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Summary of 10 alternative sites to Twitter ranking site postman080

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Published on Dec 06, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article presents a list of 10 tweeter video ranking sites instead of postman080, the site for tweeter video ranking.

postman080 is a service to save Twitter videos through external sites. all Twitter videos saved by postman080 can be viewed. If you have a favorite Twitter video URL, you can save it using postman080.

Such postman080 is not closed now, but it may be closed someday.

In this article, we will present a list of 10 alternative sites to postman080. We would also like to explain the precautions to be taken when using sites like postman080.

What kind of site is postman080? Has it been closed?

Since postman080 is a service that stores Twitter videos through an external site, you may find Twitter videos that are about to be deleted and blocked on postman080. You can also find many backstage erotic videos.

You can also check out the hottest Twitter videos in ranking format here.

Because it is full of erotic videos, such postman080 is not closed now, but it may be closed someday. Now, we will introduce a list of 10 alternative sites to postman080 next.

2. Summary of 10 alternative sites to "postman080


>> Monstics

Monstics is a video site that publishes a collection of interesting videos from Twitter. Anyone can post freely. Click on the thumbnail of the displayed video to play it immediately. If you right-click on the video screen, you can save it to your own PC.

Monstics has a search function. You can check out all the videos you are interested in at once here.

Selected R18 Twitter contents are also provided in one place.



Twiigle Twitube is a pornographic video site for adult.

3. Twihub Twihub

>> Twihub Twihub

Twihub Twihub You can check the ranking of Twitter porn videos for 24 hours, one day, and one week. It also provides video preservation lineups in categories such as real-time, Hall of Fame, etc.


4. Video Saving

>> Video Saved by @hozonV0

You can save videos by tweeting "@hozonV0" in the Ip field of the video you want to save. You can check the ranking of video preservation in chronological order at the official website of Video Preservation Kun.

5. Twitube

> > Twitube

Twitube is an external site for downloading Twitter videos. URLs of video tweets posted on Tweeter can be Twitube and the video is automatically extracted and saved on your own PC.

iPhone, Android, and PC all supported.

6. Erozine

>> Erozine

Erozine Twivideo is a site where you can see the backstage contents of Twitter in one place. Interesting images, controversial videos, and erotic videos can be checked here. You can fully enjoy your favorite information on Twitter in categories such as bulletin board, comments, and random.

>> is a lineking site that collects backstage erotic videos and erotic images and publishes them all together. Click on the title to see the video's tweeter destination.


> > Togetter

Togetter is a portal site like Yahoo! that updates and follows interesting tweets in real-time lineking. provides information on the content of the hottest tweets and the latest events in a ranking format.


> > Twtimez

Twtimez is a ranking site that uses data tools to analyze and display tweeter trends. It provides the latest tweet information in categories such as ranking in order of momentum, popularity, new arrivals, and trends.


> > >Twivideo

Twivideo is a free ranking site to save tweeter videos. Paste the URL of the tweet to save the video. as with postman080, the thumbnail of the video is laid out, so you can play the video by clicking on the thumbnail.

Cautions when using sites like "postman080

Leads you to an external site

Although postman080 has video thumbnails laid out so that they can be played immediately after clicking on a thumbnail, there may be hidden links that direct you to a different site. It is quite dangerous if a virus is planted that infects you simply by opening your web browser if you accidentally click on it and go to an unknown site. If you are infected with a virus, it could cause serious damage.

Please do not access suspicious sites.

Operator is unknown.

postman080 is not an official service provided by Tweeter. We have not been able to obtain any information about the operator of the site. The operator of the site has not been disclosed.

Therefore, if something goes wrong in the use of postman080, no supporter or custom service is required. You can only use it at your own risk.

Child pornography damage due to fraud

It is a crime to use tweeter ranking sites to spread or download child pornography videos. Please eliminate such videos and use video ranking sites to the extent that it does not violate the law.


In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 tweeter video ranking sites to replace the tweeter video ranking site postman080.

We also touched on a few points to keep in mind when using sites like postman080. Use the easy-to-use tweeter ranking sites listed in this article to safely store your tweeter videos.

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