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In-depth] A comprehensive explanation of how to watch Netflix on TV, media players, game consoles, and downloads.

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Updated on Sep 07, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
In this paper, we will mainly show you how to watch Netflix on your TV. Finally, we will also show you how to download and save Netflix videos and watch them anytime, anywhere using your favorite device.

Netflix, a streaming service that offers a wide range of award-winning dramas, movies, animations, documentaries, and other content, can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and computers, as well as on the big screen of your TV.

There are also various ways to watch Netflix on the big screen on your TV. If you have a Smart TV in your home, you can simply download Netflix and watch your favorite videos right away. Then there's the HDMI cable to connect your TV to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, which is the cheapest way to watch Netflix if you just want to do a little extra work to watch Netflix.

Other media players such as Fire TV (Stick), Chromecast or "Apple TV" can also be used to enjoy Netflix on the big face of your TV.

There are also other ways to watch Netflix on game consoles such as PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, as well as Blu-ray recorders.

In this article, we will mainly introduce how to watch Netflix on your TV. Finally, we will also show you how to download and save Netflix videos and watch them anytime, anywhere on your favorite device.

Connect your computer to your TV to watch Netflix

You can enjoy Netflix on your computer on your big screen TV by connecting your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable and synchronizing your computer monitor with your TV. It is very easy to operate using the browser on your computer. The advantages are low price and no image lag. Of course, on the other hand, there are some disadvantages, such as the fact that the connection is made with a cable, so you can only work with Netflix within that range, and you must have a spare cable if your TV's HDMI port is not compatible.

Also, if you have a laptop, we recommend connecting it to a TV to increase the screen size, but if you have a desktop computer, you may want to consider your needs before trying this out, as we do not think you will be purchasing much of it.

Connecting your phone to a TV to watch Netflix

Simply connect your phone to your TV with an HDMI cable, and you can sync the video playing on your phone to your TV. Operation is incredibly easy, and all you need is an HDMI cable. If you always use Netflix on your smartphone, give this app a try.

iPhone and Android are different, and there are detailed instructions below. The bottom line is that what you need is different.

The iPhone requires the Digital AV Adapter, an Apple Lightning replacement adapter that connects an HDMI cable to the iPhone's charging port (Lightning). It is also recommended for iPhones running iOS 11 or later.

For Android, the "USB Type-C to HDMI Conversion Adapter Cable" is required.

Watch Netflix on TV with Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.

You can watch Netflix on your TV using Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.

Other than Smart TVs, this is an easy way to watch Netflix on a large-screen TV by simply connecting your smartphone, computer, or other device to your TV with an HDMI cable. However, the cable is a fixed length and must operate within a certain range, which can be a bit inconvenient. In this case, media players such as Fire TV (Stick), Chromecast, or "Apple TV" are used. Just plug it into your TV and you can enjoy Netflix on your big screen TV, even if you don't have a smart TV.

Amazon Fire TV-Using the "Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is a stick-shaped media player sold by Amazon. With many apps installed, you can enjoy the contents of various apps on the big screen of your TV by simply plugging it into your TV and connecting it to the Internet. In addition, the main unit is palm-sized and compact, and comes with a dedicated remote control for easy operation. Types and prices are as follows

Fire TV Stick (3rd generation) 4,980 yen and up

Fire TV 4K Max 6,980 yen (tax included)

Fire TV Cub (Alexa-enabled) 14,980 yen (tax included)

If picture quality is important, Fire TV Stick 4K compatible is recommended.

How to use

Plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on your TV.

2. Plug the included cable into the Fire TV Stick's micro USB port and connect it to the power adapter.

3. Connect the power supply and concept.

4. On the TV screen, switch channels, connect Wi-Fi, and log into your Amazon account.

5. Launch the Netflix app.

The remote control is easy to use, the dedicated device is compact and portable, and the price is affordable, so Amazon users are encouraged to use the Fire TV Stick to watch Netflix on their big screen TVs.

You can use your phone as a remote control! -Use "Chromecast

Chromecast" is a media player sold by Google. Although it does not come with a remote control, it is very easy to use a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device as a remote control.

If the smartphone or other device used is an Android model, we recommend mirroring with a TV using "Chromecast" for Android users and "Fire TV (Stick)" or "Apple TV" for iPhone users.

When you hear that you can use your smartphone as a remote control, you may think, "Well, then I won't be able to control the TV with my smartphone," but actually there is no problem at all. Please be assured that you are free to attach and detach the phone while playing a video on your smartphone.

Types and prices are as follows

Chromecast 5,072 yen (tax included) ~

Chromecast with Google TV 7,600 yen (tax included)

(A dedicated remote control is included.)

There are two ways to watch TV with Chromecast. One is to connect Chromecast to your TV, launch the Netflix app on your TV, and operate the remote control with your smartphone. The other is to connect the Chromecast to the TV, connect the smartphone to the Chromecast via Bluetooth, and mirror the smartphone's screen to the TV. The detailed procedure is as follows

Instructions for use

1. Connect Chromecast to the HDMI port on your TV.

2. Plug the included cable into the micro USB port on the Chromecast and connect it to the power adapter.

3. Connect power to the Chromecast.

4. Switch the TV screen to the input terminal channel to display the settings screen.

5. Download Google Home on your smartphone, tablet, or PC and login. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC to Chromecas via Bluetooth and configure Wi-Fi and other settings.

[When viewing with the Google Home app

6. Launch Netflix on your desktop device, select TV from "Cast" in the upper right corner of the screen, and play.

7. Watch your favorite videos on your TV.

[When watching by mirroring

6. Mirror the screen of the running device to the TV screen.

7. Start Netflix on the running device and play your favorite video.

8. The video playing on the working device will be synchronized with the TV and can be viewed on the TV.

Recommended for iPhone users! -Use Apple TV

Apple TV is a media player sold by Apple Inc. It comes with many apps installed, similar to Fire TV Stick and Chromecast, and can support services such as hulu, U-NEXT, and YouTube as well as Netflix. It also works well with Apple products. Apple TV is easy to connect and easy to use. The same product is priced higher, so we recommend that you carefully consider your needs before purchasing.

Apple TV types and prices are as follows

Apple TV 4K(32GB) 24,758 yen (including tax)

Apple TV HD (32GB) 20,919 yen (tax included)

==Apple TV is the same as Chromecom's "Chromecom TV".

Like Chromecast, there are two ways to watch Apple TV on TV. There are two ways to watch on TV like "Chromecast": by using the onboard app or by using the mirroring function. Let's take a look at the details.

How to use

1. Plug Apple TV into the HDMI port on your TV.

Connect the Apple TV to the power adapter and turn it on.

3. Switch the TV input, set up WiFi settings, and log in to your Apple ID.

To watch with the "Apple TV" on-board app

Download Netflix from the Apple TV app and launch it.

Play the video on your TV.

If you wish to watch the video using mirroring, click on the "Mirroring" button.

Mirror the iPhone or iPad screen to the TV.

Download and launch Netflix on your iPhone or iPad device. Play your favorite video.

Watch the synchronized video on your TV.

The "Apple TV" is slightly larger in size (W98mm x D98mm x H35mm) than the media players mentioned above. To connect a TV, you need to consider where to install it.

Watching Netflix using a game console or Blu-ray recorder

If you do not have a Smart TV and you have a Blu-ray recorder at hand, you can also enjoy Netflix on your TV using Blu-ray. However, the only Blu-ray recorders that support Netflix are Panasonic and Sony. Check first to see if the one you have at hand is compatible.

If your Blu-ray recorder is Netflix compatible, it has a built-in Netflix app and can be operated with just a remote control, making it very easy to use. If you often use a Blu-ray recorder, you should definitely check it out and use it.

Also, if you are a frequent user of game consoles, you can enjoy Netflix by simply downloading the Netflix app from the online store of the game console if the console is Netflix compatible. First, check to see if the console is compatible.

Netflix supported consoles: PlayStation3, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 pro, PlayStation5, PlayStation Vita, WiiU, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

How to watch Netflix on the big screen of your TV with ease - Watch Netflix on your TV with KeepStreams

If you want to watch Netflix on the big screen of your TV, it's a lot easier if you have a smart TV at home, but if you want to do something a little more elaborate, why not connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to your TV with an HDMI cable? And if you also have a Netflix-compatible Blu-ray recorder on hand, that would be even easier.

But in any case, a smooth connection to the Internet is a must. So why not try downloading your favorite videos and watching them on your TV anytime, anywhere, in any way?

So, we recommend KeepStreams, a simple downloader to download and easily save your favorite Netflix videos.

First, let's take a look at what we recommend KeepStreams for.

  • Download in the highest quality - up to 1080p

KeepStreams offers the highest resolution and smoothest downloads. Downloaded movies and other content can be viewed offline.

  • Remove Ads from Movies

KeepStreams helps you remove ads during the download process. Moreover, there is no need to purchase a premium OTT plan to get rid of annoying ads.

  • Fast downloading in MP4 and saving on various devices

With KeepStreams, downloaded videos are in MP4/MKV format and can be played on a variety of devices.

How to use KeepStreams

Download KeepStreams. Open the downloaded folder and follow the guide for 2~3 minutes to install.

== Download and install KeepStreams

2. Open KeepStreams after downloading & installing.

3. Select "Netflix" from "Streaming Services".

4. Find the video you wish to download.

5. Select "Episode & More Info" at the bottom of the screen to enter the download screen.

6. The download screen will display "Analyzing Video URL.

7. Next, you will see a section about downloading. Select "Video", "Audio", "Subtitle", etc. in order, and click "Download Now".

8. Save the video to your favorite device and enjoy the video effortlessly by simply connecting it to your TV.


If you want to watch Netflix on your TV, the most recommended way is to watch Netflix on your TV using KeepStreams - a method that is not tied to the Internet environment. Of course, if you have a Smart TV, you can watch it with ease. If you use a media player, we recommend the Fire TV (Stick) or "Apple TV" if you are an iPhone user, the Chromecast if you are an Android user, and if you are an Amazon user, we highly recommend the Fire TV Stick to watch on the big screen of your TV! Netflix on the big screen of your TV.

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