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How Do I Upgrade Hulu Plan?

| Hulu |
Updated on Mar 22, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article describes methods for upgrading Hulu if you want to change your subscription plans. Apart from that, if you are looking forward to downloading content from Hulu, you can use keepStreams for Hulu.

Hulu is an American-based online streaming service that was launched back on the 29th of October in 2007, offering a wide range of content from films to television networks along with some of the Hulu originals. The Walt Disney company mainly owns Hulu, but Comcast’s NBCUniversal has a minor stake in the ownership.

As this streaming platform is subscription-based, some people often wonder how to upgrade or conveniently downgrade the Hulu subscription. This article is solely meant for those and contains a step-by-step guide on how to go about this process.

How to Upgrade Hulu Plan?

Upgradation through a web browser

In this section, we will discuss how you can change your Hulu plan through your web browser on your personal computer or laptop by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: First, you need to log in to your Hulu account using your personal information like username and password.

Step 2: Once you log in, you have to scroll down the home page till you reach “Your subscription.”

Step 3: Now select the option of “Manage Plan.” Here you will see a list of different plans offered by Hulu. Please choose the one that fits your needs and move the toggle to turn it on.

Step 4: After that, you will also receive a confirmation message letting you know that the subscription plan is being changed and the changes to be expected as a consequence. If you are sure, click on continue, or otherwise, you can click on the “x” to revert changes made.

Step 5: Now navigate through the option of “Review changes” and press submit to start implementing the new plan.

Note: If you are upgrading your Hulu account before your billing cycle ends, you may face some extra charges.

Upgradation through Roku TV

If you have subscribed to your Hulu account on your Roku device, you can simply change your subscription plan directly through your TV.

Step 1: Open the already installed Hulu application on your Roku TV or other streaming devices.

Step 2: Click on your “Profile” then “Account.”

Step 3: Here, you will see your subscription plan, where you can choose a new plan.

Upgradation through Xfinity

You can also upgrade your Hulu subscription plan on your cable if you are billed through the Xfinity TV network. Following are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: On the main Xfinity menu, you will see the option of “Apps and Subscriptions Management” click on the expansion arrow shown right beside it.

Step 2: You will see “Manage subscription” in the list. Click on it to choose your new subscription plan, either basic or no-ad version.

Step 3: All you need to do is submit an order, and you are good to go!

Why Can Not I Upgrade My Hulu Account?

Sometimes you cannot upgrade your subscription through your account because you have your billing process set up through a 3rd party streaming platform. Some of the 3rd party platforms that offer Hulu account services are

Disney Plus. You can upgrade your Hulu account on Disney Plus by switching between Hulu with ads or no ads. You will not be provided with Hulu live TV in this package.

Apple. Apple provides a Hulu basic plan or Hulu with no ads, but the catch is you cannot update your account.

Spotify Premium. The only option available on Spotify Premium for students is the ad-supported version. You cannot switch between various plans.

These billing partners often handle your subscription through their sites, so if you have the option to switch between Hulu plans, you need to find out who is handling your billing by navigating your account settings by looking into the “your subscription” section.

On the other hand, if you choose the official Hulu site and are unable to change subscription plans, then we suggest you contact customer care as soon as possible and get your problem fixed.

How to Cancel My Hulu Subscription?

Enough talking about subscribing to Hulu or switching to various plans; if you wonder how you can cancel your Hulu subscription on several devices, we have the perfect guide for you, which will help you perform the task successfully. Detailed Steps on How to Cancel Hulu on Various Devices?

How to Update Hulu Payment Method?

Updating the Hulu payment method means if you have to change your credit card information or bank details for the monthly/annually Hulu billing cycle, you will need to look into this great link explaining all the aspects in simple terms. So before proceeding further, do check it out. How to Update Hulu Payment Method?

How to Fix Various Glitches on Hulu?

You may encounter various technical difficulties and glitches when streaming on Hulu that are entirely normal and easily fixed. One of such glitches is the “Fast forward glitch” addressed in the given link: How to Fix Hulu Fast Forward Glitch?

How Can You Watch Hulu Without Advertisements?

There are different packages available for Hulu subscriptions. One of them enables you to watch Hulu without distractions and advertisements providing you with a smooth binge-watch-worthy experience. Check out the given link to know more about the additional perks and privileges in this ad-free Hulu package: How to Watch Hulu Without Ads?

Can I Download Hulu Videos and Movies for Offline Viewing?

Now that you know how to upgrade your Hulu account using a web browser or a smartphone, you must be wondering how to download your favorite TV shows, series, and movies for offline viewing if your Internet connection isn't working or if the Hulu server is not responding appropriately, the offline downloaded content will keep you company during this time of extreme boredom.

We recommend downloading KeepStreams for Hulu downloader, the best offline downloading tool currently available in the online market. Undoubtedly, this offline downloader is the most functional and adaptable, meeting all of your downloading requirements.

You will learn about some of the most distinguishing elements of the KeepStreams for Hulu downloader in the following section of this post.

KeepStreams for Hulu

KeepStreams for Hulu is associated with over 1000 online video streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Paramount, CW, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Funimation, and, of course, Hulu. This allows you to watch a wide range of content from around the world without having to worry about slow Internet connections.

Features of Keepstreams for Hulu Downloader

The KeepStreams for Hulu downloader has the following unique features: Let's take a look at some of them.

  • The KeepStreams for Hulu downloader is highly user-friendly, and you may complete your task with only basic computer skills.
  • Have you ever had to deal with the most frustrating feature of most offline downloaders that is copying and pasting links from one website to another? You can get rid of this with KeepStreams for Hulu downloader, and it's an inbuilt efficient browser.
  • The majority of downloaders appear to distort the video quality and muffle the audio of any downloaded content. While KeepStreams for Hulu, on the other hand, gives you the best video quality, up to 720p or even 1080p.
  • Because MP 4 formatted files are the most suitable and compatible ones these days, the KeepStreams for Hulu downloader ensures that all video content is downloaded in the most widely used MP 4 format. This will also allow you to transfer the content from one device to another with ease.
  • If you've ever watched a movie or TV show online, you're probably familiar with the issue of annoying pop-up adverts that take your attention away from the plot. It gets pretty frustrating. But now, you can use the KeepStreams for Hulu downloader to get rid of these ads, consequently making your binge-watching session more enjoyable.
  • KeepStreams for Hulu’s batch mode or bulk mode feature allows you to download all of your favorite episodes in a single go that too, with a rapid downloading speed.

How Does the Keepstreams for Hulu Work?

The long list of functions and benefits that KeepStreams for Hulu downloader provides can often give the impression of complex software, which obviously the Keepstreams Hulu downloader is not.

Surprisingly, all you have to do to utilize this fantastic offline video downloader is follow the steps mentioned below, and you're good to go.

Step 1: To begin the process, download and run the KeepStreams for Hulu on your Personal complete. Before launching the downloader, double-check that it is completely installed.

Step 2: Now, use your Hulu credentials to log in and choose what you want to watch later that day.

Step 3: When you press the play button, a “Download now” button will pop up simultaneously. Click on it to initiate the downloading process. Note that you can play and download simultaneously with KeepStreams for Hulu downloader, which gives this downloader a competitive edge over others.


This article describes methods for upgrading Hulu if you want to change your subscription plans. Apart from that, if you are looking forward to downloading content from Hulu, you can use keepStreams for Hulu.

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