Netflix UK vs US: What Are the Differences Between Their Content Library?

| Published on Sep 14, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Compare Netflix UK vs US and decide on your suitable Netflix plan. You can also watch your favorite yet different TV shows and movies while switching between UK Netflix vs US Netflix.

Netflix is a widely used streaming network, catering the users from all around the world with various movies, TV shows, and other Netflix originals. It comes with different subscription packages depending upon the preferences of the users.

It currently offers thousands of movies and TV shows, but the Netflix UK vs US content/Netflix US vs UK content is slightly different for each region. If you can watch a TV show in the US, it is possible that the same TV show might not be available in the UK region. 

Here in this article, we have compiled the difference in contents of UK Netflix vs US Netflix, and how each US vs UK Netflix offers content.

Netflix UK vs Netflix US

Library Content

The amazing thing about US Netflix is that there are many titles to choose from for watching. The US Netflix has the world’s largest library and offers around 5,600 titles to be watched.

UK Netflix has video content ranging from 4,500 to 5000. It has a huge library that carries the largest number of content in the whole world. While we talk about the Netflix TV shows UK remains second compared to the US library content.

If one of the countries carries a large number of movies, that does not indicate a better Netflix streaming. Generally, it's all about the preferences of the users. Most of the comedy dramas available on UK Netflix cannot be found on US Netflix; this indicates both the countries' humor levels and preferences.

Talking about the UK vs US Netflix, the content is uploaded right away after the release in the UK, while the same content might take some time to be uploaded on the US Netflix.

Subscription Plan

Even if the content is ignored, the subscription plans for US Netflix vs UK Netflix are way different. Generally, the monthly plan of Netflix for the UK ranges from around $7.09 to $14.20. While the US Netflix costs somewhat around $8.99 to $15.99 monthly.

Video Quality

The video quality offered by the Netflix US vs UK content is the same. US Netflix vs UK Netflix offers both high-quality 4K and HDR resolution video content. It doesn't matter if the region is US vs UK Netflix. 

Why Compare Netflix UK vs Netflix US?

The comparison to Netflix US vs UK content is done, just in case you wish to switch your region to the other, using the VPN. And find the difference between Netflix UK vs US content or UK Netflix vs US Netflix.

Another reason to differ between UK Netflix and US Netflix is traveling. You might want to travel to a different region, so you will need to know all the pros and cons of US Netflix vs UK Netflix. Your business trip or family vacation might extend longer than planned, so you should know when your TV show will air in your current region.

You can also set Netflix parental controls in 2022 to save your kids from watching adult content. This can help censor the 18+ content, which should not be available for your kids to watch.

Comparing UK Netflix shows vs US is very helpful if you are planning to go on a trip. Even if you wish to sign out of Netflix on various devices, you can do so and sign in again after enabling the VPN to change your location and access the new Netflix content.

Is There Any VPN for US Netflix vs UK Netflix?

A VPN is used to change the location of your current address; VPN for UK Netflix vs US Netflix can easily change the server location of the user. This way, you can watch the content of your preferred region’s Netflix.

The VPN makes it look like you are located in another region, and the content unavailable in your region might be instantly available after using a VPN.

This can sometimes get messy because the UK Netflix vs US content varies for each region due to its copyright laws. If you don't misuse the VPN, you can access US Netflix vs UK Netflix content in your location.

What's on Netflix UK vs Netflix US?

If you like the TV shows, such as American Dad, Alais, Ben 10, Shameless, Glee, Being Human, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, My name is Earl, Miami Vice, Desperate Housewives, Psych, and Red Warf, these TV shows are available on the US Netflix.

If you like to watch shows, such as Fresh Meat, Black Books, Andromeda, Highlander, Nurse Jackie, Sponge Bob, Brotherhood, 24, Stargate, Mythbuster, The Unite or Whitechapel, then you should choose the UK version of your Netflix to see whats on Netflix UK vs US.

Talking about some of the seasons of UK Netflix shows vs US, such as Breaking Bad Season 5, they are only available on one of these two regions' Netflix.

How to Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline?

To gain the benefit of having the Netflix UK vs US content, you can also download the Netflix videos to save them for later use. This can be done while you are on vacation in either of the regions or even when you are using VPN to access more content. KeepStreams for Netflix is your ultimate solution to save Netflix videos for later use. This helps in keeping a list of your favorite Netflix UK vs UK content saved without worrying about the region change or even the internet connectivity.

Here is a list of features KeepStreams for Netflix offers.

  • Top Quality Download – You can download Netflix videos in the best quality. The downloader doesn't mess up the quality of the videos.
  • Batch Save – You can save as many Netflix movies and shows as you want. All you have to do is to select them and then click on the download button. This will instantly start batch downloading through KeepStreams.

You can also try Netflix PlayOn to record Netflix in HD. But downloading a Netflix video through KeepStreams is way easier than you think. All you need to do is to create your KeepStreams account.

  • Click to choose Netflix from the rest of the VIP services of KeepStreams.
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The main reason to compare the Netflix UK vs US content/ Netflix US vs UK content is to choose each of your favorite preferred TV shows or movie. You can also gain payment plans that are more reasonable in Netflix UK vs US. Even though the VPN serves as an easy way to switch between the US vs UK Netflix, still KeepStream Netflix downloader remains the top-notch solution to avoid any internet connectivity during your Netflix streaming or even regional differences. You can download KeepStreams Netflix videos for free, it also provides amazing features that are absolutely user-friendly and serve the users with the best Netflix offline experience.

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