What's the current status of Mangagohan (mangagohan)! Has it closed down? A comprehensive explanation of pirate sites like Mangagohan

| Published on Oct 12, 2022| 10 Minutes Reading
What is the current status of Mangagohan (mangagohan)? Is it temporarily closed or has it been shut down? If you don't know the current status, take a look! We will introduce the current status of mangagohan along with its alternative official website.

Have you heard of mangagohan? Actually, mangagohan is a pirate site where you can read all the manga you want for free. Many people must think it's amazing that they can read manga for free. In fact, free manga sites such as mangagohan are illegal sites that infringe on copyrights. In this article, we will discuss the current status of mangagohan, whether this site will be shut down, what the risks are if you continue to use illegal manga sites, and the successor & replacement sites [illegal and legal] of mangagohan.

What is the current status of mangagohan? Closed, but successor site reproduced?

Recently, an increasing number of sites have been shut down due to copyright infringement, and mangagohan is no exception. Even before this, many people were able to access "Manga Gohan (mangagohan)," but now when searching for "Manga Gohan" on Google, the site [mangashokudo (mangashokudo)] that reproduced dishes appearing in the manga appears.

This has led some to believe that "mangashokudo" is actually a clone of "mangagohan. Indeed, the name "mangashokudo" has a great deal of relevance to "mangagohan. Does it mean "eating food in a cafeteria"? Anyway, "mangashokudo" is a pirate site where you can read manga for free, just like "mangagohan".

Is the rumor true that mangagohan has closed down?

Rumors of mangagohan's closure are often circulating on Twitter.

The reason why there are always stories that mangagohan is shutting down is because the site is no longer being updated. Manga Gohan (mangagohan) used to regularly update and upload the latest manga, always offering new manga, but recently the updates have stopped, and some people are asking if Manga Gohan (mangagohan) has closed down.

Sites like mangagohan do not announce when they are closing, so many experienced users judge whether or not a site has closed by whether or not it continues to be updated. Mangagohan is no exception to this rule. Not only do updates cease, but access to the site can also become unavailable, so it is not surprising that such rumors are heard!

Mangagohan (mangagohan) is completely shut down and I can't see it! I can't even find it when I search for it.

Many of you may have been concerned when the mangagohan you have been reading suddenly became unavailable.

Mangagohan has disappeared from the search results, but the site itself still exists, so it is not closed. Other illegal sites may disappear and reappear from search results, so this may be temporary.

However, there are examples of sites disappearing from search results before they are closed, so we cannot rule out the possibility that "Manga Gohan" will not be closed.

In any case, using illegal sites is not a good idea, and we do not recommend browsing them.

== ==

Dangers and Risks of Mangagohan (mangagohan)

Possibility of personal information leakage

Some users may suspect that their personal information may be leaked just by reading the manga on the site, but the answer is: don't worry! What leaks out is when a user clicks on an advertisement. This is especially dangerous for sites operated in foreign countries. Since the ad was also in English, I could not read the translation and clicked on it. Even if you think it is safe because it is written in English and you will not find it, there is a possibility that your information has been extracted without you realizing it.

It could lead to the decline of the industry.

If more people read manga for free on pirate sites, manga will not sell well and the revenue of the manga industry may decline. 2022 research shows that the revenue of free illegal manga sites amounted to about 1.19 trillion yen, while the sales of legitimate manga was 670 billion yen. The Japanese manga industry is in a critical situation. The Japanese manga industry is in crisis because if it continues as is, legitimate sites and creators will no longer be able to make money, leading to a decline in creativity and rejection of the industry.

Possibility of becoming infected with viruses and destroying computers, smartphones, etc.

Illegal manga sites use various devices in exchange for allowing users to read manga for free. It is said that it is rare to be infected with a virus just by viewing a website, but it is possible to be infected if you click on an advertisement and go to another website. Cases of unauthorized downloading of files have been reported. Even if you are not infected with a virus while browsing a website, you may be infected with a virus when downloading a file.

Please do not use illegal websites to read manga for free, as a virus infection can cause damage to your computer, smartphone, or other device.

Mangagohan (mangagohan) - an illegal manga site instead

Mangagohan is also an illegal site, so there is no telling when it will be shut down, but here is a summary for starters.


Operational Status

Manga Village (mangagohan)



In operation

Manga Raw.

In operation (temporarily closed)

Hoshi no Romi


BANK Manga


Manga Town


== Closed

Alternative Sites to Mangagohan [Legitimate Sites

Would you prefer to choose a legitimate manga site as an alternative to Mangagohan (mangagohan)? Here is a list of 5 legitimate manga sites where you can read manga. Please see below.

  • Comic Seymour
  • U-NEXT
  • ebook Japan
  • Manga Kingdom
  • Ameba Manga

==Ameba Manga

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour is a manga site that offers a wide variety of manga that are not uploaded to Mangamura. Free manga and special offers are updated daily, so you can read a lot of manga without paying!

Seymour Comic Seymour offers two types of unlimited reading courses.

With Unlimited Read Full, you can read a total of more than 99,000 titles for 1,480 yen per month (tax included). The content covers every category, and the richness of the genres is astounding!

All-you-can-read light" is best suited for those who don't know what to choose. For 789 yen/month, you can read as many as you want, including over 40,000 manga, practical books, magazines, and photo books, with the exception of the BL and TL categories. Plus, you can try it out for free for the first 7 days!


U-NEXT is a streaming video service that has been in operation from 2009 to now. U-NEXT aims to be Japan's leading online video service for users' video viewing experience. It has a wealth of content including animation, drama, entertainment, and movies. Free trial for the first 31 days, followed by a monthly fee of 2,189 yen (tax included). Currently, users can read over 220,000 anime titles and more than 150 magazines.

In addition, users receive 600 yen worth of points when they purchase manga. You can also use the points to read the latest issue of a magazine for free, and if you cancel during the free period, the magazine will be completely free.


ebook Japan is a specialized e-book site with a total of over 800,000 titles. Focusing on manga, the site primarily focuses on rental and purchase services.

Since ebook Japan is a joint ebook service operated by Yahoo Japan and ebook initiative Japan, there are many kinds of ebooks available, and the speed of updates is faster than other sites. Moreover, various events are held frequently, making it the most profitable site for those who are interested. First time users who log in for the first time will receive a 50% discount coupon that can be used up to 6 times. And every Wednesday, the bonus comics are available at half price for volume one! And if you pay with PayPay, you get points too.

Too many to mention, this is a great all-you-can-read comics site!

Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom is a free, all-you-can-read manga site. It has over 60,000 comics, of which over 3,000 are free. Like ebookjapan, it has been uploading manga and other ebooks continuously for 15 years, so there is little chance of sudden closure. After logging in, we will also send you up to 50% discount every day.

Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga is an official website where you can view manga for free. ameba manga currently has over 400,000 manga available, and it is great to be able to read over 4,000 of them for free. As a first-time login bonus, you can get 40% off up to 100 manga! Ameba has 30,000 serials with one story updated daily, so it could be a good alternative to Manga Gohan as well.

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