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Compilation of 10 alternative Twitter ranking site "monstics" sites.

| Social Networks |
Published on Nov 26, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article introduces monstics, a Twitter video ranking site, and 10 alternative video storage sites.

Twitter allows you to save tweeted images, but does not offer the option to save videos; external sites like monstics make it easy to save Twitter videos.

In this article, we would like to introduce monstics, a Twitter video ranking site, and 10 alternative video saving sites.

What kind of site is "monstics"? What is its current status?

What is "monstics"?

It is very convenient to browse only videos, not the textual content of Twitter. The practicality is quite high because there is a possibility to find videos here that are likely to be deleted or will no longer be available for viewing on Twitter on Twitter ranking sites like "monstics.

In addition, Monstics provides URLs dedicated to erotic videos, so many people use this site as an erotic video site.

When I actually accessed the site, I did not see any virus infection warning. Although we cannot assure you that it is absolutely safe, you can feel safe just by browsing Monstics.

Current status of "monstics

 Monstics was once closed, but has moved to a new domain. Now it is available normally.

 URL of Twitter saved video ranking Monstics:

 Please note that you will see a lot of pornographic videos when you access the site.

2. Summary of 10 alternative sites to "monstics

 Monstics' website also asks users to refrain from illegal activities.

 There are many Twitter-related video storage sites like Monstics. The author has compiled a list of 10 alternatives to monstics.

1, TwiDropper

>> TwiDropper

A simple and easy-to-use web tool. It is compatible with all mobile devices (iPhone, Android, PC), can save videos in GIF format, and allows you to choose the quality of the video. The disadvantage is that it can only be used to save videos.


>> Syncer

Syncer is not a ranking site, but a tool to save your favorite videos. It is easy to function and use.

Paste the URL of the tweet you have copied and press the convert button to convert it to a URL that can be saved. You can easily save videos.


>> Awakest is another video saving tool that can save not only Twitter videos, but also YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos.

As with Syncer, enter the URL of a tweet or video, and press the "Extract" button to save the video.



SNSTOOLS is another video saving tool.

It not only supports YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, but can also download videos from Facebook and niconico. You can also adjust the size of the video file.


>> Twi-douga

Twi-douga can be used as a video saving tool, and you can also check the daily ranking of video saving.

You can view real-time, 24-hour, weekly, and monthly preservation rankings by category, so you can get early access to trending information.

Like Monstics, it also displays a large number of erotic videos, so it is usually used as an erotic site.



TWIVIDEO is often referred to as an abbreviation for Twitter Video Downloader, a free online tool.

You can literally save videos and GIF images from Twitter, but also can check ranking and new videos. There are also many erotic videos.

7、Save Video

>> Video Saving

Video Preservation KUN offers two ways to save videos.

One is to enter the URL of the tweet, as with Syncer, etc., and the site will automatically analyze and save it.

The other is to comment "@hozonV2 save it" in the reply field of a video tweet on Twitter, and a link to the save page will be sent to you.

You can also check the ranking of saved videos by time order. The site is easy to design and use and can be recommended.

8、Nikkankan Biyogirl

>>Fleshy Beauty Girl

This is a site that compiles selfie photos and selfie videos tweeted by Twitter erotica and backstage.

Videos are compiled from Twitter accounts, and rankings can be seen in various categories, such as porn star backstage ranking and "beauty" ranking.

The site is full of slutty selfies.


>> Tabtter

Tabtter is a site that summarizes Japanese trends, popular tweets, and videos in a ranking format, in the same platform format as Yahoo!

It is convenient to check the video popularity ranking.

10, Weekly Video Ranking

> Weekly Video Ranking

 This is a video ranking site that operates in the style of a weekly magazine, acquiring data such as the number of views and distribution of videos from social networking services such as Twitter and YouTube to create a highly credible ranking every week. You can check the weekly trends here at once.

Points to keep in mind when using sites like "monstics

Financial loss due to viruses

Even though you will not get a virus warning just by browsing Monstics, you still cannot be sure if there is a malware running in the background.

If a malicious program gets into your PC or mobile device, you will incur significant economic loss if your personal information stored on your mobile device or PC is stolen or if the device stops working.

No viewing of videos of child pornography, violence, etc.

Since sites like monstics are portals, it is not surprising to find any kind of video.

However, according to the law, uploading, storing, or keeping child pornography video files is a crime and will likely result in arrest by the police.

You should never watch child pornography related videos on video sites like monstics.

Like preventing the replay of the Twitter ranking Kurokawa Academy case and the South Korean N-ban room case.

 In the past, the Kurokawa Gakuen Incident and the Korea N-ban Room Incident were two cases that caused a great deal of controversy via video storage sites.

 The Kurokawa Gakuen case is a criminal case in which a group of scammers posted videos of female students changing clothes, taking sexually explicit pictures, and masturbating for the purpose of committing money fraud, and spreading the videos on video storage sites.

 Since video storage lineking sites are characterized by the fact that anyone can post the videos and the extremely large number of visitors, they are likely to be used as a tool for fraudulent activities by the fraudulent group.

 These incidents have reinforced the image of video ranking sites as dangerous.

 After all, when using video sites, always keep in mind to obey the law and prevent fraud. It is recommended to access offcial, legitimate sites rather than illegal sites.


 In this article, we introduced the Twitter video ranking site monstics and 10 alternative video storage sites.

While there is no danger in simply browsing the Twitter video ranking site monstics, you should always keep in mind to prevent fraudulent activities.

Make sure to follow the law and information security and enjoy videos on legitimate sites.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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