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| Published on Jul 29, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you've ever heard of a site where you can watch anime for free, you've heard of KissAnime. This article will detail the current status of KissAnime, its risks, and alternative sites.

You've probably heard of KissAnime, a website where you can watch anime for free.

In truth, KissAnime is an anime search engine. However, when you use KissAnime to find an anime you want to watch, you can immediately watch it for free from the search results.

Convenient, right?

However, KissAnime is actually an illegal site by offering anime content for free. In other words, it is in violation of domestic copyright laws.

This article will detail the current status of KissAnime, its risks, and alternative sites.

KissAnime Closing? What are the risks?

KissAnime seems to have been temporarily closed due to violations of the law, but it has been restored by changing the URL and using mirror sites.

URLs that KissAnime has used:.




At the moment, when I access the KissAnim homepage



I can open it normally.

When I try to find an animation and play it, I find that it is not closed.

It seems that the site is not closed. You can watch anime for free as usual.

However, since it is an illegal site, it is quite risky.

For example, there are many pop-up ads that pop up, or pop-up blocks that invite you to external links. In addition, you can only watch the video after you have seen the ad.

When you click on such ads or links, you are potentially at great risk.

  • Theft of credit cards, passwords, and personal information
  • Virus infection

Please refrain from using illegal sites to avoid such damage.

Recommendation of free illegal sites for unlimited viewing like KissAnime anime

In addition to KissAnime, there are many other free illegal sites available. At this time, we have organized the free illegal sites that are still available.

However, please use these sites at your own risk.




This is an anime site operated overseas, so it is a little difficult to use, but it covers all kinds of anime, so the number of works you can watch is tremendous. If you find an anime you want to watch here, you can watch almost all of it.


图形用户界面, 网站


Like 9anime, this is an overseas site, so the home screen is displayed in English. Before playing an anime, a pop-up ad always appears, so it seems that you have to watch the ad. It seems quite risky.


图形用户界面, 应用程序, PowerPoint


The main feature of this site is that new episodes of popular anime are displayed on the home screen. It is recommended for those who follow the distribution of new releases by updating the page as soon as a new episode airs.


This is one of the international sites where you can watch anime for free. For now, it is available for viewing in Australia and New Zealand. If you try to access it from within Japan, you will need to use a vpn. There are many anime distributed and a wide variety of genres. The possibility of breaking the law is the least likely.


Like B9good, it follows the latest popular works and is quickly updated daily. The home screen is concise and easy to use. In addition to anime, popular manga also seem to be available here. You can also run your own unique community and get to know other anime lovers.

How to download videos from anime sites like KissAnime

You can watch as much anime as you want for free on illegal sites, but the risk is quite high, as well as the inevitable ads and external links that you can't avoid. That's why we recommend KeepStreams Downloader, which allows you to download videos from anime sites like KissAnime, removing annoying ads and even preventing viruses from infecting your computer. You can watch anime for free in safety and comfort.

What is KeepStreams Downloader?

It is a powerful video downloader that supports a wide range of video viewing sites, from official streaming services such as H-Next, hulu, and Netflex, to unofficial anime sites such as KissAnime and GOGO Anime. Download all your favorite anime videos safely, comfortably, and simply; download videos in MP4/MKV, and even mix-cut them for personal use.

Steps to use KeepStreams Downloader

Step 1: Go to the KeepStreams Downloader homepage, download KeepStreams Downloader, and launch it.

图形用户界面, 应用程序, 网站


Step 2) Enter the anime title you wish to download in the search bar at the top of the home screen.

Step 3) From the search results displayed on the screen, enter the details page of the anime you want to download.

Step 4) Click on the episode you want to download (batch download is possible), and downloading will begin.

Recommendation of 3 legal video streaming services for unlimited anime viewing that can replace KissAnime.

Next, we recommend 3 legal video distribution services that can be used as an alternative to KissAnime. Since these are official services, there is no risk involved. However, most of them charge a fee and in many cases do not support video downloading.

Alternative legal video streaming service for unlimited anime viewing that is an alternative to KissAnime (KissAnime): 1) Netflex

图片包含 徽标


Free trial period: No

Number of all-you-can-watch movies: about 4000

Picture quality: HD

Monthly fee: 2180 yen

Popular Movies: "Jyujutsu Kaisen", "Shinkoku no Kyojin", "Oni-no-Baiden" (Blade of the Demon)

Point:Overseas streaming service with a wide variety of foreign films

  • Overseas streaming service with a wide variety of foreign works
  • Wide range of genres including drama, animation, and movies
  • Original works are the best in the world.
  • High quality and large screen support
  • KeepStreams downloader support

Alternative video streaming service to KissAnime (2) U-Next



Free trial period: 31 days

Number of all-you-can-watch movies: more than 200,000

Picture quality: 4K/HD

Monthly fee: 2189 yen

Popular Movies: "SPY x FAMILY.", "Not Just Cute, Shikimori-san", "Kaguya-sama ga Tetsurerukasai - Ultra Romantic


  • Enjoy over 200,000 digital contents including movies, animations, dramas, manga, books, etc.
  • No playback ads of any kind
  • Super long trial period
  • KeepStreams downloader support

Alternative to KissAnime (3) hulu

Free trial period: 2 weeks (free anime available)

Number of Movies: Over 100,000

Quality: HD/SD

Monthly fee: 1,026 yen

Popular Movies: "My Hero Academia", "Reincarnation: The Case of the Slime", "Kingdom


Point: The

  • Video delivery service under the umbrella of Nittele, offering a large number of Nittele contents.
  • TV catch-up streaming available, strong in popular exclusive programs and variety shows.
  • Real-time streaming and missed programs are available.
  • Support for KeepStreams downloader


KissAnime is an anime title search engine and an illegal website where you can watch anime for free. However, it is quite dangerous because you have to watch pop-up ads before you can play the videos; using KeepStreams downloader, you can save the videos to your device and watch them offline privately, which is a safe and convenient way to watch them. It is also compatible with official streaming services, allowing you to enjoy your favorite video works offline.

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