Does Peacock Have a Student Discount in 2022?

| Published on Jul 14, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Peacock doesn’t offer any student discount for its users. But you can still grab a few deals to watch your favorite Peacock content free. Alternatively, you can also download KeepStreams for Peacock downloader and save files from someone else’s account to be enjoyed later on offline.

Peacock TV enjoys a massive viewership. Their user base includes adults, students, and children. Because many students struggle with balancing their study and entertainment budgets, it is easy to understand why they always look for a dedicated discount package for themselves.

But does Peacock TV have a student discount in 2022? Let’s see…

Does Peacock Have a Student Discount in 2022?

Who doesn’t like using discounts?

If you’re a student and you’re wondering if Peacock TV offers a student discount, well, it currently is not.

Peacock TV has various subscription plans to choose from, one of which is absolutely free to use. This means everyone can watch their favorite movies and TV shows on Peacock TV without paying absolutely anything!

But, Peacock TV just sadly does not offer any student discounts for students to make use of to date.

However, you don’t need to feel disappointed just as yet. Because we’re going to tell you another way you can enjoy student discounts Peacock!

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How to Get Peacock Student Discount in 2022?

As we have already mentioned, Peacock TV itself does not offer any student discounts and deals for student to use.

But, there are other platforms that offer Peacock TV student discounts, and Student Beans is one of them.

Student Beans is one of the world’s largest student loyalty networks, offering countless discounts and deals for students to save money.

Through this incredible loyalty program, students can enjoy a whopping 20% off on their Peacock TV subscription! This way, they can purchase a Peacock TV subscription at 20% off and save a considerable sum of money.

In order to take advantage of this fantastic Peacock TV student discount, you will first need to register for Student Beans and then make an account ID.

If you are new to Student Beans, you will be required to verify your student status by providing this loyalty network with your valid university student ID card. After providing your required details, you will be sent a Peacock student discount code of 20% that you can use for your next subscription!

Is There a Peacock Premium Student Discount?

As discussed earlier, Peacock TV does not offer any discounts or deals for students. This goes for every Peacock subscription plan, including Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus.

But, there is another way you can enjoy Peacock TV for free to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows!

Continue reading to find out how!

Does Peacock Have a Free Trial Code?

Peacock TV also offers a free trial period for all new Peacock TV subscribers to use.

This way, new users can enjoy a free Peacock TV subscription for 7 days without paying a single penny. In this free-trial period, new Peacock TV subscribers can enjoy endless TV shows, movies, and much more that Peacock TV offers, totally free.

So, how can you use this Peacock free trial code?

The short answer is - You don’t need any such code to activate Peacock free trial!

To enjoy the free trial on Peacock TV, you must head over to the Peacock TV website and sign up. Provide your account deets, such as your email and password, and then choose your desired Peacock TV plan. And that’s it!

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What Is Peacock Promo Code?

There are countless Peacock promo codes available on the internet.

But, you’ll be considered lucky if you find yourself a workable Peacock TV promo code! If you get your hands on a working promo code for Peacock TV, you can save a considerable amount on your Peacock TV subscription. But, these promo codes usually have a limited usage time, which means they will expire pretty soon! So, as soon as you spot a Peacock TV code you wish to check out, you must use it instantly before it expires!

All you need to do is navigate the internet and type in ‘Peacock TV promo code,’ after which an array of promo codes will appear in front of you.

In What Other Ways Can You Enjoy a Free Peacock TV Subscription?

Let’s check out a few other ways you can enjoy a Peacock TV subscription for free:

Xfinity or Cox Cable

Apart from the free Peacock TV 7-day trial period, you can also enjoy free Peacock TV service if you own an Xfinity or Cox cable.

All Xfinity or Cox cable users can benefit from this amazing Peacock TV deal, especially students!

With this service, you will be able to stream endless Peacock TV movies, TV shows, serials, and documentaries on the Peacock TV streaming platform, without any additional charges. In fact, you will get Peacock Premium for free, which unlocks even more movies and TV series that are not available for streaming on the free Peacock TV plan.

Here is all you need to do to make the best out of this Peacock TV deal:

  • Sign up for Peacock TV
  • Link your Cox or Xfinity account/ cable subscription to your Peacock TV account
  • Start streaming!

It’s that simple!

Spectrum TV

Here’s another way of enjoying a free Peacock TV subscription.

If you are a qualified Spectrum TV customer, you can enjoy a free Peacock TV Premium subscription for a whole year. You will get 90 days of free Peacock Premium subscription at no extra cost!

To enjoy this Peacock TV deal, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to
  • Create a Peacock TV account if you don’t already have one
  • Link your Spectrum account to your Peacock account
  • Activate Premium access

How to Download Peacock TV Videos for Offline Viewing?

Now that you finally know that Peacock TV doesn’t have any dedicated discount for students, you must be wondering if there’s something else you can try to enjoy Peacock TV videos and movies at a discount or for free.

With KeepStreams for Peacock, you can download everything Peacock TV has in store for you. Whether it’s movies, reality shows, or comedy programs, you can save them on your devices for later watch. This means if any of your family members or friends are already a subscriber to Peacock TV, you can simply get your desired content downloaded using KeepStreams for Peacock downloader.

Apart from the basic download feature, this tool lets you adjust sound and resolution settings. You can use the bulk download feature to download episodes in batches. You will be in charge of your subtitles - you can save them in your preferred language and save them either as srt files or remuxed text.

Last but not least, you can also save and transfer your downloads on any device of your choice.

You can read the full guide here: How to Download Peacock TV Videos for Offline Viewing?

Final Words

Peacock doesn’t offer any student discount for its users. But you can still grab a few deals to watch your favorite Peacock content free. Alternatively, you can also download KeepStreams for Peacock downloader and save files from someone else’s account to be enjoyed later on offline.

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