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How to Get a Starz Free Trial in 2022?

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Published on Sep 01, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Get access to Starz free trial by creating an account with these simple steps. Plus, you can stack a free Starz trial if you create an account through different platforms.

If you enjoy watching gritty crime, dramas, historical epics, and storytelling from a diverse perspective, then Starz is for you. This guide tells you about Starz services, the content you can expect to see on Starz, and how you can access Starz free trial on your home streaming devices.

Starz and Its Membership Plans

About Starz

Starz is a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime and a standalone streaming service where you don't need a cable subscription to watch any content. You can choose more than one way to watch Starz content with no cable needed. There are three different ways you can get access to Starz.

  • Premium add-on to a cable or television package
  • As a premium add-on to a streaming service
  • As standalone subscription

You can get Starz free trial 7 days by the following means, but we shall focus on a standalone subscription service where you don’t need a cable package or a third-party streaming app like Hulu or Amazon.

You can activate Starz on a different device in the 2022 updated method.

About Starz Membership Plans

Usually, Starz is $8.99 per month, but they often run amazing deals where you can get Starz for $5.00 per month. The biggest draw for Starz's membership is that they got more straightforward access to the Starz originals.

Starz originals have focused on genres like crime dramas, universal shows, and historical dramas.

Starz also has its application available for a wide range of devices that users can use and have access to different home streaming devices, which you can take advantage of using Starz free trial.

Does Starz Have a Free Trial?

Starz is well known for streaming online content as well as on-demand content and has premium shows as well as exclusive movies. You can get access to Starz free trial via your cable, using third party apps, and as a standalone service.

Before you go for Starz free trial or premium service, keep in mind that Starz is only available in the USA and its different states. Even if you sign up for a Starz free trial, you will only get access if you have a VPN or somehow changed your IP location to the USA.

Once you change your location to the USA, you can get a free Starz trial and stack your free trial. You would get a Starz free trial of 3 months or a Starz free trial of 30 days if you signed up to Starz through Amazon Prime, fuboTV, or Hulu. As we have already mentioned, there are different ways to extend your free Starz trial.

How to Get Starz Free Trial?

Starz offers a broad category of entertainment. You can also access the different trending movie titles and dramas based on mafia families, drugs, and other genres. Users can quickly get entertainment stuff according to their tastes and desire.

Here are a few streaming platforms to get Starz free trial.

Starz Free Trial with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members have a perk to add more than 100 different channels they like to watch, and they can add Starz. You can add Starz on Amazon by visiting "Account and Lists," and then from "Explore Prime Video," you can search and add Starz. Sign up on Starz to get Starz free trial on Amazon.

Starz Free Trial with fuboTV

fuboTV allows users to sign up directly to Starz, enjoy streaming online, and watch their favorite shows directly on fuboTV. If you sign up for Starz streaming service, you will get access to Starz free trial.

Starz Free Trial with DirecTV STREAM

DirecTV is the best option if you want to watch movies by Starz. DirecTV will charge $140 for the first 4-5 months, in which Starz service is also included. Subscribing through DirecTV will grant you the Starz free trial. However, if you are also new to DirecTV and purchase the subscription for the first time, you will get a Starz free trial for 3 months.

Starz Free Trial with Apple TV

You can also get the Starz free trial if you subscribe to Starz with the Apple TV. But before you proceed with this subscription, you will need to have a version above iOS 14. Subscribing through Apple TV will get you Starz free trial for 7 days.

Starz Free Trial with Hulu

Does Starz have a free trial on Hulu? Yes! Hulu Starz free trial is only available to new customers. If you already had created an account on Starz through Hulu, your free trial has expired whether you have used Starz or not. So to play safe, make sure you are using a new account to get Starz free trial.

How long is Starz free trial last? There is no precise answer on every device, and on every platform, you can get Starz free trial 7 days to Starz free trial 6 months.

How to Cancel Starz Free Trial?

There can be various reasons to cancel your Starz free trial. Follow the instructions to cancel your Starz free trial ASAP because once it ends, it will not be billing you anymore.

  • Open the web browser and visit the Starz official website.
  • Hit your menu button on the top right corner and click on sign-in.
  • Enter your login details and enter the Straz application.
  • Once you get access to the Starz application, go to the settings menu.
  • Now in the settings menu, scroll down until you get to "My subscription."
  • It will show your current stats and next billing date.
  • Scroll a little more down to see the "Cancel Subscription". Click on it, and it will proceed to the membership cancelation process after asking your reason for unsubscribing.

Note: This method of canceling Starz free trial will work if you have bought the subscription from Starz's official website. If you have the Starz free trial subscription from third-party apps like Amazon and Hulu, you can only unsubscribe Starz free trial from the settings menu in those apps. However, the unsubscribing process is the same. Only the difference is the platform you are using.

How to Download Starz Videos?

Starz offers content according to its user's perspectives. Starz is superior to many streaming services in terms of chat assistance, affordable membership, a vast selection of entertainment, and unique content. The fact that you can only download content and save it offline may dissatisfy some of their consumers.

Worry not if you love watching entertainment shows on Starz. Here is the best tool to help you download your favorite shows from Starz and save them online on your device so you can watch them later whenever you want.

KeepStreams Video Downloader provides users an edge to download and save Starz content offline. You can directly download any content on Starz just by copying its URL. KeepStreams Video Downloader is easy to use and supported by different smart devices. Visit the link to learn more about downloading Starz's new movies & TV series.

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