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Troubleshooting for Peacock Not Working

| Peacock |
Published on Apr 15, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we have described some of the common issues faced by the subscribers of Peacock TV, along with their quick fixes and remedies.

Peacock TV is an American-based television network that is currently gaining leaps and bounds of popularity even though it was recently launched by NBC Universal back on July 15th, 2020. Although Peacock TV is globally appreciated, it can run into some problems that may need quick fixes.

In this article, we have decided to address some of these problems or troubles that you may face while using your Peacock TV browser or application, along with some fixes that may save the day. So keep on reading to know what’s wrong with your Peacock TV account.

Is Peacock Down - Possible Reasons for Peacock Not Working

Some people wait for their tiring day to end to have some time out for themselves and watch their favorite shows on any of the available OTT platforms, just like Peacock TV, which offers thousands of hours worth of TV shows, exclusive content, live sports events, and various exciting movies.

Because the Peacock TV streaming service is relatively new, the application isn’t entirely perfect. Many users and subscribers have reported playback problems or buffering issues while streaming their favorite shows or movies online.

How to Solve Peacock TV Issues?

There can be many reasons why you are encountering such problems, and that is why we have decided to address some of these along with their fixes and solutions one by one so that you can get things fixed yourself.

1. Check the Peacock TV Server Status

This is the first informal step that you need to take before moving on to any technical fixes because most of the time if you are encountering buffer issues or playback issues, there is a high chance that your server is not responding. Although there is no dedicated page available on the Internet to display the service status of Peacock TV at all times still, there are ways through which you can check the service status.

One of which is by navigating through the social media pages of Peacock TV. Usually, whenever a server runs into a problem or is not responding, the Twitter or Facebook accounts put up a notice or update the status to facilitate the perplexed users located nationwide.

2. Number of Streaming Devices Using the Same Peacock TV Account

It is undoubtedly the most extraordinary feature of Peacock TV that allows the creation of up to 6 profiles on one account.

This enables a group of friends and a family to invest in just one account and share the subscription fee. Even though you can have up to 6 profiles, there is still a catch. Peacock TV allows a maximum of 3 streams simultaneously. If there are more, you may face the problem of unnecessary buffering or an error message stating that too many streams are currently in use.

To tackle this situation, you will have to disconnect all the different devices connected with your Peacock TV which are not in use, and the problem will be sorted.

3. Pending Peacock TV Updates

Sometimes the interfering app bugs can cause your Peacock TV live stream to buffer a lot or even stop playing. The app bugs usually come into play when the app is outdated or is not updated regularly, which makes it difficult for the application to receive new content directly from the servers.

So before you reach out to the customer care service of Peacock TV, make sure that you install all the pending Peacock TV app updates and fix the annoying bugs causing loading issues.

4. Restart the Peacock TV Application

This is one of the most apparent hacks or fixes anyone would go for if their Peacock TV application runs into a problem. What it does is remove any bugs, viruses, harmful data, or glitchy software, turning things to work in an orderly manner.

So whenever your Peacock TV stops responding or keeps on buffering, restart the application. The methods of restarting are different in iOS and on Android that you can search for on the Internet. By doing this, your problem will be fixed for sure.

Also, because Peacock TV is now available on FireTV and Fire Tablets, and if you’re having trouble using Alexa to open or control your Peacock TV streams, you don’t need to worry because we suggest the perfect link that contains solutions to all your problems.

Why Is Alexa Not Responding and How to Fix This Issue?

5. Clear Your Peacock TV Application's Cache

The Peacock TV application cache stores all the necessary data to playback the streaming video. Sometimes due to various reasons, the cache becomes corrupted, and you may feel the need to clear it to enable smooth streaming of your favorite online content.

The process of clearing cache is different on an Android device and an iOS device. On your iPhone or iPad, you may have to uninstall the application and reinstall it to clear the cache, whereas, on your Android device, you can remove it without deleting the Peacock TV application. Here’s what you need to do

Step 1 - navigate through the settings app of your Android phone and tap on apps.

Step 2 - reach the Peacock TV application and click on it. Once it opens, you will see the option of storage and cache.

Step 3 - once you touch it, you will see the clear cache option, and you will be done.

The problem with clearing cache is that you may lose your login information or watch history. There is also an option of clearing storage that you can go for if removing cache is not working out for you. Various devices work differently, so you need to suit yourself accordingly.

6. Check Your Internet Connection

Because Peacock TV is limited to HD streaming, therefore you may need approximately 7 Mbps of Internet speed For it to function appropriately and stream smoothly. If you are facing issues watching a video on your Peacock TV, there might be some issue with your Internet connection being weak or slow. The problem could also arise if your tablet or TV is too far away from your router.

Either you can take your device nearer to the router or use a strong cellular Wi-Fi for your online streaming needs. Moreover, if you are confused about your Internet connectivity issue, there are many Internet speed tests available on the Internet to determine the strength of your Wi-Fi.

Similarly, if your Netflix application stops working on your Roku device, there are various fixes to it which are described in the most informative link mentioned down below.

7. Restarting the Device

Sometimes restarting the devices is another sensible option to utilize when your Peacock TV application runs into trouble. It is one easy troubleshooting step that can become your savior for the day. If nothing works, you can simply turn your device off and then turn it on after approximately 5 minutes, and we can assure you that it will solve a lot of your problems.

Various devices restart in multiple ways. If you are using your Android phone, you can press down on the power button to complete the process, whereas if you are watching Peacock TV on your television, you can simply take the power plug out and plug it back in after 5 to 10 minutes. It is as simple as that.

You can do the same if any other OTT platform like HBO Max is not working or stops responding. Similarly, there are different ways to deal with your troubles regarding HBO Max that are well explained in the given link.

HBO Max Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

If you’re a die-hard Netflix fan, you might want to check out our guide exclusively created to fix the issues on Netflix.

How to Solve Netflix Not Working on Roku?

How to Download Peacock Movies and Videos Offline?

Sometimes all you want is a relaxed binge-watching session without worrying about the internet connectivity issues or unnecessary buffering problems that may arise. Similarly, you can escape many other troubles regarding the nonresponding or poor server status of the peacock TV application, if you download your favorite movies and shows for later offline viewing.

So we have decided to talk about one superb offline video downloader, the KeepStreams for Peacock, which offers many features to its users.

KeepStreams for Peacock

KeepStreams for Peacock is the most commendable solution currently available on the internet to fulfill all your offline video downloading needs. It has become one of the necessities to be installed in every movie lover's computer or laptop.

KeepStreams for Peacock not only lets you download your favorite shows and movies at a turbo downloading speed but that too in a premium crisp quality. Is that not cool at such a pocket-friendly price?

Let us further look into the distinctive features of the Keepstreams for Peacock downloader, which make it the best one so far.


  • Top-Notch Quality of the downloaded content at most 720 to 1080p along with a high-quality audio track such as EAC or AC 5.1
  • Download all episodes of your favorite series in batches all at once, hence saving a lot of your time and energy
  • Extraordinarily smooth and ad-free experience saving you from frustration
  • MP4 format files are highly compatible and conveniently transferable with various devices
  • Manage the movie library with the help of automatically saved metadata
  • Stream directly through the Keepstreams peacock TV Downloader with a fast, built-in browser

The Final Words

In this article, we have described some of the common issues faced by the subscribers of Peacock TV, along with their quick fixes and remedies. Moreover, the KeepStreams for Peacock will save your day if you run into some of these issues by letting you download your favorite content beforehand.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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