It's true that NHK Plus offers free missed programs! NHK Plus fee and NHK On Demand are explained!

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NHK Plus is a free service that allows you to catch up on all of the programs you missed, as well as a thorough explanation of NHK Plus fees and NHK On Demand.

Did you miss another NHK program? Did you forget to record it? What do I do?"

"I can watch the programs I missed on NHK Plus, but can I really use it for free?"

I'm on NHK Plus, but what is NHK On Demand?

If you have any of these questions, this article is for you!

What is NHK Plus?

NHK Plus is a service that allows you to simultaneously watch terrestrially broadcasted NHK General TV programs and E-telegrams on the Internet.

Through NHK Plus, you can watch NHK programs on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Is NHK Plus free or subscription-based, and what are the features and benefits of NHK Plus?

In this article, we will look into various information about NHK Plus and explain it in detail.

Is the NHK Plus fee really free?

NHK Plus fee is free, but payment of subscription fee is essential.

As it turns out, the NHK Plus fee is free. Missed and follow-up subscriptions are also available free of charge.

However, this is limited to those who have paid the NHK fee.

In any case, the NHK Plus website states that NHK Plus is funded by subscription fees and is operated to supplement NHK's services, so it is necessary to be certified as having paid NHK subscription fees and to apply for the service.

In other words, those who have paid NHK subscription fees can use NHK Plus without additional fees.

ID registration is required to watch NHK Plus

If you want to watch NHK Plus broadcast programs, you need to register as a member (ID registration). When registering as a member, it is essential to enter your subscription information (subscription name and address, etc.), and the verification process will confirm whether subscription fees have been paid or not.

If you have not paid your NHK subscription fee, you will not be able to register as a member.

If you watch NHK Plus programs without registering, you will see a ticker on the screen, which is not completely visible.

In some cases, your non-payment may be discovered and you may receive a bill for the subscription fee.

If you want to watch NHK without paying the subscription fee, we recommend that you use NHK On Demand.

What are the features of NHK Plus?

Use of NHK Plus is limited to the Japan region

As you can see, NHK Plus is available only in Japan.

If you move or are posted overseas, unfortunately, you will not be able to use NHK Plus.

Regardless of whether you are registered or not, the following screen will appear when you are abroad.

== ==

Free viewing of missed broadcast content available one week after broadcast.

For those who have paid NHK subscription fees, you can use all NHK Plus features. Even if you miss your favorite program, you can replay it by taking advantage of the NHK Plus Missing Content feature.

However, the NHK PLUS Missing Programs period is one week after the program has finished airing.

In other words, NHK Plus programs can be replayed and watched on the missed programs for 7 days after the end of the broadcast.

Real-time is available without the need for ID registration.

If you ask if those who have not paid NHK subscription fees can watch NHK Plus as it is without registration, the answer is YES.

NHK Plus real-time streaming can be viewed without ID registration. However, since real-time streaming is only available on NHK General and NHK Education channels, the available content is limited.

For those who wish to enjoy various interesting programs in addition to Taiga Drama and Morning Drama, NHK also offers NHK On Demand service.

The following is an explanation of the differences between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand.

What is the difference between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand?

The following table summarizes the differences between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand.

== == NHK Plus

NHK Plus

NHK On Demand

Relationship with NHK TV

NHK TV supplementary service

Unique service from NHK TV

Terms of Use

NHK subscription fee paid

Available without paying NHK subscription fee


Free of charge



Dramas on air + past week's worth

== NHK's past masterpieces and the latest programs now.

NHK's past masterpieces and current programs

NHK Drama

NHK documentaries, etc.

Unmissable broadcasts

Yes (one week after broadcast)

Yes (two weeks after broadcast)

Available Channels

NHK General

NHK Education (E-tele)

NHK General, NHK Education, BS1, BS Premium

Number of Movies

Programs on air

Approx. 10000 programs

Viewing time

One week after broadcast

2 weeks after broadcast

72 hours after purchase

NHK On Demand is a monthly subscription service that allows you to enjoy NHK's programs, dramas and documentaries on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The service also updates about 500 programs a month that are broadcast on terrestrial and satellite channels.

The service also offers a flat-rate monthly all-you-can-watch package, ideal for viewing serial dramas and major series. There is also a single-purchase option, which costs ¥110 to ¥220 per program.

NHK On Demand is more content-rich than NHK Plus and is recommended for NHK fans.

How to Watch NHK's Missed Programs as Much as You Want

Besides NHK Plus and NHK On Demand, is there any other way to watch NHK's unlimited missed programs?

Next, we will research and introduce other video streaming services where you can watch NHK's missed programs as much as you want.

Amazon Prime Video

NHK On Demand is registered on Amazon Prime Video. It is displayed by program and is a convenient way to watch the full NHK program series at once.

Since it is a subscription, you need to add channels on Amazon Prime Video.

== == Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video + NHK On Demand

Pricing Plans

First month: Amazon Prime Video free trial + NHK On Demand 990 yen = 990 yen

Subsequent months: Amazon Prime Video 500 yen + NHK On Demand 990 yen = 1490 yen

Contract Renewal Date

Automatic renewal on the 1st of each month

Picture quality


Available Movies

Missed TV Shows

Special Programs

List of Movies

The Thirteen of Kamakura-dono

Chimu Dondan

N-Spec Society

==N-Spé Society


Utilizing U-NEXT, you can also watch NHK-produced programs, documentaries, and dramas.

Search for the broadcaster to NHK On Demand and NHK On Demand programs will be displayed.

It is very convenient to watch full NHK On Demand productions without additional charge.

However, please note that there is no simultaneous viewing or missed programs function.

== == U-NEXT



Fee Plan

2189 yen/month

Contract renewal date

Auto renewal every month from the date of registration

Picture quality


Available Programs

NHK Masterpiece Programs and Latest Programs

List of Movies

Kamakura-dono no 13inin

Chimu Dodon

Your Stuff is Here

== "Your Stuff, Here" == "The 13th of Kamakura-dono

How to download the missed videos from NHK Plus

The viewing period of missed videos from NHK Plus is only one week. I am worried that I will not be able to watch them after the period because I am busy with work or school.

To be free from such worries, we recommend you to use KeepStreams.

KeepStreams is a video downloader that allows you to save videos from Internet video distribution services in MP4 format. Download your favorite videos and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

With a high download speed that allows you to download a series in about 10 minutes and high quality support, KeepStreams is a powerful video downloader that aims to provide you with the best video download experience.

How to use KeepStreams

Visit the KeepStreams website and install KeepStreams.

Launch the KeepStreams application and enter NHK On Demand in the search box on the main screen.

The search results will then be displayed. Find the program you want to download on the screen and proceed to the details screen.

When playing the video, analysis of the video URL will begin. Set the basic information of the video in the download box and start downloading.

You can check the status of the download in the left laibrary.


In this article, we have examined NHK Plus in detail.

  • There is no NHK Plus fee, but payment of subscription fees is essential and ID registration is required.
  • You can enjoy all NHK programs through the NHK on-demand service
  • Learn how to watch your favorite NHK programs even after the viewing availability period has expired

What do you think, take advantage of Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, and KeepStreams to enjoy NHK programs even more.

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