The current state of nhentai (nhentai)! Compilation of free erotic manga sites like nhentai!

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Is there any danger in the erotic comic site introduces several erotic sites like nhentai! We show you how to read adult comics safely. Please read to the end!
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The current state of nhentai (nhentai)! Compilation of free erotic manga sites like nhentai!
5 Minutes Reading
Is there any danger in the erotic comic site introduces several erotic sites like nhentai! We show you how to read adult comics safely. Please read to the end!

Illegal pirate erotic manga and were once closed down, but came back with a new domain name, These illegal sites have been closed, then revived, then revived, then closed again, and so on and so forth., as the name implies, is an adult comic site that deals with everything. Currently, offers more than 165,000 erotic manga and doujinshi for free.

Is there any possibility of illegal activity by browsing nHentai-able sites? We are also concerned about whether a virus is planted on the site. So, is there any danger in the erotic comic site? We will show you how to read adult comics safely. Please read to the end!

What is the current status of nHentai! Has it been closed?

First of all, let us introduce the predecessor site of nhentai (nhentai).

It is known for its wide range of genres and numerous adult comics, plus free erotic manga. It is EHentai that is used in place of the regular version of the site and is loved by numerous users.

EHentai was a well-known adult comic site and had many readers. However, it seems to have closed down during this period. So, nhentai was the next site users came to visit as a successor to EHentai.

Although the names are very similar, I wonder if nhentai intends to attract EHentai users? After all, the truth is that they are both illegal pirate erotic manga sites, although the truth is not known.

Causes why you should not use nhentai

Stealing personal information

The first risk is the risk of having your personal information leaked. some illegal sites like nhentai have a membership registration function and try to induce membership registration in this way.

Basically, membership registration on illegal sites is never recommended, but many people may register for membership if the membership registration offers benefits such as new functions or the ability to read additional paid works for free. However, there is a risk that the personal information entered will be passed on to the operators of illegal sites and that the information will be leaked in some way.

Even if you only browse illegal websites such as nhentai, the risk of personal information leakage increases further if you unexpectedly click on a pop-up ad or malicious ad banner to access an information fraud site.

Virus Infection

The next risk is the risk of virus infection, since the source of income for illegal websites such as nhentai is advertising revenue, and illegal websites rarely have healthy advertisements.

Such ads often contain viruses, and it is not uncommon for a computer to become infected with a virus after clicking on them. Even if nothing is displayed on the computer screen, there is a possibility that they may run in the background, which is why your computer or mobile device slows down.

You might be a victim of mining.

Illegal pornographic sites such as nhentai may have embedded programs that allow users to participate in mining. Mining (mining) means cooperating in the calculations required for trading securities of virtual currency. To process the huge amount of calculations, huge amounts of battery and data transmission are required.

If you are a victim of mining, you will not be able to use your smartphone, tablet, or PC normally, and your daily life will be disrupted. nhentai and other sites can be frightening, as simply using them can rob your device of battery power and cause an abnormal amount of data transmission.

Never use pirate porn sites just because you can read manga for free.

Illegal Erotic Manga instead of nhentai (nhentai)

In addition to nhentai (n hentai), there are several illegal erotic manga sites. It is better to avoid using these sites as much as possible.


Operational Status


My Erotic Books

In operation


Under operation

2D Pocket

In operation

Erotic Manga Night

In operation

Erotic Manga Everyday

Under operation

Eromanga Time

Under operation


In operation

Roku Hentai

In operation


In operation

Alternative sites to nhentai [Official sites

So, instead of nhentai (nhentai), we recommend some official sites where you can enjoy manga safely and comfortably. All of them are legitimate erotic manga with author's authorization.

Manga Yomikai!

This is one of the largest online erotic manga sites in Japan, offering more than 15,000 free manga titles for unlimited reading. Various genres are available, from romance manga to BL works, TL, adult works, and more.

There are no obtrusive advertisements and access is fast. You can read erotic manga in a shikko-style.

It is conveniently compatible with PC browsers as well as smartphones and tablets.

FANZA Books (DMM.R18)

The well-known erotic content general trading company FANZA has of course expanded its business into the manga world. 2019 marks the start of its unlimited erotic manga reading service.

With an overwhelming number of over 50000 erotic manga available for unlimited reading, you can enjoy erotic manga as much as you want. The monthly fee of 1,480 yen is a bit expensive, but if you register as a new user, you can use the service for 14 days for free; if you cancel before the 14 days, there is no fee at all. If you take advantage of this service, you can read eroman for free.

There is a large selection of complete stories and many individual books in the lineup. Furthermore, the volume is too large, with a work being updated every week...

If you want to download adult videos you have already purchased from FANZA to your PC, please check this article [ 8 ways to download videos from "FANZA"].

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour is a manga distribution site that has been steadily gaining recognition through TV commercials and other media. Since it is a site that originally distributes paid works, the overwhelmingly high quality of its works is a key point.

In addition, the number of erotic manga is very large, about 9,000 works, and new works are added at the rate of 3 to 5 works per day, so you can always encounter new masturbation. Frankly speaking, I recommend it so much that it would be strange if it were not No. 1, but this is due to my personal regret that it has fewer hardcore titles than other companies.

How to download adult videos

We would like to introduce a very easy-to-use method for porn lovers to download adult videos. We recommend KeepStreams Adult Downloader for its strong functionality.

KeepStreams Adult Downloader supports free adult sites such as Pornhub, XNXX, Xhamster, MissAV, 7MMtv, etc., as well as PPV sellers such as Fanza, H-NEXT, MGS, and

You can download and save adult videos as MP4 format in up to full HD.

Next, we recommend you to use KeepStreams Adult Downloader.

Step 1: Go to the official website of KeepStreams Adult Downloader in your browser and download KeepStreams, which is available for both Windows and MAC.

Step 2: Install KeepStreams and enter the interface screen.

Step 3: On the KeepStreams screen, enter the URL of the target site in the address bar of the built-in browser to find the video you want to download.

Step 4) Click "Ready to Download" in the upper left corner of the viewing page, and a pop-up window will appear to play the video.

Step 5) Select your desired music, quality, etc. in the window that appears, then click the "Download Now" button. Downloading will begin immediately. For batch downloads, click the "Add to Queue" button to batch download.

Step 6: Then, downloading has started. Please wait a moment as the download will be completed shortly.


In conclusion, nhentai (nhentai) is not closed now, and may continue to operate as the successor site of Ehentai. We also introduced a number of illegal erotic sites like nhentai, but these sites have various risks lurking in them, so it is better not to use them. Would it be safer if you could use other legitimate services instead?

Also, if you download adult videos, try using the KeepStreams adult downloader we introduced.

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