What's happening with manga11! Did you shut down, a comprehensive explanation of pirate sites like manga11?

| Published on Jan 10, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will present the current status and dangers of Manga11. Then, we will recommend 8 safe and legitimate manga sites and apps to replace Manga11, so please check them out.
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What's happening with manga11! Did you shut down, a comprehensive explanation of pirate sites like manga11?
5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will present the current status and dangers of Manga11. Then, we will recommend 8 safe and legitimate manga sites and apps to replace Manga11, so please check them out.

Is Manga11 running now?

What are the risks when using illegal manga sites like Manga11?

What are some safe and legitimate alternatives to Manga11?

In this article, we will present the current status of Manga11. We also mentioned pirate manga sites of the same type as Manga11, but they are quite risky to use, so it is wise to be careful when using them. We then recommend 8 safe and legitimate manga sites/apps as alternatives to Manga11, so please check them out.

What is the current status of manga11! What about reopening sites?

First, let us introduce you to the successor sites to Manga11. It is common for sites that illegally upload manga to be shut down over the years and run as successor sites with similar site designs, and Manga11 is no exception.

Currently, accessing Manga11 (manga11.com) connects to a site called HAKARAW, the successor to the now-closed Manga11.

Also, Manga11/Hamiraw/Kamiraw are all redirects; HAKARAW is the successor to Manga11, but HAKARAW is also the successor to Hamiraw and Kamiraw, the manga piracy sites. When you access these sites, you will be redirected to HAKARAW.

It is assumed that Manga11, as well as Hamiraw and Kamiraw, have been shut down and are likely to redirect to HAKARAW.

A summary of 5 safe manga sites to replace manga11

Comic Seymour|As it is operated by a major company, even beginners can use it safely

Comic Seymour is a service with a history of over 17 years, operated by NTT Group, a major telecommunications company.

Therefore, unlike pirate sites such as "Manga11," it has an excellent credibility. Beginners of e-books can also use this service with peace of mind.

In addition, with over 15,000 free manga available at any given time, this service is recommended for those who want to enjoy manga for free.

You can try our service for free for a week and enjoy even more manga.

In addition to the 70% coupon you get when you newly join, we also offer bonus points when you register for our monthly menu and LINE.

Manga Kingdom - The #1 regular discount service!

Manga Kingdom is a historical e-comics service operated by BeeGee with over 15 years of history and more than 5.5 million registered users.

As an e-book service specializing in comics, it has one of the highest penetration rates in the industry.

As a result, there is no need to worry about any of the problems that piracy sites like Manga11 are prone to.

The service is ideal for those who are dedicated to reading manga, with a pleasing system that always comes with two coupons per day and a point system that increases the rate of return the more you spend.

Also, by signing up for a free membership, you can read more than 3,000 comics for free. This is a great option for those who want to spend some quick time.

EBOOKJAPAN| Ideal for bulk purchases! First-time coupon is a great deal!

EBOOKJAPAN is known for its first-time coupons, which are among the best deals among e-book services.

EBOOKJAPAN allows you to conveniently read your purchases all at once, so you don't have to read them one at a time like you do with Manga11 (Manga11).

Bookstore A completely new and top-notch assortment in the industry

The appeal of BookLive!, which is also well-known for its TV commercials, lies in its overwhelming selection, which is one of the best in the industry.

The number of books, mainly manga, exceeds 1 million. It also features more free manga titles (over 22,000) than any other service.

Thus, with one service, you can enjoy small as well as large titles.

Sign up for a free membership and receive a 50% discount coupon for all titles.

DMM Books|Advantageous 70% off coupon for the first 70% off coupon for bulk purchases

DMM Books is also known for its video distribution service.

Since it is operated by a large company, the service is more reliable than piracy sites such as Manga11.

In addition, DMM Books offers a very special free coupon to newly registered users.

First-time users will receive a 70% off coupon for a discount of up to 3,000 yen (tax included).

Moreover, in the past, we have offered an unbeatable 70% discount on up to 100 books.

If you want to read manga at a discount, this is one service you should definitely check out.

Using an illegal manga site like manga11 is dangerous!

Risk of Virus Infection

Just by visiting pirate sites, you may be infected with a virus, which may cause damage to your PC, smartphone, or other devices. This can result in repair costs, which in some cases can be more expensive than buying comics.

Danger of being directed to malicious sites

Because of the large number of commercials on pirate sites, you may be asked to pay money for some reason every time you see one of these commercials. For example, you may be asked to pay a membership fee even though you have not registered as a member.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Pirate sites often have a membership registration interface, but becoming a member of a pirate site can be very dangerous. In many cases, personal information obtained through membership registration is stolen. Credit card information can be misused without your knowledge, leading to more charges without your knowledge; the same goes for social networking accounts.

3 best legit apps to replace and succeed manga11


If you wait, Piccoma has a huge selection of free manga titles!

Pikkoma, the best legit alternative and successor to manga11, is an application with over 3000 free comics with full-color vertical reading and SMARTOON features.

Many titles are available for free if you wait, and the manga assortment and image quality are highly rated by word of mouth.


Zeblack, the best legal alternative and successor to manga11, provides a service that allows users to read Shueisha's hottest manga for free.

Other titles such as "Ribbon" and "Margarita" can also be read. Although the number of stories available on a daily basis is relatively small, it is attractive to be able to read Shueisha's hit titles for zero yen.

LINE Manga

LINE Manga is characterized by its free and easy reading.

LINE Manga, the best legitimate alternative and successor to manga11, is gaining popularity on social networking sites as a legitimate manga application that allows you to easily read a lot of free manga.

After watching commercial videos and completing set tasks, you can earn the coins you need to read for free very easily.


This article focused on Manga11, a pirate manga site, its history and alternatives. Since it also carries considerable risk, we also introduced 5 safe manga sites and 3 successor best legal apps as alternatives to manga11, so that you can enjoy your manga.

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