Explore Alternatives to OnlyFinder: A Guide to OnlyFans Search Tools

| Published on Feb 23, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
OnlyFinder is the best way to find users on OnlyFans. We give out a list of the best alternatives to OnlyFinder in this article.
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Explore Alternatives to OnlyFinder: A Guide to OnlyFans Search Tools
5 Minutes Reading
OnlyFinder is the best way to find users on OnlyFans. We give out a list of the best alternatives to OnlyFinder in this article.

OnlyFans has shot rapidly to fame in the pandemic. From its murky beginnings, being a peaceful option during the tumultuous pandemic, OnlyFans has actually come a long way. It was started by a group of elites who wanted to update everyday happenings of their life to their fans, but instead, it became vogue and everyone sought skills and one who can manage, managed to gain a cult following.

You cannot search randomly on OnlyFans as the search function has been disabled. Instead, you need to put the link in the address bar of the account you want to access to avail services of any creator.

OnlyFinder is a very famous tool that assists discovery of OnlyFans' accounts. But along with that lies other tools too. In this article, we will deal with the other tools that you can use easily which help you to search for some pertinent OnlyFans profiles without link access.

Do remember however that many times the link to any particular creator’s online profile is often linked in the bio, people can look for the bio section to see the link.

How to Search on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans respect every person’s privacy, especially the privacy of the creator community who are part of the web platform. It's hard to find them just through a random search to access data from someone; you need to know the webpage link where they host their services.

OnlyFinder is the defacto search tool that helps users find OnlyFans accounts based on location among other things. There is a whole sorting list that any user can manipulate to get the OnlyFans user according to their liking.

Can You Download OnlyFans Videos?

Yes, you can now download OnlyFans videos using KeepStreams without any hassles. Just a few clicks and you are done.

What happens is, on OnlyFans, you subscribe to a user, and can enjoy his/her content. But, when the subscription ends, you won’t be able to access those content. Thus, it is a better idea to download a few shows or videos which really make your mood and excite you.

For that, KeepStreams can help you. You can use it while you have subscribed to a user on OnlyFans. Download KeepStreams, and open OnlyFans within the software’s integrated browser, and whatever the video will play there, you will get the option to download that.

Top OnlyFinder Alternatives to Assist OnlyFans Search


Reddit has become your go-to discussion platform about complex issues. Group subreddits are always there to assist you in keeping up with a topic that is gaining momentum and heat quite a side by side. Only Fans content creators often share their links and bios, and inform people about their presence on the platform. Fan groups in Reddit and subreddits involved with creator names gain a lot of traction and traffic from the platform. Here, you can come to know about a creator and their email address without having to go through much trouble.


Ranking-Fans is another great OnlyFans search tool that is very impressive. Do you know the name of the creator that you are looking for? If you know, then you just need to visit the website of Ranking-Fans. Through the name, like, subscription price, and post count, you can search for your favorite creator. The list also subscribes to both ascending and descending values of arrangement. You can search for most of the accounts there.

Want to read something different than this? Check these:


FansMetric is another amazing platform that has a total of 20 million OnlyFans account details. Interested persons can easily sort the entire data by their location, date, subscription price, etc. You can also access all the required data in a few clicks. A more detailed pointer on its features is:

  • It offers searches based on gender, cost, and available users in your area.
  • It has a specialized search operation where you can shed out details on your housing information.
  • It offers a free trial as well. You can easily go to their webpage and see for yourself how effective this cross-platform search tool is and works.
  • Simply key in the name of the creator and then run a search, you can also find accounts in easy ways like that.

You need to create a free account on FansMetric and it can be achieved without much hindrance. After the account has been created, you can access the platform as per your liking.

Top Creators

Top Creators is another platform that is very easy to access and acts as a subsidiary between the creator and its audience. Yes, OnlyFans act as an independent service but even creators would require some marketing exposure, an advertorial plan to promote their product, and Top Creators guide these budding talents.

Top Creators provides a source of charge-free advertising services to the said website and access the benefits of it. While the consumer also gets to access the OnlyFans account details quite easily and watch their favorite creator.

Beyond that, there is a sense of trust in Top Creators because it is run by a good brand of advertisement experts who know public relations and market quite to be helping the creators far beyond their scope.


Up until now, we have only known that the access of details is able to get through during verification done by any platform that has to go through some amount of credential information. But OnlySearch allows profile and account access of your favorite creators through even their bios.

If you can remember the bio of an account, you can actually type it in the search bar and the reported results by the search feature will show you what you want. Apart from that, the usual search feature through names, pricing, locations, and photos can also be done easily through OnlySearch. You can add your own OnlyFans account and search at your convenience.

Social Media Girls

Social Media Girls, as the name suggests, only cater to the female audience of social media space. It has pages on OnlyFans creators and discussions on the new sort of buzz topic in social media. There are more conversation channels to opt for. It also has better fans forums and chat groups where earlier in our school we used to fight amongst ourselves about whether something said was hurtful. But people willing to watch sensual, girls-oriented content can easily go to Social Media Girls' platforms and see for themselves the place and war it out on its chatrooms.


1. What is OnlyFans used for?

OnlyFans created in 2016 is a multi-streamer and one-time accessible platform where licensed and important professionals offer a service according to the payment process that takes place during a shorter time span.

2. Which gender uses OnlyFans more?

The number of OnlyFans users and creators is disproportionately more in favor of women. The success rate is also low among men which is just 30%. Females succeed at 61%. As far as viewing content is considered, if I am a viewer then the photo is beautiful.

3. What are OnlyFans’ services?

In OnlyFans, you can share audio, video, photo, and update without any hassle. You can use the platform easily to entertain and spare leisure time for yourselves.


OnlyFans has really helped many creators to find a space and a platform to express themselves. However, this has led to many issues as well in terms of controversial-driven plots. But on the whole, you can access portals, and services quite easily on OnlyFans. I have given you 6 stunning apps that will give you a nice list of OnlyFans creators.

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