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Killing Eve Review and Character Analysis of Villanelle and Eve

| Hulu |
Published on Jul 12, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
A review of Killing Eve and download it offline with KeepStreams for Hulu.

Is there a killer inside every one of us? Why are we fascinated by serial killers? Can a killer, or rather, a top-class one, love another person?

For people like us, I mean, people who don't kill for a living, can we love? Can we find love?

Is love innate and involuntary, or is it acquired and voluntary?


Killing Eve is a show about assassination, the coldest and cruelest job of all. There are two female protagonists - the charming assassin named Villenale, and the unassuming agent named Eve.

After completing the entire journey with them throughout the four seasons, our understanding of relationships and love deepens in a thrilling and somehow serene way.

Every individual functions and exists differently. The differentiation can be huge and small. We are most likely drawn to those who are similar to us. Or, in some cases, we are interested in our opposites. Villanelle and Eve seem like two entirely different kinds of people. But somehow, there are delicate, complicated, and beautiful connections between their souls. They are destined to meet, explore each other, change each other, and love each other.

I, personally, think their relationship is consummated in a beautiful and touching way. It isn't a happy ending, on the scale of time the consummation lasts. But, both the characters' souls have blossomed because of each other, and that's what really matters in life.

Killing Eve Introduction

Top Killing Eve Cast

  • Jodie Comer as Villanelle
  • Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri
  • Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
  • Kim Bodnia as Konstantin

Where to Watch Killing Eve?

All 4 seasons of Killing Eve are now available on Hulu. You can stream them on Hulu or download them with KeepStreams for Hulu for a better viewing experience.

Killing Eve Recap

Spoiler alert! If you haven't finished watching the show, you can skip this part.

Killing Eve Season 1 - Destined to Meet


Eve was brought into an assassination case and had a new boss named Carolyn in MI6. When everyone was clueless about the assassin, Eve bravely aired her opinions. She thought the killer was a woman. Following the clues from a new angle, Eve met Villanelle and later brought her to MI6's attention. While chasing Villanelle, Eve got to know her past and the existence of The Twelve. After a lot of killing and hunting, Eve and Villanelle ended up in a bed together, but Eve drove a knife into Villanelle. Then Eve regretted doing it and wanted to help Villanelle, but the latter scared her away with a gunshot.

Killing Eve Season 2 - Afraid to Love


Villanelle survived the stab wound and committed more murders to draw Eve's attention. Then a new hit-girl showed up as Villanelle's rival. Villanelle later emerged triumphant and was hired by MI6 to work with Eve. Surprisingly, Villanelle went against Carolyn's orders and killed the target. The cooperation was thus terminated. Afterward, Eve killed Villanelle's handler while he was trying to strangle her. Villanelle was touched and professed her love for Eve, thinking she was finally like her. However, Eve disappointed Villanelle and walked away, which angered Villanelle and compelled her to shoot Eve in the back. If you are turned on by powerful female dynamics, The Flight Attendant will give you another thrilling experience!

Killing Eve Season 3 - Freedom with Pain


Villanelle found her old keeper Dasha and worked for The Twelve again. Later Villanelle heard Eve was still alive. Carolyn's son died, but she pretended to be calm. When Villanelle and Eve reunited on a bus, they got into a brawl and kissed for a moment. Villanelle set out on a journey of uncovering the mysteries of her past and family. But then she got bored and disappointed, killing her entire family and all the people she knew from her past. Villanelle and Even decided to go against The Twelve to be free but suffered setbacks. In the end, they tried to go their separate ways but realized they couldn't do it.

Killing Eve Season 4 - Love with Life


In her attempt to destroy The Twelve, Eve had a fling with Helen and later found out Carolyn and Konstantin were the original members. Villanelle later killed Helen out of jealousy and went to an island to meet an old friend. Eve managed to get the location of a gathering of The Twelve and traveled all the way to the island to find Villanelle. On their return journey, they finally became lovers and had a wonderful time together. Konstantin was killed by his disciple by mistake and told her to tell Carolyn he had always loved her. Eve and Villanelle went to a wedding where Villanelle killed all The Twelve members. Unfortunately, when the soulmates hugged happily, Carolyn ordered their hit. Villanelle took several bullets for Eve and fell to the bottom of the lake. Eve survived but was devastated.

Character Analysis

Villanelle - the Enchanting Queen of Death

Villanelle is a professional assassin who excels at her job. She is beautiful, brilliant, acute, and strong. She is an apex predator. On the face of it, she is a cold-hearted, murderous psychopath. She gets bored easily and never hesitates to kill.


She is different from most people, and that makes her lonely. In fact, she gets disappointed all the time because she knows no one truly understands her. Who can she blame? She is so unique, and most people can't live up to her expectations. That is, until she meets Eve.

Villanelle behaves like a naughty child most of the time. She does bad things to have fun. I think we all have darkness in our hearts. Most of us are weak and afraid to express them, but not Villanelle. She embraces her animal side without fear and has the power to execute her evil thoughts. She vents her bad emotions whenever she wants to and is not burdened by the ugly consequences.

Villanelle is not interested in doing any other jobs that might repress her true nature. Therefore, killing makes sense for her. She feels powerful, confident, and excited after defeating her opponents in the ultimate sense. She hates pretending to like a person, so in a sense, she is the least plastic of us all.


Villanelle is always true to her heart, her thoughts, her feelings, and her goals. That trait of hers is not accepted in modern society, but it doesn't make her less human. Her distinction and specialty are exploited by an even colder character - Carolyn. And when Villanelle finds happiness, Carolyn seeks to destroy it.

Eve - a Favored Child of Fate 

As an independent Asian woman, Eve is peculiar in her appearance and character. Eve is accustomed to behaving within the scope of social acceptance but is brave to air her opinions and take action.


Eve has a big heart and is open-minded. Deep down, she hates to be a stereotype. To be fair, she is far from perfect, and there is darkness inside her. But most of the time, she can keep the monster under control with ease and remain calm under extreme circumstances.

The Dynamics Between the Duo

Obviously, Villanelle is more flamboyant and wilful. But she recognizes something special in Eve. As Villanelle says herself, she and Eve are the same. It can be hard to tell from the beginning, but as the show progresses, we understand better what Villanelle means.

There are characters who are more like Villanelle than Eve, but Villanelle chooses to defeat them instead of loving them. What makes Eve so special is that Eve has something that Villanelle tries so hard to get. How can Eve keep the monster in her so in check? How can Eve seem so collected and innocent even though she is not? While Villanelle feels terrible almost all the time, how come Eve behaves like everything is just ducky?


The pair are attracted to each other at first, and then they start to have feelings for each other. At the end of season 1, Villanelle admits she really likes Eve before Eve stabs her from an overreaction of her self-defense mechanism. Then in season 2, although Eve has hurt Villanelle, the latter can't help but fall for her. I don't think it is love then, because Eve doesn't accept Villanelle's profession of love and walks away. Her ego bruised, Villanelle shoots Eve in the back.

In season 3, both of them have hurt each other brutally. They start to challenge each other and demonstrate their prowess. As they get to know each other better, they realize there is truly an irreplaceable connection between them. But it can be a vulnerable spot for both of them, and the price might be heavy. Therefore, they try to go their separate ways to prevent bad things from happening but realize they simply can't do it.


In the final season, Villanelle and Eve work hard for the same goal - to destroy The Twelve and be free. Their undertaking is daunting, and they still don't know whether they should commit to each other. But love is dominant and exclusive, and it sets their souls free. The feeling is overwhelming and holy, and nothing else matters anymore. Eve becomes her mischievous inner child with Villanelle, and the two enjoy each other's company and uniqueness greatly. In the end, their love consummates when Villanelle gives Eve the thing she values most her entire life - her life. If you are touched by true love, The Time Traveler's Wife will warm your heart once again.

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Killing Eve is a groundbreaking and enlightening show. It shows us love and relationships in the most intense and surprising way. Do we deserve love? Can people love us after they see who we really are? It turns out, we just have to find people who can accept the real us. Who says two people can't form a unique kind of society? Are you exhausted by pretending to be someone you are not? Do you want to know what it really feels like to be embraced? Killing Eve can take you to a fresh new world of love and emotions! Just download the show with KeepStreams for Hulu, for it deserves the full scale of your attention.


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Final Thoughts

Killing Eve is a thrilling show. You may have an itch to watch it more than once. And with KeepStreams for Hulu, you can preserve it and be forever free of any interruptions or complications while enjoying the show.

A good show will give you the answers you have been looking for for a long time. Just give it faith and concentrate your mind on it.

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