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What is the current status of MangaPlay! Closed down? A comprehensive explanation of illegal manga sites

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Published on Sep 19, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
Until recently, MangaPlay was a popular manga site. However, restrictions have become stricter and it is now closed. In this article, we will introduce the current status of Manga-play and its replacement sites, so you can choose the most cost-effective site.

Recently, more and more people are using Manga-play to read manga, but on the other hand, there are many who have questions about what this site is all about. Many people still do not know what MangaPlay is all about. However, restrictions have become stricter and it has now been closed. In this article, we will introduce the current status of Manga-play and a list of alternative sites, so you can choose the most cost-effective site!

What is the current status of Manga-play?

Recently, more and more people are using Manga-play to read manga, but on the other hand, there are many who have questions about what this site is. There are still many people who do not know what Manga-play is all about. However, restrictions are getting stricter and it is now closed. In this article, we will introduce the current status of Manga-play and a list of alternative sites, so you can choose the most cost-effective site.

As the name suggests, Manga-play is a site for reading manga. Manga-play is an illegal manga site where you can read manga uploaded illegally. There are many other manga sites similar to manga play, including the closed Manga Village. Manga-play is the successor site to MangaBANK, which has gradually changed since MangaBANK closed down in November 2021. The names keep changing, but the design of the pages are all almost the same. The background is blank, but you can find the manga you want to read by directly searching for it by the title of the work.

Unfortunately, however, all manga sites, including Manga-play, have been closed until June 2022. Right now, there is still no successor site out there.

Additional information about Manga-play [September 2022].

As of now, Manga-play (manga-play) seems to be back. You can find Manga-play's new site page by typing in your browser with a keyboard such as [Manga-play (manga-play)].

Manga-play's current URL:

Compared to the original version, the Manga-play page does not look much different, with the same plain white background as before. In terms of operation, you can find the manga you want to read by directly searching for it by title.

Why did Manga-play close?

Many people are probably wondering why so many manga sites have suddenly shut down, and here are the two main reasons.

Shueisha has requested disclosure of the operator's information.

It would have been possible for a site like Manga-play to continue to exist without closing down. However, major publishers such as Shueisha demanded that the operator's information be disclosed. To avoid being sued, Manga-play and other manga sites were closed down before that time.

Cloudflare, a major IT company, is being sued.

Another reason is that Cloudflare, a major IT company, was sued by a major publisher. cloudflare accounted for about 90% of the data on the offending manga sites. Now, the company is being sued by a variety of parties, including major publishers and manga artists!

Dangers and Risks of Manga-play

There are many dangers in using illegal manga sites like manga play (manga play) nowadays. Below we will discuss the dangers and risks of unauthorized manga downloads from Manga-play.

Users may be arrested and fined.

Not only the operator of the illegal site, but also the user may be arrested. the Copyright Law was revised in January 2021, and the user will be punished as well.

Article 113, Paragraph 3 of the Copyright Act provides that a person who downloads copyrighted works continuously or repeatedly, knowing that the works have been illegally downloaded, may be imprisoned for not more than two years or fined not more than 2,000,000 yen, or both.

It appears that even private use may be a crime.

Illegal sites are at risk of leaking personal information.

Illegal sites such as Manga-play basically do not take user privacy into consideration, and there is a risk of leakage of personal information and virus infection.

There is no denying the possibility that personal information may be extracted or infected with viruses or other malware through the use of Manga-play.

So far, we have not been able to confirm that there have actually been any such reports.

However, we believe that it is generally accepted that using illegal sites is itself dangerous.

It could lead to the decline of the comic book industry.

If more people choose to read manga for free on illegal manga sites, manga will sell less and the profitability of the manga industry will decline.

Many cartoonists and publishers profit from the sale of their works.

However, if the number of users of illegal manga sites like Manga-play increases and this leads to a decrease in manga sales, it could lead to the decline of the manga industry.

Personally, I don't think these sites should be used, not only because they are dangerous, but also for the sake of the manga industry.

Manga-play (manga-play) Alternative Illegal Manga Sites

Illegal manga sites

Status (Mangabanku)

Available (Mangabanku)


Manga Raw


Manga gohan


New Manga Village


MangaToro (formerly MangaSum)


LoveHug (formerly LoveHeaven)



Alternative sites to Manga-play (manga play) [Legitimate sites

Here are 5 sites where you can read manga as a successor of Manga-play. Please see below.

Comic Seymour

BOOK WALKER unlimited reading

BookWalker unlimited reading



Comic Seymour Unlimited Reading

Seymour Unlimited is the unlimited reading course of Comic Se ymour. There are two types of unlimited reading courses. One is "Full" for 1,480 yen/month, which allows you to read more than 99,000 works, covering all categories. The other is "Lite," which costs 789 yen/month and allows users to read over 40,000 manga (excluding BL and TL), practical books, magazines, and photo collections. The first 7 days are free, so users who are not sure what to choose can try it out first!

BOOK☆WALKER unlimited reading

BOOK☆WALKER All-you-can-read offers unlimited access to more than 20,000 manga and magazines, and more than 10,000 paperbacks and novels. The service is available for 836 yen per month and can be paid by credit card, carrier payment, or e-money.

One charm is the very long free trial period: you can use the service for one month free of charge and choose the plan that is right for you. The all-you-can-read plan is also divided into comic books and magazines, as well as paperbacks and novels, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Unlimited Book Reading

Book Unlimited is most recommended as a cost-effective comic reading software and a successor site to Manga Play.

For 550 yen per month, you can easily read more than 40,000 comics and 700 magazines. Compared to Comic Seymour unlimited reading and BOOK☆WALKER unlimited reading, the price is much cheaper.

However, compared to the former two, Book Unlimited may be more suitable for those who read manga frequently. Also, there is a one-month free trial period, so it seems like a good idea to try it out first.

== ==


U-NEXT is a streaming service launched in Japan in 2009. U-NEXT strives to improve the video viewing experience and aims to become the leading online video service in Japan. It offers users a wide range of content including anime, drama, entertainment, and movies. Free trial for the first 31 days, 2,189 yen/month thereafter (tax included). Currently, users can read more than 220,000 anime titles and over 150 magazines.

In addition, when you purchase manga, you will receive 600 yen worth of points. You can also read the latest issue for free with points, and if you cancel during the free period, it will be completely free, so we hope you will give it a good try.


ebook Japan is an e-book site with over 800,000 titles. It is comic-centric and focuses on rental and purchase services.

ebook Japan is an ebook service jointly operated by Yahoo Japan and ebook Initiative Japan. Events are held frequently and are very profitable if you keep an eye out for them.

The first time you log in, you will receive a 50% discount coupon that can be used up to 6 times. Every Wednesday, a volume of comics is half off! You'll even get points if you pay with PayPay.

Too many to mention, this is a great all-you-can-read manga site!

To download streaming content


The hit manga "Censorman," which recently sold 5 million copies in total, will be adapted into an anime series, with the fastest streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 25:00, and on ABEMA and other distribution platforms on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 25:00. The latest episode will be available for free.

Of these, the latest episodes will be available for free on streaming distribution services such as ABEMA, GYAO!

If you can download new anime from streaming services and watch them offline, we recommend the KeepStreams downloader.

Compatible with all of the streaming services that deliver "Chainsaw Man" above , KeepStreams Downloader allows you to save the video in the highest quality and transfer it between each device in MP4 format for viewing.

No lie. If you want to download streaming subscription videos, try KeepStreams Downloader.

The specific instructions for using KeepStreams Downloader are

How to remove DRM and download videos from Amazon Prime Video?

How to screen record AbemaTV videos offline?

How to download GYAO! videos (PC and Smartphone) thoroughly explained!

How to download videos from Nico Nico Nico (also free) in detail!

About "Netto mo Teletext"! Thorough explanation of how to download videos!



In this article, we have introduced some illegal manga sites, including Manga-play. Unfortunately, the number of such illegal manga sites seems to be decreasing in the future. But recently, there are many cheap sites where you can read various kinds of manga, and it is a good harvest if you try them out, so please give them a try!

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