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How to log in to u-next/how to solve the problem if you can't log in!

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Published on Jun 20, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
If you want to watch U-NEXT videos but don't know how to register, this is a must-see! We'll show you how to log in to U-NEXT, and also summarize the countermeasure for failed login attempts.

U-NEXT is a streaming service launched in Japan in 2009. U-NEXT optimizes the video viewing experience and allows users to enjoy a wide variety of content. It is Japan's leading online video service offering a wide range of content including animation, drama, entertainment, and movies.

For 1,990 yen per month (excluding tax), you can watch over 190,000 movies and browse over 80 magazines. In addition, for 1,200 points per month (1 point = 1 yen), you can watch rental movies and purchase movie tickets, making this service a must-have for entertainment lovers. First 31-day free trial. In this article, we will show you how to log in to U-NEXT and also explain the countermeasure for failed login attempts.

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How to log in to U-NEXT

For first-time users.

U-NEXT is free for 31 days now, so you can watch your favorite videos without a credit card login, and of course you can choose to become a paid member after 31 days.

Start by logging in as a member.

STEP1Click here for the official website.

STEP2Click "Free Trial for 31 days first

STEP3Click "Start Now

STEP4After entering your registration information, click "Next.

STEP5Payment is by credit card only. After entering your card number, expiration date, and security code, proceed to the next step. Finally, confirm the information you have just entered and click "Submit" to complete the process.

STEP6When login is complete, return to the "Login" page and enter your ID and password. Registration is complete there.

Next, we will introduce troubles and solutions when you cannot log in to U-NEXT.

If you cannot log in to U-NEXT

Countermeasure 1Confirm your login ID and password

If you cannot log in, first check if your login ID and password are correct.

Be careful not to mistake upper and lower case letters in your login ID.

Also, what is often overlooked is that if there is a space at the end of the text string, authentication will not be possible.

If the above is not the problem, you can reset your password.

Countermeasure 2: Forgot login ID/password

  1. Please click [Forgot Login ID/Password?
  2. Enter your confirmation e-mail address in the special form displayed. Also, select [Send to this address

  1. Confirm the procedure with the e-mail received at the confirmation e-mail address. After confirming your login ID, reset your password.

It is recommended that you confirm in advance that the password you entered is correct, of course, because it is often the case that you forgot to update it automatically on the website when you set it up, and your previous password is automatically used when you log in.

Countermeasure 3: If you forget your e-mail address

Here are some solutions for those who have forgotten the e-mail address they used when they registered for U-NEXT, entered a wrong e-mail address, or logged in with an e-mail address that is no longer in use.

Re-register your e-mail address

<Method 1.

  1. Select [Accounts/Contracts] from the menu.
  2. [Select [Register/Change E-mail Address].
  3. [Select [Verify Identity with Phone Number
  4. The last four-digit cell phone number you registered will be displayed→ Select
  5. [Select [Send Identification Code] → The authentication code entry screen will appear.

<Method 2

 An SMS will be sent to the registered cell phone number, and the verification code will be entered into the screen shown in 6.

  1. [After selecting [Verify Identity Confirmation Code], enter the e-mail address you wish to register.
  2. [Select [Send verification code], and the verification code entry screen will appear.

This completes the registration of your new e-mail address.

Countermeasure 4: If the registered e-mail address is no longer available

If you cannot reset your login ID/password because your registered address is no longer available, please check Countermeasure 3.

Next, we will explain the reason for using U-NEXT (U-NEXT).

What are the advantages of U-NEXT?

Abundant contents of all-you-can-watch movie genres

U-NEXT is one of the largest streaming services in Japan in terms of the number of all-you-can-watch movies. With more than 220,000 titles, it can easily satisfy the different needs of different audiences. Shows, movies, animations, and even adult movies are available on U-NEXT.

Free Trial for 30 Days

For new registrants, U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial period, during which you can watch and read almost all of the movies you want (rental movies are charged). Furthermore, you can cancel at any time during the free trial period, and there is no cancellation fee. You can use it without any worries.

You can also read magazines and manga.

After joining U-NEXT, you can read as many magazines, manga, novels, and other e-books as you want, as well as unlimited viewing.

Including adult site H-NEXT

H-NEXT is the adult site of U-NEXT, and after joining U-NEXT, you can watch as many adult titles as you want on H-NEXT.

Many compatible devices for viewing

Not only smartphones and tablets, but also smart TVs (AppleTV, Fire Stick, etc.), game consoles (Switch, PS4, PS5), PCs, Blu-ray players, and many other devices are currently supported by U-NEXT.

Up to 4 accounts can be created with one contract.

If you choose the 2,189 yen (including tax) monthly plan with U-NEXT, you can watch on up to 4 devices per account. Furthermore, the same work can be viewed simultaneously. (In contrast, the streaming service hulu has no limit on the number of registered devices per account, but does not allow simultaneous viewing.)


In this issue, we have explained in detail how to register and log in to U-NEXT, and also introduced a workaround for those who are unable to log in, so we hope you find this information useful. If you still cannot solve the problem, you may contact our contact center

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