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ivfree is too heavy to access? We've compiled a list of alternative free adult viewing sites.

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Published on May 10, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
If access to ivfree is heavy, here are some sites where you can watch adult videos for free instead, with a wide variety of genres.

You want to find masturbation material, but you're tired of Pornhub, XVideos, and other international free adult video sites.

There are many other adult sites out there, and sometimes it's hard to know which one to use.

In this article, we will introduce you to ivfree, a free adult video site that we recommend you to use for your night masturbation!

We will also explain how to use ivfree, what to do when you can't access it, and alternative free adult sites to watch.

This is the place for you to have your dinner for the night!

What is ivfree?

Ivfree is a free adult video site that offers a variety of Arabian idol DVDs.

You can search for pornographic movies by category such as big tits, gals, mature women, married women, etc., and also enjoy pornographic movies of your favorite idols organized by idols.

Among the many idols featured on Ivfree are Kiho Sakurai, Umi Shinonome, Mizuki Takanashi, Aya Kawasaki, Yoshino Chitose, Tsumugi Hara, Jisaki Horio, and many more. There are many more, but let's give it a try anyway.

Website Name


Number of adult titles

Over 10,000

Type of membership





Kimono Erotic, Junior Idol, Gravure Idol, Topless, Slender, JC, T-back, Beautiful Breasts, Beautiful Ass

Why is ivfree slow and inaccessible?

Ivfree is easy to use: Once you access the Ivfree homepage, you will see a tight row of titles of erotic videos. Clicking on a title will automatically take you to the playback page and play the erotic video.

As long as the site is an erotic video site, problems sometimes occur when the site becomes too heavy to access.

On social networking sites, there are scattered word-of-mouth reports that video sites are "unwatchable," "slow to load," or "heavy. This is also the case with erotic adult video sites. There are three main causes for this.

Cause One: Poor Internet environment and slow communication speed.

Sometimes, video sites cannot be viewed due to slow communication speed. This is probably the most common cause.

In such cases, try measuring the communication speed and check if it is not too slow.

As a rule of thumb, 5 Mbps is the minimum, and 10 Mbps is sufficient for comfortable video viewing.

Cause 2: During busy times, there are so many Internet users that the site's servers cannot handle it.

When there are more users, the line is congested and the speed is low.

In such cases, it is recommended to use the site avoiding congestion time or to save the video in advance and watch it offline.

Cause 3: Insufficient specifications on the device side

All devices these days have high specifications. However, there is a risk that the device may become heavy due to insufficient specifications on the device side.

Also, if there is a problem with the device, the operation may become slow or the site may suddenly crash.

It is better to switch to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and view the site on a device with higher performance.

A list of free adult viewing sites as an alternative to ivfree

While ivfree is a recommended adult video clection, there are other free adult viewing sites that we recommend. Here is a list of free adult sites to watch instead of ivfree.


As an alternative to ivfree, Twihozon is a free Twitter video storage and ranking site. Mainly because about 90% of the videos are amateur pornographic videos, it is very convenient because you can easily find your favorite videos.Twihozon saves you the trouble of saving pornographic videos on Twitter and allows you to enjoy them easily and for free. Please use this service to find your favorite videos.

Popular genres: Amateur, Uncensored, Voyeurism, etc.


SpankBang Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, new

SpankBang is an overseas adult site that covers all kinds of erotic videos. Not only foreign erotic movies, but also many Japanese erotic movies are registered, and you can watch them in high quality up to 4K for free. In addition, SpankBang's greatest strength is that it offers a large number of uncensored videos.

Popular genres: ASMR, Japanese, Anime, etc.

TOKYO Motion

TokyoMotionに動画をアップロード投稿する方法【メリット】 | アダルト収益化.com

TOKYO Motion, as the name suggests, is a free porn site specializing in Japanese adult videos. It features a wide variety of amateur-style selfie videos and pussy-fighting videos. The site also features many paid works by famous AV producers, so there is a wide variety anyway. It is also nice that you can basically enjoy videos in HD quality.

Genres: Amateur, Masturbation, Pornography, Nakadashi, etc.


As an alternative to ivfree, JapanHub is a site that offers free Japanese porn videos. The biggest advantage of this site is that you can watch for free the entire movies starring popular porn stars such as Ren Ayase, Yuri Asada, Mai Kuroki, Yu Shinoda, Nana Nanami, Shunga Ayami, Ryoka Morikawa, and many more.

Genre: Most Recent, Most Watched, Most Commented


As an alternative to ivfree, Supjav is an adult site that offers unlimited access to free erotic videos. Especially, the number of uncensored videos is large, and the best feature of this site is that you can watch videos commercially available on FC2 for free. It can be used as a software.

Genre : Mosaic destruction, Uncensored, Amatuer Adult Site, JAVHD

How to download pornographic videos from adult sites-KeepStreams, Adult Downloader

When there is congestion in the Internet connection, heavy site traffic, or slow communication speeds, watching videos can be stressful. In such cases, you can download pornographic videos from the Internet and save them on your own device. In that case, We recommend KeepStreams Adult Downloader, which allows you to download ivfree videos.

It allows you to save videos safely and comfortably and is compatible with all video sites. In addition, you can download videos with up to 1080p resolution and save 2 hours of video in 5 minutes, making it easy to enjoy. In addition, many other features are available, but let's start with a trial.

You can download adult videos from over 1000 adult sites such as MissAV, Sokmil, SupJav, etc., including paid streaming services such as FANZA, MGStage, Hey!
  • Windows and MAC are also supported, making downloading very convenient!
  • You can save FANZA streaming AV up to Full HD.
  • You can save in MP4/MKV, so you don't need to use DMM player.
  • It has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate UI.
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In this article , we have introduced you to Ivfree, a free adult video viewing site that offers a wide variety of Arabic Idol DVD movies, featuring many cute-looking Arabic Idols, perfect for your masturbation tonight.

If you want to save and watch such videos, KeepStreams, an adult-oriented downloader to download them from Ivfree, where you can safely and comfortably save the videos and watch them at your own pace.

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