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Summary of 8 alternative sites for Twitter ranking site TWIVIDEO

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Published on Mar 21, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we present a collection of Twitter ranking sites like TWIVIDEO. They are all excellent sites, and the rankings of popular videos and accounts are clearly visible.

In this article, we present a collection of Twitter ranking sites like TWIVIDEO. They are all excellent sites, and their rankings of popular videos and accounts are easy to see. On the other hand, you should also be aware of their safety. Instead of TWIVIDEO, we have also briefly explained the best streaming service for watching porn movies, so please check it out until the end.

What kind of site is TWIVIDEO? Is it in operation now?

TWIVIDEO is a free download tool for downloading video content and GIFs from Twitter. These video contents are, of course, content uploaded to Twitter by users, not content posted directly by Twitter.

Requests for notification or removal of links to unauthorized videos will be processed within 24 hours, and you will be notified of the results via email with the URL of the corresponding tweet or video.

When a video is removed from Twitter, the link to the video on this website will also be automatically removed, but only the link to the video can be removed upon request.

All video files are located on Twitter's servers and are not uploaded to this website.

If you want to download the content, first access it from the official site (you can access it until March 2023), enter the URL in the "Paste URL here" section, and click "Extract".

Summary of 5 alternative Twitter ranking sites for "TWIVIDEO


Twihozon is an enhanced version of the tool site for saving video content from Twitter. Offering 24-hour, weekly, and monthly rankings of saved Twitter videos, Twihozon allows users to playback Twitter animated ranking videos and view the account of the video sender.

Twihozon makes it easy to download Twitter videos, and users can also download video content for free, which is very convenient since it is compatible with all devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone.


monstics is a website where you can easily view videos freely posted on Twitter. There are many interesting videos inside, and you can watch them by clicking on the thumbnails of the videos. Also, if you want to save the video you are playing, you can easily download it to your computer by right-clicking on it. In addition, if you want to see who posted the video on Twitter, you can click on the name in the lower left corner of the thumbnail.

The search function on the monstics homepage allows you to browse related video content by simply entering keywords.


TWIIGLE is a tool site to search Twitter videos for free, ranking the most downloaded Twitter videos in Japan.

TWIIGLE itself does not collect, download or store video content. Like previous sites, TWIIGLE also provides rankings of video content in categories such as 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, and real time. The pages are very simple, but like Twivideo, very easy to use.


nurumayu-twi-douga is a free Twitter video storage site that compiles popular Twitter content, ranks it by number of downloads over 24 hours, a week, or a month, and makes it available for viewing. In addition to this, the site also offers Instagram image rankings and video content download rankings. You can also download images and video content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ameba, line, and other social media. The site can be easily used on iphones and androids as well as computers.


meyou is a comprehensive ranking site available only to Japanese users, and international users cannot access it. Twitter Trends provides information on overall rankings, account summaries, and popular accounts. In addition, detailed categories of accounts are available, such as celebrities/entertainers, authors/cartoonists, voice actors, models, and politicians/senators. Recommended for those who want to increase their follower list.

What are the risks of using pirate sites like TWIVIDEO?

They tend to consume a lot of battery and capacity

Browsing pirate sites and video download sites like TWIVIDEO can drain your battery and consume a lot of space. This is because browsing such sites can cause scripts to generate virtual currency without your permission. Generating virtual currency requires a lot of capacity and battery power. This can cause the CPU to reach 100%, preventing the machine from functioning properly and also consuming a lot of power very rapidly!

Leakage of personal information

Video download and ranking sites such as TWIVIDEO may pop up a page asking you to log in, but it is very dangerous to register for a login on such sites. If you do so, you run a high risk of having your personal information stolen and misused. For example, every year many people have their personal information accessed, and there are many cases of credit cards being stolen and social networking accounts being stolen.

Virus infection

Frequent access to video download sites such as TWIVIDEO also increases the risk of virus infection. If you are infected with a virus, you are at high risk of incurring expensive repair costs.

Alternatives to TWIVIDEO, three of the best distribution services for watching pornographic movies

FANZA All-you-can-watch CH Basic

FANZA All-you-can-watch ch Basic monthly membership cannot be applied for directly on the official website. You can search for "FANZA All-you-can-watch ch Basic" on Amazon to find the code to purchase directly. For 1,078 yen per month, you can watch more than 150,000 movies, making it the most cost-effective adult-oriented video service available. At least in Japan, there is no other adult video site that surpasses FANZA All-you-can-watch ch Basic.

Another major attraction of FANZA All-you-can-watch ch Basic is that it can be played directly on the application. Most other sites do not allow direct playback on smartphones.

The disadvantage is that there are no unlimited videos other than adult videos and only older titles. There are some adult VR titles that have recently become popular.


The adult video site that has been in operation longer than Fanza is XCITY. Unlike other companies, all movies are readily available, and more than 80,000 videos from 130 companies are offered. As is often the case with all-you-can-watch video sites with many old titles, XCITY features many new and semi-new titles. In addition, there are many recent works that were released before or at the same time as their release.

However, many users find that the playback experience with Xplayer is not so good, although the picture quality can be downloaded in HD. Also, the price of 3,135 yen per month is a bit more sensitive compared to Fanza.

Seokmir Unlimited Adult Viewing

Sokumil Adult Unlimited is a video site where you can watch more than 80,000 videos as many times as you want for 2,980 yen per month. With HD quality and the ability to view and comment on video pages, it is a very user-friendly video site. At the same time, however, Sokmir Adult Unlimited Viewing does not allow you to download videos or play them on your TV. Compared to other sites, Sokmir Adult Unlimited has many older movies.

Software to download videos from FANZA, Xcity, and other adult distribution services.

There are various tools to download videos from Twitter Ranking Saite, but if you want to download paid content like FANZA and Xcity in MP4/MKV format, you will need specialized download software. Here is a software to download streaming videos from PPV sales/subscription type services--. We recommend the KeepStreams downloader.

KeepStreams is an all-in-one downloader that not only supports adult titles, but also over 60 subscription video services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, Disney+, and more.

With KeepStreams, you can download videos up to 2060p, preserve audio in Dolby quality 5.1 audio, and download streaming videos in MP4 format in bulk.


With the recent popularity of Twitter, more and more people want to download interesting videos from Twitter. While being careful about safety, there are many sites where you can watch excellent works, so please try the sites we have introduced. Also, if you want to save videos from FANZA, XCITY, and other PPV-selling and subscription-based adult video services, try KeepStreams Downloader.

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