How to Get Peacock TV App on LG Smart TV?

| Published on May 12, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we have talked about how you can watch Peacock TV on your LG smart TV.
How to Get Peacock TV App on LG Smart TV?
Peacock | June
5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we have talked about how you can watch Peacock TV on your LG smart TV.

Peacock is owned by NBC Universal and follows a subscription-based model. Currently, It is one of the best video streaming service providers to the people with up to 15,000 hours of worth watching content, including original shows, blockbuster movies, and classic TV shows.

If you are an owner of an LG Smart TV and do not know how to get Peacock TV on your Television set, then continue reading this article because it has all the details you require to get things going.

To get Peacock TV on your LG Smart TV, you should know how to sign up for a Peacock TV subscription as well as its subscription plans.

How to Sign Up for Peacock TV?

Making a peacock account is quite simple. You need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1: First of all, you need to click on "Join Peacock," which will be visible on Peacock's official website.

Step 2: On the Join page, you will have to choose the plan you want to join. Peacock TV offers three subscription plans.

Step 3: After selecting the subscription plan, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Keep in mind that Peacock TV offers a seven-day free trial to get you started with your premium account. But you need to specify a payment method to make use of it. When your trial period expires, you will be immediately charged, and your subscription will automatically renew each month.

Step 4: After confirming the details, your Peacock TV account is created. Now you can stream loads of content anywhere at any time.

You can even turn captions on and off on Peacock. Here’s how: How to Turn On and Off Closed Caption on Peacock?

What Are the Subscription Plans Offered by Peacock TV?

  • The initial plan is entirely free, but it does have a few limitations on the content that you can stream.
  • The Premium plan allows you to access all of the platform's content for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. You also get a 7-day free trial with it.
  • Premium Plus, which costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 for a year, provides the same services as Premium but without the commercials.

How to Get Peacock TV App on LG Smart TV?

Read the following steps carefully to get the Peacock TV app on your LG Smart TV:

Step 1: In the first step, turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet. Ensure that it is secure and reliable.

Step2: Before installing the Peacock app on your LG Smart TV, you must first sign up for the Peacock streaming service through the official website. The process is previously explained in this article.

Step 3: Using your LG Smart TV remote, press the Home button three times to begin the process and then navigate to the LG Store. Here you will have to use the search icon and look for the Peacock App on your device.

Step 4: Now click on the install button and download The Peacock TV app.

Step 5: Make sure the installation process is completed successfully. Then click on the Peacock TV app to launch it on your LG Smart TV

Step 6: Now, all you gotta do is log in with your Peacock account credentials and begin your streaming process.

Apart from Smart TVs, you can also stream Peacock on Roku. Read the full guide here: Detailed Steps for Watching Peacock on Roku [2022]

What Are Some Alternative Methods to Stream Peacock TV on LG Smart TV?

There are two main alternative methods that we will discuss in this article.

Use Chromecast to Watch Peacock on LG Smart TV Through Your Smartphone

Step 1: Download and install the Peacock application on your Android smartphone through Google PlayStore.

Step 2: The second step is to pair your LG Smart TV with your Chromecast device.

Step 3: Thirdly, you need to make sure that your Android smartphone and Chromecast device are on the same Wi-Fi network. It is quite necessary to establish a good connection.

Step 4: You need to log in to your Peacock account using your credentials.

Step 5: Click on the movie or TV series you're attempting to cast on your LG smart TV.

Step 6: On the Android device's screen, tap the Cast icon to initiate the process.

Step 7: Select your Chromecast device from the list of available casting devices.

Step 8: Your Android device screen is projected onto your LG Smart TV.

So what are you waiting for? Start streaming Peacock on your LG Smart TV right away. Read this if you’re wondering How Many People Can Watch Peacock at Once?

AirPlay Peacock App on LG Smart TV Through Your iPhone or iPad

Step1: Download and install the Peacock app on your iOS smartphone by going to the AppStore on your device.

Step 2: You have to make sure that your iOS smartphone and your LG Smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3: The third step is to log in to your Peacock account and select the video you want to watch.

Step 4: On your iOS device, you'll notice an AirPlay icon; tap it to activate it and choose your LG Smart TV from the list of casting devices that are currently available.

That's all you got to do; now, you are ready to stream Peacock on your LG Smart TV via AirPlay.

How to Download Content from Peacock TV for Offline Viewing?

It is quite possible to download content using an offline video downloader to stream without an internet connection. This way, you can meet all your offline binge-watching needs.

When you use an offline downloading tool, such as KeepStreams for Peacock, the content you wish to download is saved directly to your device's media library, where it will be accessible for an indefinite period of time. Isn’t it an awesome and much better deal than streaming online?

Don’t forget to check this Troubleshooting for Peacock Not Working guide in case you’re having issues streaming videos and movies from Peacock TV.

KeepStreams for Peacock

With KeepStreams for Peacock, you may also be able to prevent problems such as slow internet connectivity and annoying pop-up adverts. Sometimes, the official site or application may stop responding, and in such cases, you should have your favorite content downloaded already to save you from boredom.

There are many more features associated with this excellent tool, which we will cover in this section.

Features of KeepStreams for Peacock

  • KeepStreams for Peacock comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • It also lets you download content without worrying about where you live; in other words, there are no regional restrictions imposed by this tool
  • With a bulk download feature, KeepStreams for Peacock lets you download a lot of movies/episodes at once
  • Download subtitles in the language
  • KeepStreams for Peacock can handle video resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Receive regular updates on the downloading software
  • It supports high-quality audio tracks like EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0
  • With KeepStreams Downloader, you can quickly get rid of those annoying pop-up ads you don't like
  • This downloading tool comes with a built-in browser for the users' convenience


In this article, we have talked about how you can watch Peacock TV on your LG smart TV. The process is pretty simple and is explained in detailed steps for your convenience.

In addition to that, we have also discussed some alternative ways that you can utilize to watch Peacock TV on your LG smart television. An offline downloading tool, also known as KeepStreams for Peacock, is also discussed in the article to cater to your binge-watching needs.

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