Nogizaka46's videos can be viewed on a variety of sites.

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Nogizaka fans, do you know where you can watch Nogizaka46 videos? This article introduces a list of websites where you can watch videos of Japan's top idol group Nogizaka46.

Nogizaka46 was created in 2012 as an official rival to AKB48, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022, with 8 singles that have sold over 1 million copies. The 30th single has recently started to be distributed. Nogizaka fans, do you know where you can watch Nogizaka46 videos? In this article, we will introduce a list of sites where you can watch videos of Japan's top idol group Nogizaka46.

Sites to watch Nogizaka46 videos (1) YouTube

YouTube has two YouTube channels officially operated by the group: "Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL" and "Nogizaka Delivering. Why create two channels? Let us explain each of them.


The "Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL" contains music videos of the title track of the 30 singles released by Nogizaka46, as well as music videos of coupling songs and personal videos of the members. In addition, while full live performances, concerts and bonus videos are not available, trailers can be seen here.

The content posted on the "Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL" occupies a large amount of space for single and album related content. The music videos released range from dance-oriented to narrative-driven and dramatic, with some of them adopting a 4:3 video presentation, as the director wanted to "concentrate on the emotions of the members on the screen. The channel also posts highlights of live performances broadcast since the new Corona, allowing viewers to enjoy "Nogizaka in Lividity.

Nogizaka is now streaming

Another channel, "Nogizaka Distribution", features variety shows and short videos of Nogizaka46, as well as the latest information on the 5th term students of Nogizaka46.

In "Nogizaka Distribution", you can enjoy the variety of Nogizaka. The "Nogizaka Streaming" channel features a wide variety of programs including "Nogizaka Kenkenchu," "Nogizaka46 Hour TV," "REI ENGLISH! and "REI ENGLISH! or "Nogizaka Game Jikkyo" where you can watch videos of Nogizaka46 members playing games among themselves. In the "Nogizaka Delivering" section, you can enjoy "Nogizaka46 in Daily Life".

Nogizaka46 Hour TV," a 46-hour live broadcast held in February 2022, includes archived 10-minute personal projects of each member. Each member is working on something they would like to try or challenge themselves, and they are taking on projects that are rich in individuality. For example, they are challenged to complete the tap dance of the Netflix hit movie "Asakusa Kid" and to play the guitar.

Nogizaka46 Video Viewing Site (2) Nogizaka Video

Nogi-Doga is a subscription video service where Nogizaka46 G.K. is offering Nogizaka46 videos for a fee starting Sunday, June 21, 2020, at 9:00 p.m. Nogi-Doga is a video distribution service that distributes Nogizaka46's past live performances, stage performances, CD bonus videos, and live performances that have been made into videos for the first time. You can also find valuable videos that are not available on other sites exclusively on Nogizaka Video.

Contents exclusively distributed by Nogi Video

Live concert

  • Midsummer National Tour
  • Under Live
  • Live by term
  • Omiseki-kai
  • Graduation Concert
  • Commemorative live for release

Variety Programs

  • Nogizaka Roman
  • Nogizaka 46 Hour TV

Monthly fee for Nogi Video is 1,200 yen (tax included)

Some people feel that the monthly fee for Nogizaka Video is cheap, while others feel that it is expensive.

Compared to other popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, some people think that 1,200 yen is a bit expensive.

However, since NogizakaNogizaka Video is the official service of Nogizaka46, it may be a good deal for Nogizaka fans because of its exclusive distribution.

Nogizaka46 Videos (3) Nogizaka46 Videos N46V

Nogizaka46 Videos N46V" is a video site that compiles Nogizaka46 videos posted on other sites (e.g. YouTube), so we can say that it is an information site about Nogizaka46 rather than a video site about Nogizaka46.

Videos posted on "Nogizaka46 Videos N46V" are posted on this site using a sharing technology called iframe. In fact, none of the videos uploaded from the operator of this site.

The videos you can see on "Nogizaka46 Videos N46V" are almost the same as the Nogizaka46 videos distributed on YouTube. You can see "Nogizaka Distribution", "Nogizaka Kenkenchu" music videos, etc. However, it is an advantage of "Nogizaka46 Videos N46V" to post the videos in chronological order. It is easy to find the programs in which Nogizaka46 has appeared in the past.

How to download Nogizaka46 Videos

Now, above are the websites where you can watch Nogizaka46 videos: "Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL" and "Nogizaka Distribution" on YouTube, enjoy free contents on "Nogizaka46 no Video N46V", and watch full live and concert performances on the paid subscription service "Nogi Video". Nogizaka46 Videos," and "Nogizaka46 Videos" for free. However, to watch Nogizaka46 videos on these sites, you must be connected to the Internet. What if you want to watch offline? Here we introduce KeepStreams, a software to download Nogizaka46 videos.

Recommendations for KeepStreams

1. Download movies, shows, and live performances from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and other OTT services, including Nogi videos.

2. Download Nogizaka46 videos in up to 1080p quality.

3. Downloaded videos are in MP4 format and can be viewed on a variety of devices.

How to enjoy Nogizaka46 videos on the big screen of your TV using KeepStreams

1. Go to the official website Download KeepStreams from the official website.

2. Follow the installation guide and open KeepStreams Open the "NiziU" menu.

3. Enter the url of the Nogizaka46 video you wish to download in the address bar on the homepage.

4. Play the video and click "DRE M3U8" in the upper left corner of the playback page.

5. Then you will enter the download page. After selecting video, audio and subtitle, click "Download Now".

6. The video will start downloading. The downloaded Nogizaka46 videos can be watched offline.

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