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Why is TKTUBE too heavy to watch? A comprehensive list of free adult viewing sites as an alternative

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Published on May 15, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article provides a detailed overview of the free adult video site called "TKTUBE," its problems, and solutions. It is a must-see especially for those who are stressed that "TKTUBE is too heavy to watch". It also introduces free adult viewing sites that can be used as an alternative to TKTUBE.

What kind of site is TKTUBE, an erotic video site for free viewing that has recently become popular? Also, have you heard of the TKTUBE site?

I know it is very stressful for you to say, "I can't watch TKTUBE because it is too heavy. But what actually causes TKTUBE to be heavy? In this article, we will explain in detail what causes TKTUBE to become heavy and what can be done about it. We will also introduce free adult viewing sites that can replace TKTUBE together, so if you are having trouble, you should not miss this article.

What is TKTUBE?

TKTUBE is a completely free adult site. The site is updated daily with a very high frequency of about several dozen videos, all of which are updated with very high quality erotic videos.

There is a wide variety of erotic movies, including uncensored and amateur, and you can watch for free what you could only watch on FC2, dmm, etc. until now.

It is possible to watch videos without logging in, but in contrast, functions such as adding to favorites, watching later, and adding to new lists are not available and require logging in to use. If you are using the site for the first time, it is very easy to log in with your username, password, and email address. Also, if you wish to cancel your account, you can do so by clicking [My Profile < Edit < Delete Profile].

Website Name


Number of Movies

More than 30,000

Member Registration

Free of charge

Genre of Movies

Boyish, Uncensored, Amatuer, Cum Inside (Nakadashi), Beautiful Girl, Big Tits


  • High update rate of erotic videos,
  • Many full time videos,
  • Many categories

Why is TKTUBE so slow?

Sometimes it takes a long time to playback TKTUBE videos, mainly due to insufficient storage space on your device, lack of updates to the latest web pages, or communication limitations caused by high traffic.

  • When playing TKTUBE, data is temporarily downloaded and stored. If the storage capacity of the terminal is insufficient, a large amount of data cannot be stored and processing speed will be reduced.
  • If the web page is not updated or the application is not updated, the latest technology and features will not be available and the processing speed within the TKTUBE site may slow down.
  • If the amount of data traffic required to play TKTUBE is too large, communication restrictions may apply. In addition, even in a Wi-Fi environment, the processing speed may slow down if the communication speed is slow.

The following is a list of measures to take when TKTUBE becomes too heavy to view.

  • If memory usage is high or if the application or software is not working properly, restarting the browser may resolve the problem.
  • Delete excess data such as browser history, download history, cookies and other content to improve TKTUBE's processing speed.
  • Older versions of browsers may not be able to take advantage of the latest technology and features, resulting in slower processing speeds. Updating to the latest version can improve processing speed.
  • You may also experience different processing speeds by using a different browser.

A list of free adult viewing sites as an alternative to TKTUBE


Jable is a secure site where you can watch high quality erotic movies. 20,000 JAVs are available for free.

You can watch 20,000 JAVs for free with few advertisements. There is no need to worry about virus infection, so you can use TKTUBE with peace of mind. It is also recommended as an alternative site to TKTUBE.


In addition to Jable, where you can view high-quality erotic videos, we also recommend AV01. Both sites offer high quality content, but AV01 sometimes displays advertisements during playback. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. If an ad appears during playback, simply click in the middle of the thumbnail to watch it without problems. Furthermore, you can use it as an alternative to TKTUBE, so please sign up for it.


twitterdouga is a site where you can check Twitter saved rankings in 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day time order. The site features a large number of erotic and adult video clips in categories such as masturbation, big-breasted gal, anal lesbian, transsexual, cosplay, pick-up, aphrodisiac, uncensored, highest Nakadashi, squirting, and more.

Instead of TKTUBE, twitterdouga allows you to check not only rankings but also new videos and popular contributors. twitterdouga is updated daily, so new videos are always being added. It is a must-see site for those who like sexually explicit videos.


monstics is a compilation site of interesting videos posted on Twitter. monstics' homepage allows users to browse contents by simply searching for keywords such as "Kurokawa High School," "white pig," and "baseball girl. In addition, there is an R18 column where you can view all the carefully selected erotic videos in a variety of genres.

Just click on a thumbnail to play it, and during playback you can easily save it to your computer by right-clicking and clicking "Save". If you want to know the source of the video, click on the name in the lower left corner of the thumbnail to view it.


Spankbang" is a site that is a combination of AV01 and Pornhub, and offers not only sexually explicit videos, but also many short videos posted by amateurs. As an alternative to TKTUBE, Spankbang is highly recommended.

How to download videos from free sites like TKTUBE

What we would like to introduce here is what kind of software is safer and easier to use if you want to download videos from TKTUBE or other pornographic video sites.

KeepStreams Adult Downloader is a highly secure and easy video downloader. You can download videos up to 1080p, and you can download up to 2 hours of video in about 5 minutes and enjoy it later without worrying about your internet status. Of course, both Windows and MAC are supported, so you can use it on any device. You can save streaming porn videos up to Full HD. You can also save the videos you are interested in in MP4 and MKV, so you can broadcast them on various players.

You can download adult videos from more than 1000 adult sites such as MissAV, Sokmil, SupJav, etc. including paid streaming services such as FANZA, MGStage, Hey!
  • Windows and MAC are also supported, making downloading very convenient!
  • You can save FANZA streaming AV up to Full HD.
  • You can save in MP4/MKV, so you don't need to use DMM player.
  • It has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate UI.
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This time, we introduced TKTUBE, an erotic video site. There are also other video sites, same as TKTUBE, on which you can download videos if you want to save them. KeepStreams, a downloader for adult If you are interested, please give it a try.

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