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How to View Instagram Without an Account in 2022? [Solved]

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Updated on Aug 10, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Without an account, your access to Instagram would be pretty limited. But if you’re still interested in knowing about the methods with which you can view IG without an account, this article will answer all your questions.

Luckily, it is possible to view Instagram without logging in with an official account. However, for this to happen, you must know the name of the profile you wish to open.

But here’s the catch…

Without an account, your access to Instagram would be pretty limited. But if you’re still interested in knowing about the methods with which you can view IG without an account, this article will answer all your questions.

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How to View Instagram Without an Account?

There are methods for seeing Instagram without creating an account. Keep in mind that these techniques can only be used to view public accounts; they cannot be used to view private accounts.

We have listed all the possible ways to view Instagram without an account down below:

  • First of all, you need a PC or smartphone to access Instagram via a web browser
  • Enter the person's name into the search bar and click on their image to access their Instagram account

You will be sent to their Instagram page so you can view their pictures, videos, and comments. It is critical to remember that the Instagram profile you are viewing must be public; otherwise, nothing will happen.

By Using the Instagram Website

Instagram's official website helps you view someone's public profile. You do not need to create an Instagram account to use this strategy. This method works on a web browser only, so you don’t need to install Instagram on your mobile phone. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before using this method to access a profile:

  • To access other user’s posts, you should be aware of their profile username
  • You can only view public profiles with this technique but won’t be able to look at their stories, likes, or comments left by unregistered users

By Using the Profile URL

If you want to search for a specific profile, then you can use its profile URL to open its account. You are only supposed to copy and paste or enter their profile URL in the address bar. You may simply go through their profile by doing this, but if you try to click on an image, an Instagram login box will display. You should be aware of the following points before attempting to use this trick:

  • You must have a computer web browser
  • You are supposed to know the URL of the profile that you wish to see

By Using Third-party Websites

When using the official Instagram website, you can only browse profiles. The individual posts, likes, and comments cannot be seen. You can use third-party websites to look through a user's individual posts.

How to See Instagram Stories Without an Account?

Instagram stories are as important as Instagram posts. People share their daily routines in stories rather than just posting them on their newsfeed.

If you are not using the app, you might miss out on following your favorite celebrities. But, you can access someone's stories without an Instagram account as long as you know their exact username and if their profile is public.

Here's how to view all of the Instagram stories of your favorite celebrities without using Instagram:

  • You must have a web browser, or you can install one
  • Go to the profile page of the user whose story you wish to watch
  • On the user's profile page, click "View Story"
  • Wait until the video or picture in your browser has loaded

How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Account?

Looking into someone’s life is not a good idea, but it is okay to have some spice in life. You can make a website believe you are in another country by using a VPN or proxy server to mask your location.

If you want to change your location after creating an account, you can do so by using an email address from a different nation. If a site notices something suspicious about your account, they may request more information.

Things You Can Do on Instagram Without an Account

As mentioned above, without an Instagram account, your access to the platform will be limited. But don’t worry, as there are still many things you can do on IG without an account; for example:

  • If you’re familiar with the profile name, you can easily browse the person’s profile and also the links that are given in their bio
  • You may also be able to access their pictures and videos
  • You may also be able to read comments posted by registered users
  • The biggest perk of viewing Instagram without an account is you’d be able to browser IG anonymously without any fear of your activity being tracked down

Things You Can't Do Without an Instagram Account

How will Instagram earn if you do not have your account on it? So yeah, it restricts you to a few things and has limited access.

You can view public posts and accounts but not follow them. You will not be able to access the main area of the photo-sharing website if you don't already have an Instagram account. You will only be able to view a restricted picture library and an Instagram profile. This is due to Instagram's policy of only allowing users with verified profiles to access its features.

Similarly, you won’t be able to post comments or privately message a user.

Use Online Means to View Instagram Accounts Can Be a Threat to Your Own Security

It is advisable not to use any site that shows a threat to your device or looks like a scam. Your own safety should be your first priority.

There are a lot of sites that provide you with easy access to private accounts, but respecting someone’s privacy is what matters. Observing someone's private post without their permission is illegal.

Numerous applications allow you to browse private accounts, but most of them take you to a survey page. Although some of them continue to function, we do not advise anyone to use any of them to view a private Instagram profile.

Use KeepStreams Video Downloader to Download Videos from Instagram

Most people browse anonymous IG profiles just to access fresh videos and content.

Instead of using unknown third-party online websites that require you to drop the profile’s link to access pictures and videos, we’d highly recommend using an offline downloader that is not only feature-rich but also 100% safe and legal.

After all, why risk your security when you can download countless videos from IG and enjoy them offline in your free time?

KeepStreams Video Downloader supports numerous streaming sites and social channels, including Instagram. You can download and save your favorite videos right on your devices and enjoy them consecutively in the highest possible video and audio quality.

KeepStreams Video Downloader is not only affordable, but it includes everything a true social media enthusiast would need in downloading software.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are several ways to view Instagram without an account. You don’t have to rely on unknown and malicious online downloading and account opening sites every time you crave a fresh video on Instagram.

Simply download KeepStreams Video Downloader and enjoy a never-ending supply of entertaining and exciting IG videos on your device.

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