Is The New Mutants on Disney Plus? Where Can You Watch It?

| Published on Apr 29, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Let’s find out if new mutants is available on Disney Plus and also learn how to download it from Disney Plus.
Is The New Mutants on Disney Plus? Where Can You Watch It?
5 Minutes Reading
Let’s find out if new mutants is available on Disney Plus and also learn how to download it from Disney Plus.

The New Mutants as a movie had the right intent. It’s the last of X-Men films that kind of wanted to take the Hollywood box office for a tailspin, but sadly it fell short of its expectations. But the X-Men kind of has a rage and a very honest fan following and that worked with ‘The New Mutants’. So, despite all of it because of its association with the X-Men franchise. It is a big box office budget movie. Nevertheless, in this piece, we will discuss How to stream ‘New Mutants’ on Disney Plus? How the show creates a unique space for itself along with the long list of shows. Is New Mutants available on Disney Plus? Let’s look at all these important queries one by one.

What Is The New Mutants About?

The ‘New Mutants’ is a show about redemption, power, piety, and greed. It takes an overhaul into the lives of five New Mutants especially, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Magik. All of them are taken into an asylum and they are advised to be kept under supervision as they are checked for the kind of powers they possess. The kind that can be a threat to humanity at large.

Who Are the Main Characters in The New Mutants?

Maisie Williams Plays the Character of Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane

Rahne is a Scottish girl and she is quite invigorating and contemplating her life. Her special powers lie when she can turn herself into a wolf and she goes behind people. The actor Maisie discussed in length with the show's director Boone her religious upbringing.

Anya Taylor Joy Plays the Character of Illyana Rasputin / Magik

Ilyana the sister of Colossus is a legend in the act of teleportation. She can cease psyches and can put people in a tailspin because she possesses extraordinary powers by looking at people’s minds.

Charlie Heaton Plays the Character of Samuel Sam Guthrie / Cannonball

Charlie is an amazing chill American guy whose greatest superpower is his ability to propel himself in the air and cast his shadow on the wall.

Alice Braga Plays the Character of Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Cecilia can augment her space whenever she wants. She can form a protective circle near her. Nobody can infringe on the circle as she keeps people off her through this vicious circle.

Blu Hunt Plays the Character of Danielle Dani Moonstar / Mirage

Danielle Moonstar is a native American and she portrays the essence of illusion and How illusions play a role in augmenting people’s beliefs. She can put fear in people's hearts and brains. She can do that in a whisker without fearing anyone.

Henry Zaga Plays the Character of Roberto

Roberto knows it all, he can manipulate solar energy and its forms easily.

What Are the X-Men Connections in The New Mutants?

The entirety of the movie is based on X-Men. All the characters are being trained by Reyes to be assassins at Essex. All the pure lead characters here have different supernatural abilities and they all have to deliver and understand their supernatural abilities. However, Dani realizes that in the protected setup they were taught to use the powers. She feared understanding How powerful she was as she could turn bad memories into reality.

The Ending of The New Mutants Explained

There is a haze on what exactly Dani could do with her powers and How confident she remains at the end. But her power projection is different. She can travel through a person’s subconscious and that can create a reality of itself.

The Essex corporation was trying to make a den of assassins and you could see How prominent Dr. Reyes liked How ruthless Magik/Ilyana became at the end. She was cursing humanity. We still have no idea where the kids head out when Dr. Reyes is done being eaten by the dream bear. They all sit and contemplate things about life.

Will There Be a Sequel to The New Mutants?

There was a plan to release a sequel of the brand ‘The New Mutants in itself. The plan as of now has been scrapped. Disney has ventured in now to take the New Mutants off of Marvel.

Is The New Mutants on Disney Plus?

The saga of the New Mutants movie has been a slippery slope. Execs liked it at first. How the movie was made, Boone and Lee quite impressed the Fox team. But then a crucial business takeover caused a 360-degree overturn. Here you see Disney taking over Fox and the producers of Disney hated the film. There was news even in 2020 about The movie being released sooner. There were fake ads for the trailer of this gigantic film. Now the film has been released in August 2020.

When Do New Mutants Come to HBO Max?

As of now in 2022, HBO Max has New Mutants in both HBO cable channels as well as its streaming service HBO Max. It’s amazing How HBO got the deal and it gets to telecast it to people. HBO is a money-making machine and the production house has an audience that the other services rarely have. They can influence a lot of people.

Where to Watch The New Mutants?

The New Mutants is almost everywhere, especially in the big 5 of the streaming space. If it’s Hulu then you can find it there. Now with Disney tie-ups, you get it both on Hulu and Disney Plus. The only exception to the list shall be Netflix. From the Big 5, even Peacock does not have ‘The New Mutants’. You get to rent the movie at a nominal price here on Amazon Prime. You can also buy DVDs off of Amazon Prime video, you get to rent them for $3.99, and for a UHD, it will cost you $19.99.

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Can You Download The New Mutant from Disney Plus?

Downloading New Mutant from Disney Plus can be easy if you have the right tool with you since it doesn’t offer direct downloading. KeepStreams for Disney Plus is a great tool that enables you to download New Mutant from Disney Plus in just few clicks. In fact, the downloader can help you download movies and shows from almost all the popular streaming platforms.

All you need to do is to download the software on your PC, then install it. Now, go to streaming services, and click Disney+. Find, New Mutant from there, and click Download Now.

That’s it! Your movie will be downloaded.

Final Words

Teenage Mutants is a fantastic take on a Teenagers space joining the X-Men. And this joining will bolster their ability to become assassins. But teenagers and their ability to decode lies and fantasy created by Essex corporation. They found out about their illegal activities. All the additional info is mentioned. Watch and have fun.

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