading OnlyFans videos, you can use KeepStreams which is the best downloader out there in the downloading tool industry.

Top Content from Some Free OnlyFans Creator Accounts


Aisha is growing as a person and she is quite a new entrant in the OnlyFans world. A lot of what she has is quite free access and easy access to the services, content, and other significant things. She is a model and has been experimenting with her wardrobe. She does not mind talking dirty though; she does it now and then and is excited most of the time doing it. Her premium content will cost you less than $5, however, the amount of free content that she has put in is not an easy feat or task.


Bella is another OnlyFans creator that has been in vogue lately. She is cute and looks like a gamer. She has 44,000 likes in her photos, making her one of the most sought-after OnlyFans goddesses. Bella has a very inherent sweetness. From the price front, her photos go for as low as $3, making her an affordable OnlyFans creator. She loves hanging out, so you can text her a short and sweet hi.


Carli is another account that has been setting trends in the coming time. Unlike the other two ladies, Carli has been sold on the platform. Carli has a total of 224,000 likes and abundant offers to attend her. The unique thing about Carli is that her setup for the shoot is an outing space. Intimate photos look good in a shower or a closed space, but Carli has sort of changed the dynamic about that. Her photos are just $3 in accessibility.

More Tricks to Get OnlyFans Content for Free

As stated earlier, do not use any software, especially the APK MOD of OnlyFans. Claims are making rounds from one space to another regarding the benefit that comes with the MOD users, and creator fans can simply access the software and unlock all premium profiles. That is false and it's not possible or plausible for such an instance to happen. There are a few tricks that are still up in my sleeves that I will share which you can try using:

Look for the OnlyFans Creator Discount

OnlyFans creators have the subscription chain all onto themselves. They set the price and they decide the adequate step that needs to be taken regarding the discounted subscription charge. If you have OnlyFans favorites, follow them throughout their social media pages, and their fan-managed pages, and if they are giving any subscription discount, you can hop on in no extra time and get the benefit.

Follow Creators on Social Media

Social media acts as a bridge for OnlyFans creators to their audience, that sense of calm brotherly association is always there. Try to follow them very consciously and keep alert there can be a chance that you might have missed the discount when provided.

DM OnlyFans Creators

OnlyFans creators also have an elixir for life and that’s using their 7-30 day free trial option. A person can very easily DM their favorite creators and ask them about the probability of you receiving any free package. Try to woo them with your sweet words and show a deep and personal connection with them.

Use Hashtags on Social Media

Another thing that a person can do is use specific hashtags. Hashtags such as those with creator tags display a message. If you use these specific hashtags it means that you are asking for special assistance in requesting a job. Here is the list: #onlyfanz, #onlyfansz, #OF, #only_fans, #freeonlyfans, #feetpics, #cosplayer.

Try Using OFTV

OFTV can be accessed for any content requirements and needs apart from the subscription. OFTV has some amazing free to avail content for you to see. However, the full versions only exist in subscription mode, with content behind the paywall. You need to subscribe to the OnlyFans creator account in order to access content that is beyond the paywall.

Do Not Pay

Another great trick that can be easily tried is the do not pay website/portal which gives you fake dummy cards great for registering on free websites as they are mostly presumptuous cards and since payment cancellation does not happen until a free trial, you can access stuff in free and then again access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OnlyFans work for girls?

OnlyFans is a subscription portal where creators can create a skill and monetize it by themselves. The revenue proceeds often are shared 20% with OnlyFans and 80% by the user. For girls and boys, the basic rules are the same, however, recent estimates show that there is an increase in female participation in OnlyFans.

Can you screenshot OnlyFans?

Yes, you can but make sure to not republish or reshare it. If that’s done and the commercial angle can be specified, you might be locked for some months.

What countries banned OnlyFans?

Nations like India, Belarus, Russia, and UAE especially Duba banned OnlyFans.


Accessing OnlyFans can be tricky as there is a lot of fake software that is at best malware, ransomware, or spyware pretending to be an APK MOD of OnlyFans. MOD cannot break in into premium accounts and many people got their accounts hacked through this. I have made your work easy by helping you to see through the issue through legitimate means which won’t have any unforeseen consequences.

Jessie Smith
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