What's the current status of cc-comic! Did it close down, a summary description of all the successor legit sites to replace cc-comic?

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cc-comic is an illegal foreign manga site that operates by updating legitimate manga without permission. This article describes the current status of cc-comic, precautions to be taken while using the site, and the successor safe manga site.

What do you want to know about cc-comic?

What is the current status of cc-comic? I don't know if it is closed now.

Tell me about the successor available manga sites to cc-comic.

cc-comic is an illegal overseas manga site that is operating by updating legitimate manga without permission. This article describes the current status of cc-comic, precautions to be taken while using it, and a list of successor safe manga sites.

What is the current status of cc-comic! What about reopening sites?

cc-comic is an illegal manga site like Mangraw (漫画raw) and Mangamura (漫画村). As a conclusion, cc-comic has been closed at this time.

Also, cc-comic is operated overseas, and the source of the site is still unknown, so there is a possibility of getting a virus if you access the site by mistake.

If you want to read manga for a long time, you should use a manga site with ABJ (Authorized Distribution Japan) certification, which has been operating stably.

Summary of 5 safe manga sites as an alternative to cc-comic


As an alternative to cc-comic, U-NEXT is one of the official free manga e-book services.

U-NEXT is known as a video distribution service, but like cc-comic, it also offers free manga.

Want to download U-NEXT videos to your PC? Check out our instructions on how to successfully download them!

If you sign up for a free trial or monthly membership on U-NEXT, you can watch the animated and live-action versions of the original manga for free.

If you purchase manga with U-NEXT points, you will receive 40% of the points back in the following month, so you can read manga even cheaper.

Of course, even if you cancel your free trial or monthly membership, you can continue to read the manga you purchased.

U-NEXT focuses on video distribution services, and its dedicated apps and website are of very high quality, providing a more comfortable environment for reading manga than cc-comic.

  • There are more than 400,000 manga titles available (of which one volume is delivered free of charge for many titles).
  • The e-book service has a history of over 15 years and is unlikely to experience sudden service outages.
  • More than 220,000 free videos are available with no monthly fee trial.
  • Over 150 magazines available for unlimited reading.
  • 600 yen (tax included) worth of points redeemed for manga purchases
  • 40% point rebate when purchasing manga using U-NEXT points

Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga is a free manga e-book service that can be used as an alternative to cc-comic.

Ameba Manga offers a 40% off coupon for the first 100 volumes purchased with Manga Coins.

If you buy a large quantity of manga in bulk, you can get them for almost half the price, which is a significant savings.

If the site is down, you will not be able to read manga on cc-comic.

On the other hand, with Ameba Manga, once you purchase a manga, you can read it for free as many times as you want without advertisements.

  • Over 200,000 manga can be read as much as you want.
  • With over 9 years of operation, it is unlikely that the service will suddenly end.
  • Up to 100 manga can be read for free and purchased at a 40% discount.
  • More than 1,500 manga titles are available for free.

Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom, an e-book service that replaces cc-comic, also offers free manga.

It offers more than 3,000 manga titles for free, without the need to use illegal sites such as cc-comic.

A wide range of titles are available, from new releases to minor works, and several manga that have been talked about on "Manga Kingdom" or have been re-released or published in book form are also available.

There are also opportunities to read works not available on cc-comic for free.

Furthermore, in addition to free membership registration, Manga Kingdom offers a number of members-only free manga.

  • With more than 6 million members, it is one of the largest manga sites in Japan.
  • Since it has been in operation for more than 15 years, it is hard to imagine the service ending abruptly.
  • Excellent point redemption campaign, with up to 50% of points rewarded every day.
  • Up to 1,500 points can be redeemed in Reading Marathon.


Comic.jp is an e-book service that also offers free manga and can be used in place of Comic.jp.

Comic.jp is currently offering a 30-day free trial for new users only.

During the free trial, you will still receive 1,200 points and be able to purchase two free comic books. Even if you cancel your membership during the free trial period, you can still read the free copies you purchased.

You can read manga for free without using a potentially illegal site like cc-comic.

  • You can read more than 350,000 manga.
  • Music.jp's e-book service has been around for more than 10 years, so there is little worry about sudden closures.
  • You can choose how many volumes and stories you want to read - over 1,000 manga are available for free.


ebookjapan is a joint venture between Yahoo Japan Corporation and ebook initiative Japan Corporation. ebookjapan is an alternative to cc-comic.

The company frequently offers regular special events and limited-time promotions, and also offers low-priced e-books.

Users of PayPay, Yahoo! and Softbank can take advantage of various discount promotions.

In particular, a 50% off coupon for the first login can be used six times for up to 500 yen each, for a total savings of up to 3,000 yen.

For manga fans, seeing the spines of the manga on the bookshelf is one of the pleasures of the site.

  • First-time login 50% off coupon (can be used up to 6 times)
  • Every Wednesday, a 50% off campaign for the first volume is offered.
  • Friday deals for everyone - pay with PayPay and earn points!

Using illegal comic sites like cc-comic is dangerous!

Risks of using cc-comic: 1) Identity theft.

Browsing illegal sites such as cc-comic increases the risk of contracting a computer virus.

If infected with a virus, your personal information may be stolen, and secondary damage may occur, such as damage caused by unscrupulous or anti-social forces, or damage to your surroundings.

Membership registration is an example of a factor in identity theft when using illegal sites.

However, it is important to note that you may be infected with a virus simply by browsing illegal sites.

Risk of using cc-comic (2) Violation of copyright law

On January 1, 2021, the Copyright Law was revised to protect the rights of Japanese art, culture, and creators. Accordingly, it is now illegal to "download free comics and other materials that you recognize as pirated.

You may be required to download ZIP files and other files from sites such as cc-comic.

Previously, penalties were imposed on individuals and others who made secondary use of manga.

However, with the revision of the Copyright Law, penalties are now imposed on users as well.

Risk of using cc-comic (3) Fraud

One-click fraud and phishing scams are common on pirate sites that distribute free manga such as cc-comic.

One-click fraud occurs when a user simply clicks on the URL of a site such as cc-comic and receives a message saying, "Your membership registration has been completed.

You will receive a notification such as "Your membership has been completed, please transfer the 10,000 yen membership fee. If your registration was completed without your knowledge, you may be charged a hefty amount.

If you were deceived, you must explain the situation to the police.

However, it would be difficult to claim that you were deceived by an illegal site like cc-comic.

Many malicious sites take advantage of this human psychology to commit fraud.

The 3 best legitimate apps to replace or succeed cc-comic

Manga BANG

Manga BANG, a recommended alternative to cc-comic, is a manga app that allows users to read up to 13 free manga episodes per day.

Manga BANG allows you to use "free medals" (there is a limit to the number of free medals you can hold) to read one episode of manga per medal.

Four free medals are replenished at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm daily, and an additional five can be earned by watching commercials.

The 13 stories are ideal for reading at once during breaks or on the way home from work.

Manga BANG also offers a large selection of free titles from the "Magazine" and "Champion" series.

If you want to enjoy both free and paid works at a reasonable price, why not consider using Manga BANG?

  • More than 40,000 titles in total
  • More than 1,000 free titles
  • Up to 13 free stories per day

Manga One

MangaOne is a manga application that allows you to read manga works from Back Sunday and Shogakukan for free, and is recommended as an alternative to cc-comic.

MangaOne features both original manga and popular manga that have been made into dramas and movies.

Another attraction of MangaOne is that it holds tournaments to determine the most popular works.

It is a fun way to see which works are gaining popularity and winning awards.

At MangaOne, in addition to earning tickets every day, you can also earn SP Lives by completing free projects.

The SP Live you can get depends on the project, so choose the project that suits you best.

  • More than 150 titles available
  • More than 150 free titles
  • You can read up to 8 free episodes per day

Manga UP!

A recommended alternative to cc-comic is "Manga UP!" where you can read works such as "Monthly Shonen Gangan" for free.

Manga UP! has a diverse lineup of genres, with a focus on different-world-transformation works for women and boys.

Another attraction of "Manga UP!" is that you can read serialized manga (updated on different days of the week), with new titles added daily.

If you like Square Enix works and otherworldly transfer works, why not consider using "Manga UP!

  • More than 150 works are available.
  • More than 300 free works
  • The number of free works you can read per day is 6 works.
  • There are 3 quest functions, and you will receive MP+ (Manga Points Plus) for accomplishing them.


As of now, the operation of cc-comic has been suspended all together. If you continue to use illegal manga sites like cc-comic, you run the risk of personal information leakage, copyright infringement, and fraud, so it is safer to use the successor and safer manga sites/apps instead of cc-comic. Would you feel more relieved to use a safer manga site/application instead of cc-comic?

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