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What's the current status of mn4u (manga4u)! Did it close down, and a summary explanation of the successor legitimate site in place of mn4u?

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Updated on Jan 25, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Has mn4u (manga4u) ever been still in operation? This article will summarize the current status of mn4u (manga4u) and the successor legitimate sites in place of mn4u.

What is the current status of mn4u (manga4u)? I want to know this!

Can you tell me about the successor site to mn4u (manga4u)?

Since it has been revived as the successor site of RawQV, mn4u (manga4u) has gathered a lot of popularity recently. But is mn4u (manga4u) still in operation until now? In response to this, this article will summarize the current status of mn4u (manga4u) and the successor legitimate sites to replace mn4u.

What is the current status of mn4u (manga4u)! What on earth is the original site?

In conclusion, mn4u (manga4u) is one of the few remaining operating illegal manga sites that continue to update their manga without permission until now.

mn4u (manga4u) was originally a manga site operating under the name "RawQV", but due to the lack of success, it changed its name to "mangahato", then to "KissAway", and now further to "mn4u (manga4u)" and continues to operate. You have been operating it as hard as you can!

On the other hand, after "KissAway", not only "mn4u (manga4u)" but also "KLManga", an illegal manga site, is still in operation as a successor site of the same period.

Summary of 5 safe manga sites that have replaced mn4u (manga4u)


U-NEXT is a recommended alternative to mn4u (manga4u).

Unlike mn4u (manga4u), U-NEXT is not an illegal site and has obtained both the ABJ and L marks. Not only manga, but also anime, dramas, and movies can be legally viewed for free.

U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial, allowing you to freely evaluate the service.

Want to download U-NEXT movies to your PC? Check out our guide on how to successfully download them!

If you continue to use the service after the trial period, you will receive 1,200 points every month. In addition, U-NEXT will give you up to 40% of your points back when you purchase manga.

There is a wide variety of BL manga, and you can also subscribe to notable titles such as "Unfinished Puzzle".

FOD Premium

おすすめのVOD「FODプレミアム」を詳細解説!月9名作から最新のフジテレビドラマまでを配信。テレビ見逃し配信もまとめて見られる| LAGRANGE  BLOG

FOD Premium, operated by Fuji Television Network, is a site that can be proposed as an alternative to mn4u (manga4u).

Since this site is not illegal like mn4u (manga4u), you can watch Fuji TV show videos for free and read manga for free.

If you want to download FOD Premium videos, we thoroughly explain FOD's download function! Includes software that allows you to save rental movies that are good enough to be recommended! Check it out at !

FOD Premium has obtained the ABJ Mark and the L Mark and is a member of JASRAC.

FOD Premium also offers a 2-week free trial.

During the trial period, you can watch and read as many eligible videos and manga as you want for free.

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour is a suitable alternative to mn4u (manga4u). Unlike mn4u (manga4u), Comic Seymour is a legal site.

Comic Seymour offers more than 900,000 e-books in compliance with copyright regulations.

If you want to continue reading manga and support manga artists, you can read manga on e-book sites with the ABJ logo, such as Comic Seymour.


Another excellent alternative to mn4u (manga4u) is ebookjapan.

ebookjapan has one of the largest selections of manga in the world, with over 200,000 pages of manga available for unlimited reading.

At ebookjapan, you can participate in the "All Volume Drawing" once daily to win a full volume of manga and coupons.

In addition, when you register as a new user, you will receive 6 coupons for 50% off.

In addition, the ABJ logo will be displayed so that you can legally read manga at a discount.

Manga Kingdom

When mn4u (manga4u) was rumored to be shutting down, Manga Kingdom attracted attention as a potential successor.

Unlike mn4u (manga4u), Manga Kingdom is a legitimate e-book site with the ABJ mark.

While it is a legitimate site, it offers a number of services that allow users to read manga at low prices.

In addition, Manga Kingdom offers more than 3,000 manga novels for free.

Some new releases, TV dramas, and anime adaptations are also available for free, so check back for the latest information.

Using illegal manga sites like mn4u (manga4u) is dangerous!

Risks of using mn4u (manga4u): 1) Possible arrest

mn4u (manga4u) was created from a website called RawQV.

There have been numerous transitions between RawQV and mn4u (manga4u). Its predecessor, RawQV, was sued by the publisher and nearly shut down.

Today, mn4u (manga4u) is still in operation, but it could be shut down whenever the publisher asks for confirmation of the operator's identity or further action is taken.

In addition to the site being shut down, users may also be subject to investigation if the operator is criminally charged.

Reading manga on the unauthorized website "mn4u (manga4u)" is against the law and may result in the arrest of the person reading the manga if an interrogation is conducted.

Risk of using "mn4u (manga4u)" (2) Damage to manga artists

If more individuals read manga on unauthorized sites such as mn4u (manga4u), the income of manga artists will decrease.

People who would normally purchase manga will end up reading manga for free.

In the case of Manga Mura, which was the origin of the illegal website problem, the overall loss for authors and copyright holders is estimated to be 300 billion yen.

Reading manga for free on unauthorized sites such as mn4u (manga4u) is the same as forcing manga artists to work for free.

Risk of using mn4u (manga4u) (3) Extraction of personal information

One of the most concerning risks of using illegal sites like mn4u (manga4u) is the leakage of personal information.

Some Internet users claim that after accessing illegal sites, they received unsolicited e-mails or other messages that they did not remember sending.

Needless to say, it is important not to register as a member of an illegal site, but browsing is equally dangerous. Never access illegal sites.

Illegal sites are criminal sites and there is no guarantee that users will be safe.

mn4u's 3 best legal apps to replace and succeed mn4u

Manga BANG

Manga BANG, an alternative to mn4u (manga4u), is the official manga application of Amazia Inc.

With over 25 million downloads and ranked #1 in the AppStore's book category, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Manga BANG offers more than 1,000 free manga titles in a variety of genres.

  • It is a manga app with more than 25 million downloads.
  • Strong in Seinen, Champion, and Magazine magazines.
  • You can enjoy various genres of music.
  • You can read 13 free manga stories a day.

Sunday Ueburi

Sunday Ueburi, an alternative solution application for mn4u (manga4u), is a manga application containing "Weekly Shōnen Sunday," "Gessan," and "Sunday GX" published by Shogakukan.

You can watch one episode of Sunday's popular serialized manga such as "Touch," "Detective Conan," and "Inuyasha" every day for free.

  • You can enjoy popular Sunday manga and original manga.
  • You can subscribe to Sunday magazine at a discount.
  • You can purchase comics (single issues).
  • Free trial reading is available.


Pixco, an alternative to mn4u (manga4u), is a novel manga software application that allows users to create, post, and view manga.

It has a manga drawing function, making it easy for anyone to create manga.

This may be the best site for those who aspire to become manga artists in the future or those who want others to evaluate their manga creations.

On the other hand, all manga distributed on pixco can be read for free.

  • Manga can be created and submitted by anyone.
  • You can read manga drawn by others for free.
  • The ranking tool makes it easy to search.


At this time (February 2023), mn4u (manga4u) is operating as a successor site after former sites such as RawQV and KissAway were closed. However, if you continue to use illegal manga sites like mn4u (manga4u) without any regard, you may face the risk of being arrested by the police, damage to manga artists, or leakage of personal information, so it would be a relief to use other legitimate manga sites.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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