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Netflix'teki mi?Birini çevrimiçi ve çevrimdışı nasıl izleyebilirim?

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Şu tarihte güncellendi May 31, 2022 | 5 Minutes okuma
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Love is a lifetime package of feelings, affection, and emotions. This is what we have seen in our movie and TV industries so far. But in quest of bringing something new to the audience, The One on Netflix is another addition after AMC's'Soulmates'. The premise of the series is quite similar where the idea is to find your soulmate by matching DNA. Plus, there is also a murder mystery angle that makes the series sound further interesting to watch.

Continue to read more about the full cast of The One Netflix, its plot, and reviews. And let us help you to decide, whether to stream it or skip it from your 2022's watch list.

About The One - Plot

So here we are going to tell you the entire crux of The One. Rebecca Webb played by Hannah Ware, has developed The One App. The app claims to find your true love via DNA analysis. According to her, DNA is the only best way for finding true love for the rest of your life, if you are tired of mediocre romance and sex. She also finds her love-turned-husband played by Wilf Scolding) as Ethan. Soon the company becomes a success.

The idea first came to the mind of Webb and she took the benefit of research done by her friend James Whiting played by Dimitri Leonidas. James was searching Ants that how their DNA is responsible for working them in groups. Webb and James then became the business partners too but then James was missing since last year. Webb tells all this to a reporter named Mark Bailey played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa.

On the other side of the story, the reporter, Mark is married to Hannah, played by Lois Chimimba. The couple met archaic ways and led a happy marriage as well as a sex life until Hannah has seen the Ad for The One app. She wonders if she can find someone with whom he could live happier than Mark.

Progressing in the story, there comes two more characters in the picture. Kate Saunders, a role played by Zoe Tapper, and her partner Nick Gedny, a role played by Gregg Chillin. They both were investigating the case of a skeleton that was found in the Thames. Kate was bisexual and using The One app and matched with a Spanish woman Sophia Rodriguez acted by Jana Perez. However, later on, Kate found something creepy in the story.

There must be too many questions that might be arising in your mind like who the skeleton was? And how the lives of three Hannah, Kate, and Webb are interrelated for this season to find an end to the story.

The One Netflix Full Cast, Crew, Release, and Much More

So now that you know the plot, it is time to see who is the part of The One Netflix full cast, crew, its creators, and all you should know before plugging in.



Executive Producers

Julian Murphy

Johnny Capps

Howard Overman

Created / Written By

Howard Overman

Yıldız atışı

Hannah Ware as Rebecca Webb

Dimitri Leonidas as Kames Whiting

Stephen Campbell Moore as Damien Brown

Wilf Scolding as Ethan

Diarmaid Murtagh as Connor Martin

Lois Chimimba as Hannah Bailey

Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Mark Bailey

Pallavi Sharda as Megan Chapman

Zoe Tapper as Kate Saunders

Albano Jeronimo as Matheus Silva

Gregg Chillin as Nick Gedny

Nadia Albina as Amy Naser

Simone Kirby as Charlotte Driscoll

Laura Aikman as Lucy Bell

Production Under the Banner of

Urban Myth Films


Dağıtım ağı


No. of Series & Episodes

Season 01, 08 Episodes

Yayın tarihleri

12 March 2021

Running Time

38 - 44 minutes


Birleşik Krallık



The One Netflix Reviews & Ratings

The One Netflix reviews from the critics are average. The story is based on the novel of John Marr and is written by Howard Overman for the making of this series. The series focuses on multiple aspects like love and relationship, murder mystery, and creepy results of love found through DNA testing. Talking about the characters, viewers night like the transformation of Rebecca from Episode 01 to the next Episodes.

The story of different characters is offered in small chunks that make you blend with the story and leave a curiosity to watch the next episode.The sub-story of Hannah and Mark might be added to highlight the disastrous effect of DNA-matched marriages. All in all, the story is good and captivating but in a few spots, it feels like some threads are left unsolved.

Keeping in mind the mysterious Thames plot, sizzling chemistry of Hannah and Mark, and talented cast of The One Netflix, we would think that it will not be a waste of time and a good thrilling binge-watching experience.

The One Netflix review scores 44% based on 16 reviews from the viewers. Another one, Metacritic, gives it an overall rating of 49 out of 100. Its IMDb rating is 6.6 out of 10 indicating average reviews.

Is The One on Netflix?

Evet,'The One is available on Netflix. Netflix is the official streaming partner of The One and all the Netflix subscribers can watch this series'season 01 and 08 episodes on the go. With the widescreen picture format and HD quality, Netflix hosts'Tek'.

If you have not visited the Netflix website to date, then let us tell you the date, Netflix is quite a popular OTT streaming service, hosting tons of intriguing series and Netflix originals to watch wherever you go. In the U.K, currently, Netflix's subscription is available for just£10.99 per month. O's a standard subscription charge. Beyond that premium subscription is also available where you can stream on up to 4 devices in ultra HD quality.

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Neresi Can I Watch The One?

As of now, the official streaming partner is Netflix and paid subscribers can stream online from any of the Netflix supporting devices. The list of Netflix supporting devices includes Streaming Media Players, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Set-top Boxes, Blu-ray Players, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs & Laptops.

How to Watch The One Offline?

If the subscribers wish to watch it offline, they can download it too which is in-app download. All the downloaded content saves in the'İndirilenler'bölüm. If in case, Netflix is not accessible in your country, you can take e help of Any safe and secure VPN also. This download is only viewable within the app. You cannot transfer the movie to other device.

Thus, the better way of downloading is by using third party tool to download this movie from Netflix and make it available for your freely which means you can transfer the movie to any device. Bunun için, KeepStreams for Netflix is the best tool you can have. This downloader downloads any movie or series from Netflix in just a few clicks.


Post-COVID pandemic, OTT platforms are flooding with new web series, movies, and shows. Audiences, therefore, become very choosy about what to watch and where not to waste their time. Everyone out of their packed schedule finds some'Ben'time to entertain themselves and if the choice of content went wrong, it feels as if cheated.İçin'Tek'Howard Overman tarafından ve Netflix'teki Spice-Up eğlence koleksiyonuna baktığımızda, izleyicimize bunu izledikten sonra şansı denemenizi öneririz.Beğendiğiniz iyi şanslar var.

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