The 7 Best Alternatives to SmiHub Instagram Viewer

| Published on Jan 25, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
If you are looking for the best SmiHub alternatives, then we got you covered. Read this article to know all about SmiHub alternatives.

How many times has it happened that you were eager to stalk an ex or someone you knew from the past on their public account or even private ones but didn't want them to know that you stalked through their profile?

While this isn't a problem when stalking through the pictures or posts on their Instagram feed, the stories are where your identity would be revealed.

This is because Instagram allows the profile owner to check which of their followers or even non-followers have viewed their story. If you want to act cheeky and stalk someone's stories without them knowing, we might have a solution for you.

While the Instagram viewer SmiHub is one of the leading applications to hide your Instagram viewer ship, it might not be the only one. So, if you want other alternatives to SmiHub Instagram Viewer, this article is for you. Hop on below to find out!

The Leading Alternatives to SmiHub Instagram Viewer

Technology has advanced over the years, and people have found intelligent ways to alter social media dynamics. One of these is the ability to see stories on Instagram anonymously.

Want to know some fantastic applications that help users anonymously view stories? Read below to find out.


True to its name, INSTALKR would help you become a stalker on Instagram anonymously. The platform allows users to stalk or view Instagram without an account!

The Android-based platform is one of the leading sites when considering SmiHub alternatives. It would let users not only view or stalk profiles but also directly download these stories and images to their galleries.


The InstaStoriesViewer application works towards hiding the viewership and making your views on someone else's stories anonymous. Hence, users would be able to snoop into public accounts without having to be authorized by the tech giant itself.

To make InstaStoriesViewer work, users must copy-paste a user name of interest, and then the platform would do the rest of the job itself. Moreover, similar to Instagram Viewer SmiHub, the download would be of high quality and free. How cool, right?


The majority of us for sure have made fake Instagram accounts to check in with how our ex or specific people we knew in the past are doing. While this might sound fun to some, creating a new Instagram account just for the sole purpose of stalking can be a nuisance and time taking. At times these same people can figure out that you were up to this and block you from there. Using StoriesIG would not only allow you to keep your identity safe and retrieve stories from any account but would be free of cost too.


If there is yet another popular and leading anonymous Instagram viewer aside from SmiHub, it would be Inflact.

Given Inflact's effortless ability to download high-quality videos from Instagram to their devices and even allow copy-pasting URLs to view a story for download, there is no denying that the platform has become so popular.

Add in the easy compatibility, lightweight download size, and clear-cut interface, which makes even searching through the hashtags easy; it is easy to jot down why choosing Inflact might work as your best bet.


The platform allows users to view both Instagram stories and highlights anonymously without any notifications. The platform has been used by a vast public, given its compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Users must type in the username of the account they want to stalk on the platform's website, and it will do the rest of the job itself.

While significant, the only drawback of this platform is that it isn't operable on private Instagram accounts. Hence, it can only be used for anonymously stalking public Instagram profiles.


Bigbangram is yet another Instagram viewing favorite. Like the Instagram story viewer SmiHub, this platform allows users to view and download entire profiles and even highlights and stories in bulk that are straight from the app without much of an error.

The platform is accessible to Google Chrome and Safari and easy to use. All users will have to do is enter the profile name they wish to stalk and download content from and tap on the content they want to download.


Another great alternative to SmiHub Instagram Viewer happens to be the Pixwox platform. Similar to all other platforms mentioned above, Pixwox would serve to view and download content off Instagram without even letting your name go on the grid. 

Hence, in case you don't want someone to know that you have been stalking them lately or don't want an ex to figure out that you miss them, you can insert their user name on this platform and then stalk these people anonymously. If this intrigues you, we suggest you give it a try.

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If all this wasn't enough to convince you, then let us acknowledge the fact that when downloading content, you won't be restricted to your region only. This means that you can download shows from anywhere in the world and would be provided the liberty of subtitles too.

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Stalking people on Instagram might have been easy for you with all these alternatives if you planned to stay discreet. However, if you don't care about anonymity and want to chill in life, downloading some movies and shows off KeepStreams might also work well for you.

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