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Will ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Be on Amazon Prime? How Can I Watch It Online and Offline?

| Amazon Prime Video |
Published on May 19, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
The heart touching movie ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ shall soon be over streaming platforms. Will it be on Amazon Prime. How to what it online and offline. Let’s see.

Jenny Han and her novels especially the likes of ‘The Summer I turned Pretty’ is a coming-of-age teen read that touches your heart in its deeper depths. It’s a good thing that the story has now found the screens of Amazon Prime where you can rent movies and sooner or later it will become a sensational story. Might replace a lot of ‘coming of age' stories that are pretty in vogue all these years. We will try to discuss ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ in a more descriptive manner and know more about this show in terms of its plot, themes, and where you can catch up with this show.

Different Ways to Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty Online

As of now the only way to watch ‘Summer I turned Pretty Online’ is through Amazon Prime. It’s part of Amazon originals and there are talks of releasing shows from the other books of the same series as well. Jenny Han is about to sign a deal and release the shows of the sequels of the same It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer. Jenny Han has signed a deal with Amazon Studios and the show of the sequels will be released on Amazon Prime. Now let’s understand how we can stream this show on Amazon Prime? It can vary depending on the number of devices that you use. But at the outset the process is the same:

Sign Up for Amazon

Amazon has become an indispensable part of our lives. It simply is outstanding How Amazon has been able to seep into everywhere and has been able to mark the real difference. You will be living under a rock if you do not have an Amazon account. If you do not, just follow these signup steps.

  • Head over to the official webpage of
  • Try creating an account there, just click on sign up.
  • Key in your name, email/phone, and password, and then complete the signup process.
  • Verify your account either through a phone link or email link.
  • Now Voila! You should be happy, finally, your Amazon account is created.
  • Now head over to prime, in case you do not want any delivery advantages. You can always use prime in the account option of Amazon.
  • Even if you check out Amazon always tells you to subscribe for Prime.
  • Now key in your details on Prime Video, irrespective of How you subscribed for Prime.
  • Use your same login credentials and stream the content that you like on Amazon Prime.

Since the signup part has been cleared now let’s try to understand How to watch TSTP on various devices.

How to Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on a PC?

The process is very easy just follow the steps.

  • Visit the official website of Amazon,
  • Now key in your sign-in credentials. You have the option to sign in through otp, as per your convenience. You can also sign in through a password.
  • Now go to the Prime Video website, do not worry it will automatically give you access to its UI.
  • Now search in ‘The Summer I turned pretty’ on the search tab.
  • Now select the show from the search list and stream/play the show.
  • Watch and enjoy.

How to Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Your Phone?

So, on the phone, you also have the option to watch your content offline. Here the app allocates some space on your card and helps you access content through the app. You can simply download some of the shows that you like and stream them on your phone. The download icon just lies on the side of the content. All you need to do is simply click on it. However, for online viewing, the process is simple.

  • Download Prime Video from Apple or Google Play store.
  • Depending on the device you will surf the store.
  • Install and download the app.
  • Now simply sign in to the app.
  • Key in The Summer I turned pretty’ on the search bar and wallah! Happy streaming.

How to Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Your Smart TV?

So, here is the deal, regardless of the TV and the streaming device you use to stream the show, you have to access the app. Key in the show title on the search bar and watch and play it. It works for all the apps and mainly it’s there on almost all platforms. Aptoide for Android TV, Playstore for Android TV, Apple store for Apple TV, and Apple TV+. You can try adding Amazon Prime to your Roku channel.

How to Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty Offline?

Well to watch offline the process is very simple. You have to download the show from Amazon Prime. It’s very easy and the process is not that time taking. All you need to do is download the show as the icon is just right next to the viewing frame/shot. Once you select it, your video will be downloaded. You can simply access the video from the list of ‘downloads’. Once you travel and want to catch up on the show where internet access is an issue, you can always tune downloads for offline viewing.

On the other hand, you can also use a third party downloader tool which enables you to download the video in no time. One such good tools is Keepstreams. It not only enables you to download videos from Amazon Prime, but also other streaming platforms. You can also change the language using this tool. Some of the OTTs from where you can download videos using this tool are listed below:

  • Funimation
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Paramount +
  • Netflix, etc.

Will The Summer I Turned Pretty Be on Amazon Prime?

The entire show has been produced by Amazon studios, it will be definitely on Amazon Prime. And if for some reason you are interested in understanding or desire to see the sequels of the main themed book on screens, chances are they are working on it.

Which Way Is the Best to Watch "The Summer I Turned Pretty" for You?

So, the show keeps the teen years in retrospect the defining point. I guess a homely setup with people and guys/girls of the same age will help you in reminiscing about some of the mistakes/screw-ups you all did. The show promotes growth in humans and the experience will help you cherish your teen years.

Brief on the Story and the Cast

Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno are the front runners of the story. This story germinates and takes into account the passions of teenagers. Lola here plays the role of Belly Conklin who loves the Fisher Brother Conrad. But Jeremiah Condrad’s brother sneaks up on them and he cannot get Lola off his head.

Final Say

The summer I turned pretty is a great show, it helps you to rekindle and relive some of your teen years. Teenage can be a hard time, but the coming of age aspect is amazing. You can watch this terrific show on Amazon prime.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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