How to Unlink iPad from iPhone?

| Published on Apr 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
However, you may try to unlink iPad from iPhone phone calls, iPhone images, or iPhone texts at times, which is why you seek to disconnect your iPad from iPhone or vice versa, as the person above did.

As soon as you enter the Apple environment, you'll notice how well everything works. All you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID on all of your Apple devices, and they'll start working together magically. Your information and data, including personal data such as images, texts, contacts, and iTunes purchases, can be shared among your paired iOS devices, allowing you to transfer data between them quickly and effortlessly.

However, you may try to unlink iPad from iPhone phone calls, iPhone images, or iPhone texts at times, which is why you seek to disconnect your iPad from iPhone or vice versa, as the person above did. Alternatively, you may be preparing to sell one of your devices to reach the maximum number of devices connected with your Apple ID.

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How to Unlink iPad from iPhone?

Apple offers three tried and true methods to unlink iPad from iPhone or vice versa. We provide extensive instructions there, which you may follow on your iOS device, Windows PC, or Mac computer. We show you how to erase Apple ID if you forget your Apple ID information since unlinking iPad from iPhone needs users to input their Apple ID and password.

Method 1: On iOS-based devices, disconnect your iPad from your iPhone.

One of the numerous advantages of owning an Apple device is that you can complete various chores without ever needing to use a computer. Those days of relying on programs like iTunes for even the most basic functions are long gone, and you can now accomplish almost everything with your iPhone or iPad.

You'll also be able to unplug any gadgets that are connected to your account. On your iOS-based device, you can detach your iPhone from your iPad or your iPad from your iPhone. To finish the procedures, all that is required is a computer with an Internet connection.

It's critical to double-check the Apple ID you're using on your device before proceeding. To unlink them from your account, it must be the same password you use on your other devices. The steps that follow will guide you:

1. From your iPad's home screen, open the Settings app.

2. At the top of your screen, tap on your name banner.

3. Select iTunes & App Store from the drop-down menu. You will be instructed to input a password. It will then take you to the iTunes settings screen.

4. Your Apple ID will be listed at the top of your screen. To access your account settings, tap on your ID. Then, under the popup on your screen, hit View Apple ID.

5. Scroll down and select Remove This Device from the drop-down menu. It will deactivate your device and remove it from your account.

You're ready to go. Your iPad has been successfully unplugged from your iPhone. You can also use this method to disconnect your iPhone from your iPad.

Method 2: On a Mac, disconnect the iPad from the iPhone.

If you have a Mac, you can delete any unnecessary devices from your Apple Music account using the Apple Music app. This allows you to disconnect your iPhone and iPad from your Apple ID. However, to utilize the Apple Music app, you must update your Mac to the most recent version of macOS.

Because previous versions of macOS don't come with the Apple Music app, you'll need to update your Mac. However, you can complete your task using the iTunes app in those versions. That means you can unlink the devices linked with your Apple account on your Mac computer regardless of your version of macOS.

The steps below demonstrate how to disconnect an iPad from an iPhone using iTunes on a Mac.

Step 1: Open the iTunes software from your Mac's Launchpad. You can also open the program from the Applications folder.

Step 2: When the program opens, go to the Account section at the top and select View My Account. It will display your Apple account information.

Step 3: Locate the area that reads iTunes in the Cloud on the next screen. Then, under this section, select the Manage Devices option.

Step 4: A list of devices associated with your Apple account will appear. Select your iPad from the list and click the Remove option to disconnect it from your iPhone.

The device you selected will be deleted from the list of devices. Your account is no longer linked to it.

Method 3: On Windows, disconnect the iPad from the iPhone.

When using Apple products on a Windows PC, you don't have as many options as you do on a Mac. However, if you use a Windows PC, you may still detach your iPhone from your iPad and vice versa. You can also uninstall the devices using the iTunes software on your Windows PC. That is the method you can use to remove your iPad or iPhone from the list of Apple devices.

On your Windows PC, you must be logged in to the iTunes app. You must also use the same iTunes account as you do on your iPhone or iPad device. Then, to disconnect your devices from one another, follow the procedures below.

Step 1: Go to your computer's Start Menu, search for iTunes, and then open the software.

Step 2: When iTunes opens on your computer, go to the Account menu in the top menu bar and select View My Account. It will allow you to log into your Apple account.

Step 3: Scroll down to iTunes in the Cloud area and select Manage Devices from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: It will show you all of the devices associated with your account. The device you don't wish to stay connected with will be removed if you click the Remove option.

That is all about how to unlink iPad from an iPhone using a Windows PC.


If you no longer want to use your iPad with your iPhone, use the techniques outlined above to disconnect an iPad from an iPhone and remove the undesired device from your other Apple devices. We hope the information in this guide assists you in doing so.

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