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Alternative: 8 sites where you can watch MMD videos for free instead of iwara.

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Published on Mar 30, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article is a free alternative to MMD gentleman erotic video site iwara created with popular 2D characters such as Touhou Project, FGO, and ToLOVE.

When it comes to MMD erotic video sites, iwara is the first that comes to mind.

iwara is a video site dedicated to MMD submissions originating from overseas, and is full of MMD videos that have attracted considerable attention overseas. You can find here videos produced by the Toho Project, virtual idols, VTubers, popular characters from Hara-Kami Impact, and more. Many high quality and full HD MMD videos are posted on the site, attracting MMD enthusiasts.

This article introduces sites where you can find free MMD gentleman erotic videos produced with popular 2D characters such as Touhou Project, FGO, ToLOVE, and more.

What kind of site is iwara? How is its operation?

iwara is a video site exclusively for MMD submissions originating overseas. The main videos created with the character avatars of your favorite games, anime characters, virtual idols, and VTubers are gaining popularity.

The technology for MMD production is at a high level of maturity at this stage, so many high quality videos are being posted.

There is also an official website for all ages, where R18 MMD gentleman erotic videos are also posted. Clicking on the "ecchi" button in the upper right corner of the official homepage will take you to R18 MMD gentleman erotic videos.

In addition to videos, the site also offers MMD photos and forums so that you can fully enjoy MMD-related content. You can also use the video download function, so you can save your favorite MMD gentlemen erotic videos and enjoy them by yourself. (But only some of them)

Iwara is running normally as of March 2023 and you can watch MMD gentlemen erotic videos for free. There are no virus detection warnings, so there are no security issues.

Why is iwara heavy?

It is easy to use for a MMD gentleman erotic video posting site, but in spite of that, we often hear comments like "iwara heavy" or "iwara heavy".

This means that sometimes the loading time is too long, or the video suddenly stops and inevitably does not work.

The first reason for this kind of problem is that iwara is a site operated overseas, so the connection may become unstable during server congestion. As a solution, we recommend that you watch videos during times when access is not concentrated. Or, download the videos you wish to view in advance and watch them offline.

In addition, the browser you use to browse a site has a function to temporarily save images and video data so that when you access the site again, you can view them without having to load them again. As more and more cache data accumulates, the iwara browser becomes slower and slower. As a solution, we recommend deleting the cache regularly.

5 alternative sites to iwara where you can watch MDD videos for free

In addition to Iwara, there are many other sites where you can watch MMD gentlemen erotic videos for free. Here is a list of sites where you can watch MMD erotic videos for free.

MMD Gentlemen's Vault

MMD Gentlemen's Vault not only allows you to watch MDD videos, but also allows you to download the models you have shared and create your own secondary works.

Movements such as dance and mouth movements may be used, and much of the data is available free of charge on the Internet. This is the best choice for amateurs, as it can be implemented even on low-spec PCs.

My 3D Erotic Movies

A site where you can quickly find free 3D erotic videos featuring popular anime characters, erotic MMD (Men's MMD) and 3D erotic anime from iwara. search by tag for high quality erotic MMD, 3D erotic videos and erotic anime including Vtuber, Hara-Kami, original, Hatsune Miku, Weak Haku, Kangxi Emperor and more. You can search by tag.


Okazurand is a foreign video site specializing in MMD (3DCG videos), where you can post, play, and download MMD videos like iwara, as well as MMD photos and forums. However, the site is heavy, and depending on the time of day, the servers may become congested and take a long time to load or the videos may stop.


This is a site that presents a collection of gentlemen's erotic MMD videos, with 138 pages of MMD videos that I have personally created and uploaded. Sex, Nakadashi, Original Characters, Oral Sex, Boat, Rotor/Vibrator/Anal Beads, Vocaloid, Masturbation, vtuber, Squirting, Restraint, Undressing Gag, Shame Play, Touhou, Nipple Piercing/Heaven Piercing/Crytol Piercing, Masturbation, Titjob, Gentleman's Hand, Too There are also some "nico nico nico" and others, so it is best to find the best athegory for you.


This is an adult video erotica site that specializes in subjective pornography, and is a great place to masturbate with a wealth of erotic videos, information, and adult photos. There are a lot of cosplay-related adult contents.

3 subscription services to watch adult anime


FANZA is an adult video distribution service operated by major telecommunications company, which also operates a DVD shopping business.

It changed its name from DMM.R18 to FANZA in 2018 and now offers a variety of comprehensive adult services as one of the largest adult video distribution sites in Japan.

While you can enjoy unlimited viewing of various types of "adult videos" for a fixed monthly fee, you can also freely use the service with individual billing for each channel.

FANZA has an erotic anime channel called "Adult Anime Channel," which specializes in distributing anime erotic videos.


U-NEXT is one of Japan's largest video distribution services, offering more than 170,000 video contents at a flat rate, including movies (foreign and Japanese), foreign dramas, domestic dramas, animations, R18 adult, and more. The name of the adult channel is "H-NEXT.

Only the adult channel "H-NEXT" is available. A "video viewing code" that allows you to use only "H-NEXT" is sold from the official Amazon website, making it a highly cost-effective option.


XCITY is a VOD video viewing service that distributes erotic videos online. For a flat rate of ¥3,135 per month (tax included), users can enjoy more than 76,000 adult videos.

The adult videos delivered are "all genre" videos that anyone can enjoy, making it a wholesome video site.

For those who prefer adult anime, we offer an "Adult Anime" section as one of the genres. More than 300 works are always available and you can enjoy adult anime to the fullest.

KeepStreams downloader software for downloading adult videos

There are many adult video services out there, but often the sites become slow and take a lot of loading time when the servers are congested.

In such cases, we recommend that you save the videos to your smartphone or PC in advance and enjoy the videos easily.

In many cases, the video distribution service itself has a download function, but in many cases, only some videos can be downloaded, the speed is slow, or the image quality is degraded. It is convenient to use professional software to save videos from video distribution services.

KeepStreams Downloader is a video downloader that can support over 60 different streaming video services, including adult video sites. It can save audio in up to 2060p quality, Dolby audio quality 5.1, and batch download streaming videos in MP4 format.

We can say that if you have KeepStreams, you can leave all your video downloading to KeepStreams.


This article has introduced sites where you can watch MMD gentleman erotic videos produced by popular 2D characters such as iwara, Touhou Project, FGO, ToLOVE, etc. for free.

Also, for those who are trying to save gentleman erotic videos on their smartphones or PCs, try KeepStreams.

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