Best Love, Death and Robots Episodes Explained; How to Watch It Online and Offline?

| Published on Jul 12, 2022| 10 Minutes Reading
Best Love, Death and Robots episodes explained and download them with KeepStreams for Netflix.
Best Love, Death and Robots Episodes Explained; How to Watch It Online and Offline?
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Best Love, Death and Robots episodes explained and download them with KeepStreams for Netflix.

Love, Death and Robots is a groundbreaking Netflix original series that has presented cinematic and animation technologies generations ahead. It sends the world thought-provoking and advanced messages that can be hard to understand at times. Love, Death, and Robots season 2 is even more enigmatic and opaque than season 1, and thus it turns out to be a little less popular. Nevertheless, both seasons of Love, Death, and Robots are absolutely extraordinary and were made by the best teams in the world.

Now Love Death and Robots season 3 has come out, and it will definitely bring our minds to the next level!

The General Tone of Love, Death, and Robots

Love, Death, and Robots offers us glimpses of the future where technology has quickened the course of our destined collective demise. The human world, like nature, is vastly diversified. Individuals can vary so much that only a few things bind them together. And the division is worsened by technology. Therefore, Love, Death, and Robots reveals the darkest and truest parts of humanity and intends to serve as a wake-up call for the world.

There is an undertone of irony and bleakness in Love, Death, and Robots. Humans are turning the earth inside out, mining metals and minerals from under the earth and sea while destroying life on the surface. Earth is undergoing slow, agonizing torture, and humans value their creations above their continuance out of hubris. And our best creation is robots. Robots are the reproductions of humans. They are designed to do the work for us but will probably develop consciousness and outperform us, thus making most of us obsolete and useless to society. And as the majority of humankind fails to keep up with the time, the social structure will collapse, and civilization will end with wars. Similar ideas are also expressed in HBO's masterpiece Westworld. If you are fascinated by Love, Death, and Robots, you will definitely love the Westworld saga. 

Love, Death and Robots Episodes Explained

Every one of Love, Death and Robots episodes is incredible and unparalleled. Despite their short duration, they contain rich content, deep notions, and intricate details. The artistic styles of Love, Death and Robots episodes vary, but each of them is the best of their kind. Some Love, Death and Robots episodes have such unbelievably realistic and intricate animation that sometimes we forget they are not real. They give us the most vivid expression of our imagination and possible versions of the future that we feel both excited and afraid to step forward. Below are my thoughts on some of the most popular Love, Death and Robots episodes.

Love, Death & Robots Season 1 Episode 1 - SONNIE'S EDGE

Violence never goes away, and in the future, an underground arena is drawing the attention of the blood-thirty and money-mad. It is supposed to be a land for barbaric men, but one woman named Sonnie stands out. She is not known for her sexual appeal or skills to seduce men, but her winning run and true power showed in the arena. She pilots her beast to kill many potent opponents and has never failed once.

This time, a filthy rich guy wants Sonnie to fail by giving her a large sum of money, but Sonnie refuses and returns triumphantly once again. The rich guy is told of Sonnie's inhuman experience but doesn't feel pity for her at all. Instead, he uses his beautiful lady robot to seduce Sonnie and kill her. Surprisingly, Sonnie's sliced body turns out just to be a pile of Bioware parts, and her consciousness has always been inside the beast, because her human body has been smashed by a group of evil lowlifes. In the end, Sonnie tells the man the secret of her success, which is the fear of real death.

Unlike the other players who put their beasts on the line, Sonnie fights with her own flesh with the fear of real, ultimate death. The story tells us that no one's full potential is truly unleashed unless his failure will cost him everything.

Love, Death & Robots Season 1 Episode 7 - BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT

In this episode, we are inspired to doubt the meaning of reality. Thom wakes up in a sleeping pod lightyears away from earth. Just after he gets up, he sees a familiar face. It is a beautiful woman called Greta. She tells Thom his ship gets here by a routing error and helps him settle down at her station. They have a beautiful passionate night together, but all seems too perfect to be true. After noticing Greta's wound heals overnight after a fight with Suzy, Thom demands the truth.

Afterward, Greta is forced onto a glass wall by Thom, and she has to tell him the truth with tears of sadness and compassion. As it turns out, Thom's ship is trapped in a giant, red, gluey web in space, and Thom is wizened and beyond remedy. Greta slowly emerges from the shadows first in a woman form but then appears to be a giant, insect-like monster. Thom is horrified and screamed, only to wake up from the sleeping pod again with no memory of the truth.

The monster says she cares for all the lost souls that end up here. Maybe she is telling the truth, or she is not. But it doesn't matter anymore, because she can give the prisoners what they truly want in a fairly reasonable situation. Thom can be happy with Greta however he desires, and time bears no meaning in space. Although Thom's reality looks terrible, he can choose to believe in the illusion the monster creates for him and be happy for the time he has left.

The story shows us that even at the bottom of our lives, we can be happy by choosing the reality we want to see.

Love, Death & Robots Season 1 Episode 8 - GOOD HUNTING

"Sometimes a hunter becomes the hunted." In the old days, magic flows through the earth, and humans and monsters coexist. The heroine of the story is called Yan, and she is a Hulijing (a fox demon in Chinese folklore). She can transform between fox and woman, bewitching men to survive. Liang's father hunts down Yan's mother and kills her, but Liang lets Yan go and lies to his father about it.

As time goes by, China is colonized by the U.K., and Liang becomes a lesser man and repairs trains for the Englishmen to survive. Yan, unfortunately, is forced to sell her body to make a living because she can no longer draw magic from the cold steely world to transform. She loses her edge and becomes the hunted.

Technology develops fast, but morality retrogresses. Women are treated as property owned by men, and they can't fight for their rights. Liang takes the governor as her client, but unfortunately, he drugs her and dismembers her brutally, replacing her flesh with robot parts. The agony and humiliation Yan endures are just for the evil man to get sexual arousal, because his heart is emptied by his need to triumph in this metal world where love and life are squeezed out by greed and steel.

When the governor can finally have a taste of the beautiful robot he orders, Yan revenges against him. How stupid the governor is to even think Yan can give him pleasure after what he has put her through?

Then Yan finds Liang and asks him to turn her into a robotic weapon. After numerous unimaginably painful surgeries, Yan is finally weaponized and can transform into the hunter fox again. She can be fast, fierce, and agile now. In the end, Liang wishes she can enjoy the hunting, and that is exactly what she does - hunting down and killing men who think they can prey on women. So, the hunted becomes the hunter again.

In nature, the food chain is seemingly simple and constant. Nevertheless, the survival of the predators can be determined by the choices the prey make as a group. In the human world, the strong bully the weak, but the roles may be reversed quickly. For example, women used to be oppressed by self-righteous men, but now many of them earn more than the men around them and can finally demonstrate their talents.

I believe women will continue to rise and draw power from the age-old mistreatment they endure. If you want to see how true love makes a woman immensely happy, The Time Traveler's Wife won't disappoint you. 

Love, Death & Robots Season 2 Episode 8 - THE DROWNED GIANT

This is perhaps the most enigmatic and philosophical one of Love, Death and Robots episodes. It is narrated through the view of a scholar, who comes to the beach many times to observe the carcass of a giant.

It is uncanny that a naked dead body of a giant ends up on the shore overnight. Its weird existence poses many questions. Who is this giant man? Why does he lie there all of a sudden? How did he die? Where is he from? Are there more of his kind? What will happen to his body?

However, those questions remain unanswered with the passage of time. And nothing out of the ordinary happens as the carcass decays.

Although a fine specimen of humankind, the man would be ordinary if he were of normal proportion. However, merely because of his giant physique, he possesses a magnificent temperament that is deeply admired by the scholar. The latter even thinks of him as some sort of deity. It reflects the pride and narcissism reside in men, even though most people choose to show those qualities by defiling the giant's body and collecting his remains.

The giant is completely naked, yet children are not stopped to play on his body and even build sandcastles to show their insensitivity and ignorance.

Slowly, the giant succumbs to the eternal formula of time and becomes more dead as his body becomes incomplete. And the scholar finally has the courage to step on his body to observe more closely.

In the end, the bones of the giant are distributed all over town, and people take it as more of a novelty for entertainment. However, the scholar imagines the giant's resurrection as he walks around picking up his body parts on his return journey to the sea.

Maybe this incident is too much for most people to comprehend, and they choose to make light of it and go on with their lives. Even the philosopher finds himself powerless to derive meaning from it and can only dream of the giant coming back to life and offering a plausible explanation.

In the end, the giant is remembered not very different from a large whale, and our ego can only give us enough power to respect the colossus before its dismemberment.

KeepStreams for Netflix - the Best Way to Download Love, Death and Robots Episodes

Love, Death and Robots is undoubtedly the most incredible animation so far. No one should miss them, and they are certainly worth watching repeatedly. You may get different revelations and feelings from them every time you watch them, especially after you experience certain things which make you think of the world differently. I believe Love Death and Robots can withstand the test of time and many of its prophecies will be fulfilled. Now download them with KeepStreams for Netflix and treasure them forever, because they are really worth it!

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Final Thoughts

KeepStreams for Netflix can help you save Love, Death and Robots episodes forever. They can expand and deepen your mind in the most amazing way! Why wait? Download the three seasons of Love Death and Robots with KeepStreams right away to have the most unforgettable journey of human nature!

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