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MangaOwl Shuts Down: What Are the Best Alternatives for Manga Fans?

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Published on Jan 17, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you want to enjoy manga series but cannot because MangaOwl is down? Then this guide will provide you with a solution in the form of alternative websites to keep up with the latest anime.

MangaOwl is Japan's top digital manga portal. With more than 5000 manga comics, it is the world's most extensive collection of legal and free manga. This website features every new or old manga comic that has ever been published.

Manga Owl used to be the best Japanese comic website, but now the official website has shut down and is inaccessible. Are you tired of reading long comics on different websites that do not even hold complete series? We have enlisted some best MangaOwl alternatives. Through these websites, you can continue your comic reading journey, but let's first understand why mangaowls net is famous.

What Is MangaOwl?

MangaOwl is an excellent source for manga lovers to level up their experience and convenience. This website holds an extensive and comprehensive catalog of manga series, volumes, and detailed information on every title.

OwlManga allows you to search the website by genre, rating, or publisher to make it easy to find the perfect series for your reading and enjoying your leisure time.

Is MangaOwl Legal?

All the websites offering scan copies, and pirated versions, are illegal. MangaOwl also provides scan copies of manga series, which violates the rights of the owner and company. Therefore, it is better to give up on enjoying something illegal.

Instead of MangaOwls, you can visit MangaOwls alternative websites such as Crunchyroll. It is a versatile site that offers a series for reading and watching. If you love to watch anime, you will love this website.

Why Is MangaOwl Going Down?

MangaOwl offers scan copies of original manga content and offers users free access to the content. This sort of content is pirated form which violates the laws and rights of ownership. Moreover, it is against the intellectual property rights of the original creators. This is the main reason why MangaOwl has taken down and has stopped offering its services.

Many other websites are also going down due to pirated content. If you want to explore more, you can go through manga sites like MangaZip.

What Are the Best Alternatives for MangaOwl Fans?

Do not be disheartened due to MangaOwl's disappearance. You can continue enjoying your favorite series using other sites. Here are the best alternatives or sites to enjoy free manga content:


Comixology is a complimentary cloud-based digital comics site. It is available to use on iOS, Android, and websites. You can browse, read and buy comics online through this website. It can surely tailor your search preferences to the source of the genre you prefer.

Above all, Comixology is available in the application form for quick access. Due to distinct features, it has managed to maintain a huge viewership. It allows you to read all manga comics in English, making it the best alternative to MangaOwl.

VIZ Media

VIZ Media is a free application with some in-app purchases. It is free for Android and iOS devices, but you may need to purchase a membership to enjoy manga with PC variations. This application holds not only manga but also a comprehensive library of Japanese anime and stories. You can access the world of anime in a single application.

Moreover, the users are facilitated to search for their desired manga utilizing its titles as manga keywords. You can get all these anime and manga into English. For anime lovers and e-readers, VIZ Media is the best alternative to MangaOwl.


No one can overlook MangaFreak as the best Owl Manga alternative. It has a wide range of high-quality manga scans available across different genres. This is the best alternative, as it looks pretty simple without much overstuffing on a single page.

Anyhow, many users suggest they can improve in terms of ads optimization as there is lots of overlapping. The best thing about MangaFreak is its history section, which stores the record. So if you want to look back on your activity, you can.


In case you have not learned the name of Crunchyroll, you may be missing out on a lot of interesting points. This is free to download and install, which also offers premium registration. You can purchase subscriptions to avoid ads and skip waiting for the latest additions. Crunchyroll is not just an excellent MangaOwl alternative, but this is the area where you can check the latest mangas published in Japan.


This is another well-known manga site that you can try to level up and secure your manga experience. WebComics offer massive storage of manga and comic collections from around the world. Apart from manga, you can access a huge variety and genres of anime through WebComics. Here usually, you can find manga of all categories and languages, so you do not need to fret over the disappearing Manga Owl; WebComics is here for your services.

If you are looking for more alternate websites, you can check free erotic manga sites like dougle.

What Is the Best Anime Downloader?

To avoid buffering, ads, and the inconvenience of slow internet, you can consider KeepStreams Video Downloader. It is one of the easiest-to-use downloaders, which requires a few clicks and seconds to make your video and scans available for offline watching.

Features of KeepStreams

Here are some notable features of KeepStreams, making it the best video downloader:

High-Quality Videos

Quality is the most common problem faced by many people. KeepStreams ensures not to bother users with audio and video quality problems. So whatever you download, it will save into your device in high quality.

Batch Download

Anime series, especially manga series, is too extensive and cover a huge space on the computer. Similarly, it will take a long time to download. With the help of KeepStreams, you can make a queue to let multiple videos download at a time. It will take a few minutes according to the length of your queue and will be available for offline watch in a while.

High-End Technology

This platform has advanced technology that enables users to download anime with restrictions and limits.

Automatic Removal

The manga website usually focuses on getting maximum clicks on ads, so you can expect to see different irritating and sometimes offending ads while watching or reading anime. When you download the anime with the help of KeepStreams, it will filter your content and let you enjoy your show without buffering and ads.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Videos

Due to the simple and interactive interface, all you need to follow is these simple steps:

  1. Download and install KeepStreams through the official website.
  2. Now open the software and navigate to the streaming services section.
  3. Select your preferred streaming service and log in to your account by adding credentials such as username and password.
  4. Search for the video you want to download and set other options.
  5. Now hit the Download Now button to complete the process.

Final Verdict

MangaOwl net is one of the best, easy to use, and most secure websites to enjoy manga series. However, it was used to offer pirated versions, which led to its downfall. However, you can still enjoy manga series on alternate websites and save them for an offline watch with KeepStreams video downloader. It is the best complementary website to ensure the safety of devices and high-quality leisure time with ads-free anime.

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Jessie Smith
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