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Does Vudu Have a Free Trial? How Does Vudu Free Trial Work?

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Updated on Sep 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
If you're wondering, does Vudu have a free trial? you're at the right place. In this article, we'll answer all your queries about Vudu free trial to help you get started.

The recent influx of OTT platforms caused the services to come up with unique features to stand out from other counterparts. One of the biggest draws of streaming apps is their free trials. Prominent names in the industry, like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc., let customers initially use their services for free. Another name in line with these renowned platforms is Vudu.

You must have many questions, including “Does Vudu have a free trial?” and “How does Vudu free trial work?” Luckily, we have addressed the free trial Vudu in this post. We have also highlighted how to redeem Vudu free trial promo codes.

What Is Vudu?

Vudu is a video-on-demand streaming site home to a massive library of blockbuster films and TV shows. It is set up differently from other streaming apps so that it doesn't require a subscription. Vudu is both a free and paid service without the commitment of a monthly subscription.

What Features Does Vudu Have?

  • It is home to a catalog of 200,000 productions with a collection of 4k UHD resolution films.
  • Vudu is available in the U.S.A to stream on PC, mobile phones, smart TVs, and connected consoles.
  • It offers Kids mode, which restricts the content available and only allows access to age-appropriate videos.
  • With their custom lists, you can organize your favorite content and display them in your personalized lists.

Is Vudu a Subscription-Based Platform?

Nowadays, when every streaming app is on a mission to empty your pockets, Vudu takes a different by offering its services for free. However, you should expect several ads. Instead of investing in a monthly subscription, Vudu also lets you purchase or rent out movies and TV series to enjoy without ads.

Vudu Rental and Purchase Plans

The prices of titles go down as they get older. On new releases, Vudu usually puts the maximum rental price of $19.99 and purchase price of $24.99. For older movies, the purchase price drops to $10, and the rental price can range from $3 to $6. You can insert a Vudu free trial promo code to curb costs further.

An entire newly launched TV show on Vudu can cost as high as $40. The price of each episode can be anywhere from $2 to $4. You guessed it right! The older content on Vudu is typically lower priced. If you wait for longer, you can get the same content at a reduced cost.

Does Vudu Have a Free Trial?

Undoubtedly, Vudu tackles all streaming needs with its wide array of features. However, the offerings of this service do not extend to a free trial. Vudu free trial is not available, but that does not mean the app does not have any free offerings. You can hop on to Vudu today to discover all shows and films being offered for free. The only downside is that they come with ads. It’s safe to conclude that this is an excellent offer if you can handle a bit of interruption.

How Does Vudu Free Trial Work?

Does Vudu have a free trial? Unfortunately, no, it does not. The only way to get a free trial of Vudu is by claiming one, but it will require a bit of effort. You can contact their customer support and ask for a free trial of Vudu. If you’re successful at securing it, you can stream Vudu’s entire library for free without ads.

How Long Is Vudu Free Trial?

If you’re on the hunt for a Vudu 30-day free trial, then sadly, you're out of luck. If the Vudu customer service grants you access to a free trial Vudu it will come with an expiry date. The Free Vudu trial does not span for too long. There’s no precise or accurate answer to “How long is Vudu free trial.” Those who were able to acquire Vudu free trial reported that it is only two days long.

How to Sign Up for Vudu Free Trial?

You may be accustomed to obtaining a free trial with just a few clicks on Netflix, HBO Max, etc. It is not the case when requesting a free trial on Vudu. The procedure being more challenging, there's no guarantee that it will land you a free Vudu trial. After answering “How does Vudu free trial work?” we’ll show you how to get one.

The first task you must perform to sign up for Vudu free trial is to speak to their customer service representative by calling them. Alternatively, generate an email requesting a free Vudu trial and mail it to [email protected]. This process does not let users get the free Vudu trial right away, meaning you would need to wait a few days to get it.

How to Redeem Vindu Free Trial Codes?

The Vudu free trial codes do not get you a free trial. However, you can use Vudu free trial promo codes to avail further discounts when checking out. Here's how:

  • Launch the Vudu official site.
  • Click the redeem option in the menu.
  • Select the button “Vudu Code.”
  • Insert a valid Vudu free trial promo code in the field and hit “Submit.”
  • If your Vudu free trial code is valid, you can reduce the cost of your purchase.

By following these instructions, you can redeem Vudu free trial promo codes.

How Does Vudu Free Version Work?

Since Vudu does not require a monthly subscription, there's no need for a free Vudu trial. Users can enjoy full-length movies and series for free on Vudu. All you need to do to begin streaming is to create an account. The procedure is pretty straightforward and does not require payment details.

Usually, 20-minute titles are divided into four segments of commercials. It gets frustrating to deal with so many pesky ads while streaming. That’s why most users opt to purchase or rent out Vudu videos for a smoother experience. Moreover, the video quality of the free version is limited to 1080p. Whereas purchasing the title unlocks 4k resolution.

How to Enjoy Vudu Content Offline?

Online streaming is a fantastic way to unwind after a long day at work. However, online streaming loses marks when it comes to enjoying movies and TV shows on the go. That's where KeepStreams for Vudu comes in handy.

It is an innovative software that lets users watch movies at high resolution, anywhere, anytime. KeepStreams Downloader supports a wide variety of OTT services for offline watching, including Vudu, BBC iPlayer, Rakuten Viki, etc. It is packed with useful features for an enhanced viewing experience.

KeepStreams Features

  • It has a unique batch mode feature that allows the download of an entire series without compromising speed.
  • It hosts movies in quality audio tracks from EAC3 5.1 to AAC 2.0.
  • It has a no-ads-support that guarantees the optimal streaming experience.

Final Wrap Up

Does Vudu have a free trial? The platform does not offer a free Vudu trial. The only way to sign up for Vudu free trial is by contacting their customer support.

In this guide, we have answered all your questions, including, "How does Vudu free trial work?”, “Is there a Vudu 30 day free trial?" and “How to use Vindu free trial promo code?” You can avail of incredible discounts upon redeeming Vudu free trial codes.

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