How to Fix Peacock Error Code 21 in Easy Steps?

| Published on Oct 11, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Is your Peacock not working and showing Peacock error code 21? Read this comprehensive article till the end as we explain how to fix Peacock TV error code 21 in easy steps.

Peacock is a well-known streaming service and has gained immense popularity, especially among people who love to watch shows and movies. Recently, there have been quite a few problems where people reported an issue of the Peacock app not working and facing Peacock error code 21.

If you are also troubled about why is Peacock not working and want to know how to fix error code 21 on Peacock, read this article till the end as we explain the reason behind it and how to contact Peacock support for additional help.

What Is Peacock Error Code 21?

Peacock not working due to Error Code 21 is quite common nowadays, and a lot of people have been facing this issue. Peacock TV error Code 21 usually occurs when you are having connectivity issues that result in low internet speeds.

Due to low-quality connections, people are not able to enjoy seamless streaming as their content starts lagging. This impact on their experience bothers people a lot which is why many people want to know why is Peacock app not working and what are the possible reasons behind it. If you are also wondering how to solve Peacock error code 21, follow this article till the end.

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Possible Reasons for Peacock Error Code 21

Since Peacock error code 21 is so prevalent and is troubling people across the globe, many people want to know about the possible reasons for Peacock error code 21.

Even though the primary reason for error code 21 on Peacock is an unstable internet connection, there can be many other reasons that are contributing to this error. Some of these factors include a pending update, as it can cause problems.

There can also be some issues with your VPN or might be the wrong version of your app. All of these factors can be the culprit when you face error code 21 Peacock TV, which is why we have explained all the factors that can cause Peacock error code 21 in detail.

Practical Solutions to Peacock Error Code 21

Since we have heard many complaints about error code 21 on Peacock, we have managed to grab some of the main factors that contribute to ruining the experience. We will tell you how to solve each of those issues so that you can peacefully stream Peacock without any issues.

Check Your Internet Connection

As mentioned above, one of the main factors that contribute to Peacock Error Code 21 is a poor and unstable internet connection. This is why, before proceeding with any of these fixes given below, make sure to check if your internet connection is stable.

Ensure a Good VPN Connection

If you are viewing Peacock TV from outside the US, you must have a VPN activated. Sometimes the Peacock app error code 21 also shows up if your VPN has some problems. To eliminate error code 21 on Peacock, update your VPN. If that does not work, try re-installing.

If re-installing does not do any wonders in removing the issue of the Peacock app not working, try using another VPN.

Update Your App

If you have any pending updates that need to be addressed and you are facing the issue of Peacock not working, make sure that your app is updated. Many updates that roll out later have fixes related to peacock support. If updating your app does not fix your error code 21 Peacock, move on to the next step.

Clear App Cache

Another method that has proven to solve the query; why is Peacock not working is by clearing the app cache. This step overrides all the previous settings and can resolve all issues regarding Peacock app error code 21 and answer the question, why is Peacock not working?

Reinstall the App

If the methods given above did not solve the Peacock TV error code 21 and the issue still persists, you can try uninstalling the app and re-installing it, as it removes the previous settings and installs a fresh version of the app with better Peacock support.

If reinstallation does not work and the peacock TV error code still persists, try the next fix.

Update Your OS

Even though this method comes in the end when all of the methods have failed, it has a high success rate as it can easily solve the issue of Peacock not working. Just check for any updates in your phone or PC settings and update your device as they might have the fix for internet speed that might fix the peacock app not working.

Contact Customer Support

If all of these methods have failed, you will have to opt for the last option and go to Peacock customer service chat, where you can access Peacock help. Peacock customer service chat will help you through your troubles. This Peacock help will be of great use and will likely resolve all of your issues regarding error code 21 Peacock TV.

How to Download Peacock Videos Without Error Codes?

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  • KeepStreams for Peacock continually updates its software and allow a seamless experience whenever you use it. Even if you face any bugs or issues, they are immediately addressed and taken care of.


This was a comprehensive yet conclusive article on peacock error code 21, where we answered why is Peacock not working and what is error code 21 on Peacock. This article also explains how to use Peacock support to solve your problems. We hope that it solved all your queries related to Peacock and answered your question what is error code 21 on Peacock?

Now that you know how to tackle error code 21 on Peacock, you can watch content easily. If you also want to view content offline, you should try KeepStreams for Peacock, as they offer top-quality service.

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