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NHK Plus offers free program catch-up streaming! Explanation of NHK Plus fees and NHK On Demand!

| NHK Plus |
Updated on May 28, 2024 | 10 Minutes Reading
NHK Plus offers free catch-up streaming of programs, but is it true? Let's also provide a thorough explanation of NHK Plus fees and NHK On Demand!

"Did you miss another NHK program? Forgot to record it? What will you do?"

"Can you really watch missed programs on NHK Plus for free, even if you forget to record them?"

"I have NHK Plus, but what is NHK On Demand?"

If you have these concerns, then this article is a must-read! Find out if NHK Plus really offers free missed program streaming and get a detailed explanation about NHK Plus fees and NHK On Demand!

What is NHK Plus?

NHK Plus is a simultaneous streaming service on the internet where you can watch NHK General TV programs and E-tele at the same time as they are broadcasted on terrestrial television.

Through NHK Plus, you can watch NHK programs on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Is NHK Plus free or on a subscription basis? What are the features and benefits of NHK Plus?

In this article, we have researched various information about NHK Plus and will explain it in detail.

What is NHK Plus-1

Is NHK Plus really free of charge?

While NHK Plus is free, the payment of broadcast receiving fees is essential

In essence, the fee for NHK Plus is free. You can also use missed streaming and catch-up streaming for free.

However, this is limited to those who have paid NHK fees.

After all, it is written on the NHK Plus website that NHK Plus operates as a source of revenue from broadcast receiving fees to complement NHK services, so authentication and application for NHK fee payment are required.

In other words, those who have paid NHK fees can use NHK Plus without any additional charges.

NHK Plus fees are free, but payment of broadcast receiving fees is essential-1

ID registration is required to view NHK Plus

If you want to watch NHK Plus broadcast programs, you need to register as a member (ID registration). When registering as a member, inputting reception contract information (contract name and address, etc.) is essential, and the verification procedure can confirm whether the broadcast fee has been paid or not.

For those who have not paid the NHK reception fee, they cannot register as a member.

If you watch NHK Plus programs without registering, the screen may display captions and not show in its entirety.

In some cases, if non-payment is detected, you may receive a request for payment of broadcast fees.

If you want to watch NHK without paying the reception fee, it is recommended to use NHK On Demand.

What are the features of NHK Plus?

Content available on NHK Plus

Simulcast: You can watch NHK General TV and E-tele programs simultaneously on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, just like on television. Depending on the distribution rights, some or all of the programs may not be available for streaming. However, on television, you can only watch missed program streams.

Missed program streams: You can watch NHK General TV and E-tele programs anytime from after the broadcast up to one week later. Depending on the region, some programs are available for up to two weeks. Depending on the distribution rights, some or all of the programs may not be available for streaming. Please be aware of this.

In NHK Plus, the programs that can be watched include "NHK programs broadcast in real time" as well as "Good Morning Japan," "Sumo Wrestling," and "Mommy and Me" among others, which are broadcast daily and are available for viewing for the past week.

The historical drama series, such as "Kamakura Lord's 13," can also be viewed, but typically only for one week, meaning that you can only watch one episode of a program that airs once a week. It is necessary to watch without missing.

Utilizing NHK Plus is limited to the geographical area of Japan.

As you can see, the usage area of NHK Plus is limited to the region of Japan only.

If you move or are assigned abroad, unfortunately, you cannot use NHK Plus.

Regardless of whether you are registered or not, when you are abroad, the following screen will be displayed:

NHK Plus is limited to use in the region of Japan-1

Missed streaming content can be viewed for free within one week after broadcast.

In NHK Plus, the programs that can be watched include "NHK programs broadcast in real time" as well as "Good Morning Japan," "Sumo Wrestling," and "Mommy and Me" among others, which are broadcast daily and are available for viewing for the past week.

Those who have paid NHK viewing fees can use all the functions of NHK Plus. Even if you miss your favorite program, you can use the NHK Plus catch-up feature to play it back.

However, the NHK Plus missed streaming period is one week after the program has ended.

In other words, NHK Plus programs can be played back and viewed via missed streaming for seven days after the broadcast ends. Be aware that after seven days, programs that have ended their broadcast cannot be played back.

No ID registration is necessary and real-time viewing is possible

If you ask whether those who have not paid NHK fees can watch NHK Plus without registration, the answer is YES.

Real-time streaming on NHK Plus is available without ID registration. However, real-time streaming only allows viewing of NHK General and NHK Educational channels, so the range of viewable content is limited.

In addition to historical dramas and morning dramas, NHK also offers a service called NHK On Demand for those who want to enjoy various interesting programs.

Next, we will explain the differences between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand.

No ID registration is necessary and real-time viewing is possible-1

What are the differences between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand?

We have summarized the differences between NHK Plus and NHK On Demand in the following table.


NHK Plus

NHK On Demand

Relationship with NHK Television
Supplementary Service to NHK Television
A Unique Service from NHK Television
Terms of Use
Payment of NHK Reception Fees Required
Can be Used Without Paying NHK Reception Fees
Monthly Fee of 990 yen
Content Delivery
Current Broadcasts + Past Week's Dramas
From Past Masterpieces to Latest Programs
NHK Dramas
NHK Documentaries, among others
Catch-up Streaming
Available (One week after broadcast)
Available (Two weeks after broadcast)
Channels Available for Viewing
NHK General
NHK Educational (E-Tele)
NHK General, NHK Educational, BS1, BS Premium
Number of Titles
Currently airing programs
Approximately 10,000 titles
Viewing Time
One week after broadcast
Two weeks after broadcast
72 hours from purchase

NHK Plus is a free internet simultaneous streaming service provided by NHK. You can watch NHK TV programs in real time from your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. according to the program's broadcasting time. Additionally, some programs can be watched for a certain period after broadcast.

NHK On Demand is a paid video-on-demand service. NHK program archives are provided, allowing you to watch programs at any time after broadcast. A wide range of genres such as dramas, documentaries, and children's programs are available. Some programs can be watched through individual purchases, while others are available for viewing under a fixed monthly subscription.

"NHK On Demand" is a video streaming service that allows you to watch programs that have aired on terrestrial or satellite waves, as well as past classic dramas and documentaries.

  • The fees are divided into "Monthly Unlimited Viewing Pack: 990 yen (tax included) per month" or "Single Viewing: 110 yen to 330 yen (tax included) per title."
  • It offers around 500 programs broadcasted on terrestrial waves per month, along with 10,000 works of past classic dramas and documentaries.

NHK On Demand, enriched by NHK Plus, provides a wide range of content and is recommended for NHK fans.

Methods for unlimited viewing of NHK's missed delivery programs

Is there a way to watch NHK's missed broadcast programs unlimitedly, in addition to NHK Plus and NHK on Demand?

Next, we will examine and introduce other video distribution services where you can watch NHK's missed delivery programs unlimitedly.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video-1

NHK on Demand is registered on Amazon Prime Video. It is displayed by program, allowing you to watch NHK's program series in full at once, which is convenient.

Since it is a subscription, you need to add the channel on Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon Prime Video + NHK on Demand

Subscription Plans
First Month: Amazon Prime Video Free Trial + NHK on Demand 990 yen = 990 yen
Thereafter: Amazon Prime Video 500 yen + NHK on Demand 990 yen = 1490 yen
Contract Renewal Date
Automatically renews on the 1st of every month
Video Quality
Available Content
Missed television broadcasts
Selected programs
List of Programs
"Kamakura-tono no 13-nin"
"N Spen Society"




By utilizing U-NEXT, you can also watch NHK-produced programs, documentaries, and dramas.

When searching for NHK on Demand on the broadcasting station, NHK on Demand programs will be displayed.

You can now watch NHK on Demand's content in full without any additional charge, which is very convenient.

However, please note that simultaneous viewing and missed delivery functions are not available.



Subscription Plan
2189 yen per month
Contract Renewal Date
Automatically renewed every month from the registration date
Image Quality
Available Content to Watch
NHK classic programs・latest programs
List of Works
『13 Samurai of Kamakura』
『Your Object is Here』


How to Download Missed Delivery Videos from NHK Plus

The viewing period of missed delivery videos on NHK Plus is only one week. It's worrying when you're too busy with work or school and miss the deadline for viewing.

To free yourself from such worries, we recommend using KeepStreams.

KeepStreams is a video downloader that allows you to save videos from internet video streaming services in MP4 format. Download your favorite videos and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

With fast downloads of about 10 minutes per series and support for high image quality, KeepStreams is a powerful video downloader aiming to provide the best video download experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KeepStreams

Visit the KeepStreams website and install KeepStreams.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KeepStreams-1

Launch the KeepStreams app and enter NHK On Demand in the main search box.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KeepStreams-2

The search results will appear. Find the program you want to download on the screen and proceed to the details screen.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KeepStreams-3

When playing the video, the analysis of the video URL will begin. Set the basic information of the video in the download box and start the download.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KeepStreams-4

In the left library, you can verify the status of your downloads.

Step-by-step operation of KeepStreams-5


In this article, I have thoroughly researched NHK Plus.

  • Although NHK Plus is free of charge, payment of the subscription fee is essential, and ID registration is also required.
  • By making use of NHK On-Demand service, you can enjoy all NHK programs.
  • We introduce how to watch your favorite NHK programs even after the viewing period has passed.

What do you think? By utilizing Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, and KeepStreams, let's further enjoy NHK programs.

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