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What's going on with mangazip! Closed down, a comprehensive explanation of pirated manga sites like mangazip!

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Updated on Nov 04, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This section explains what kind of site mangazip is and whether it is available. And we will explain the security issues that many people are concerned about. We will also introduce an alternative site to mangazip, as we know many people are looking for an alternative to mangazip.

Many users were puzzled the other day when the information that "mangazip was closed" circulated on the Internet. Also, there were many who had heard of the name but had never used the site and wondered if it was safe to start using it.

So today, we will explain what kind of site mangazip is and whether it is available. We will also explain the security issues that many people are concerned about. We also know that many people are looking for an alternative site to mangazip, so we will introduce this site as well.

What is the current status of mangazip! Has it closed down?

As the name suggests, mangazip is a site where you can download compressed versions of manga. Mangazip was marketed as a "manga village replacement," and since the manga village was shut down, it has attracted a lot of traffic, and there are two official mangazip sites: and

mangazip contains a large number of manga, and you can easily search for the manga you want by category. There are adult, adventure, comedy doujinshi, drama, sex, fantasy, mystery, psychology, romance, school life, science fiction, seinen, and more. Of course, you can also search directly by entering the name of the manga.

When you find a comic you like on mangazip, a download link will appear on the comic's detail page. Downloading comics is not easy, however, as mangazip is riddled with pop-up ads. In addition, all comics on mangazip are pirated, so there is a risk of virus infection and other risks!

How to use mangazip?

We do not recommend mangazip because it is an illegal manga distribution site, has a high risk of virus infection, and has a history of illegal downloads.

However, some people really want to know how to use it, so this section explains how to use it with images.

There are three basic steps to using mangazip.

STEP1Let's look for manga!

First, access mangazip and enter the name or keyword of the manga you wish to read in the search box in the center or upper right corner of the screen. The search box is in Japanese, so please type in Japanese. Of course, you can also search for the type of manga from the categories above.

STEP2Click the ring and download the manga!

Once you have decided on the manga you want to view, select and click on the downloader under that manga. There are several download options, but it doesn't matter which one you choose, as it is the name of the uploader you want to download.

You can pay for a faster "premium download," but none of the uploaders are particularly well-known, so the "free download" is sufficient.

STEP3 Unzip the file.

The downloaded file is compressed in "zip" or "rar" format and must be decompressed.

On Windows, only the zip format can be extracted by default.

If you wish to decompress files other than zip format, please download "7zip" or "WinRAR".

Once unzipped, the data can be used as "png" or "jpg" image files in ComicScan.

Causes why you should not use mangazip

There is a risk of viruses that can infect you simply by accessing the Web site.

Now, when you click on most websites, you run the risk of getting a virus. Or, if you download an app and navigate from the app to a website, you will see an advertisement or video inviting you to download a VPN with unknown functionality.

Please be aware that if you easily use illegal websites to read manga for free, your computer, smartphone, or other device may be infected with a virus and damaged.

Downloading is illegal, and it is recommended that you do not do so.

Downloading illegal publications such as comics is subject to criminal penalties.

Many people wonder if downloading is illegal. It is illegal to download comics and other works knowing that they are pirated copies published on the Internet, even for personal enjoyment. It may also be subject to criminal penalties.

The penalty for illegal downloading is "imprisonment for not more than two years or a fine of not more than 2 million yen (both punishable concurrently). Some people may think "downloading is unnecessary," but there may be sites that cannot be viewed without downloading or are downloaded without your knowledge. As a countermeasure, you can use official applications to enjoy comics inexpensively without fear of being exposed.

Risk of Arrest, Exposure, and Lawsuits Resulting from Use of mangazip (manga-zip)

The risks of mangazip (manga-zip) are not limited to the effects of the virus on your device. There is also the risk of being exposed to viewing mangazip and, in the worst case, being arrested and prosecuted.

The reason for this is that pressing the download button constitutes a violation of copyright law. While users are not immediately arrested for confirmed violations, recent seizures and seizures of user information from services with overseas servers make it easy to identify those who download from the service.

Even if no downloads occur, streams can still be detected. This is because watching a streaming video does not necessarily mean that a download has not occurred.

mangazip (manga-zip) alternative illegal manga sites

Illegal Manga Sites

Status (Mangabanku)

Available (Mangabanku)


Manga Raw


Manga gohan


New Manga Village


MangaToro (formerly MangaSum)


LoveHug (formerly LoveHeaven)


Alternative site for mangazip (mangazip) [legitimate site].

Book Unlimited

Book Unlimited is the most recommended manga site with the best cost performance.

For 550 yen per month, you can easily read more than 40,000 manga and 700 magazines. Compared to Manga Seymour unlimited reading and BOOK☆WALKER unlimited reading, the price is considerably cheaper. BOOK UNLIMITED may be suitable for people who read manga on a regular basis. There is a one-month free trial period, so it is a good idea to try it first.


U-NEXT is a streaming service that launched in Japan in 2009 and strives to improve the video viewing experience. It offers users a wide range of content, including anime, drama, entertainment, and movies. The first 31 days are free, after which users can try the service for 2,189 yen per month (tax included). Currently, users can read over 220,000 anime and more than 150 magazines.

When you buy manga, you also receive 600 yen worth of credits. You can also use your credits to read the latest issue for free, and if you cancel during the free period, it will be completely free.

ebook Japan

ebook Japan is an ebook site with over 800,000 titles. It is an ebook service operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation and ebook Initiative Japan Inc. Events are held frequently and are quite affordable.

When you log in for the first time, you will receive a 50% discount coupon that can be used up to 6 times. Every Wednesday, a volume of manga is half price, and if you pay with PayPay, you can get extra points.

Want to download dramas, shows, movies, and anime distributed by U-NEXT?

U-NEXT is well known as a video delivery service that delivers the largest number of movies in Japan. U-NEXT also offers H-NEXT, a service specializing in adult content.

From past classics to lineup titles, U-NEXT offers a wide variety of genres of content, including dramas, variety shows, movies, and animations.

After downloading videos from U-NEXT, we recommend KeepStreams Downloader - a software that allows you to save videos in MP4 format.

KeepStreams Download er is a PC-based program that supports Windows and MAC, and allows you to download U-NEXT videos in up to full HD quality! Save downloaded videos in MP4 format! Save downloaded videos in MP4 format and easily convert them to other devices. Download KeepStreams "Free Download" now and you can download up to 3 videos with unlimited time and quality.


In this article, we have discussed illegal comic sites including mangazip (manga-zip). Unfortunately, such illegal comic sites are expected to decrease in the future. Nowadays, there are sites where you can read various comic books at low prices, and there are some great benefits to trying them out.

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