Wnacg (Gentleman's Man), an alternative erotic anime god site, summarizes and explains the current state of Wnacg.

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What is the current status of Wnacg (紳士漫) and is it dangerous to use Wnacg (紳士漫)? In this article, I would like to introduce Wnacg (紳士漫) after investigating various aspects about it.
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Wnacg (Gentleman's Man), an alternative erotic anime god site, summarizes and explains the current state of Wnacg.
5 Minutes Reading
What is the current status of Wnacg (紳士漫) and is it dangerous to use Wnacg (紳士漫)? In this article, I would like to introduce Wnacg (紳士漫) after investigating various aspects about it.

Wnacg (紳士漫) is a well-known site where you can read all the erotic manga you want for free.

The language of the site is Chinese, so we can assume that the site is operated for Chinese users. However, some of the uploaded manga are displayed in Japanese, so there is no problem if you just want to read them.

What is the current status of Wnacg (紳士漫) and is it dangerous to use Wnacg (紳士漫)?

In this article, I would like to introduce Wnacg (紳士漫) after investigating it in various ways.

What is the current status of Wnacg (紳士漫)? Is it still in operation?

Wnacg (紳士漫) is still in operation. However, like all pirate comic sites, there is a possibility that it will be shut down in the future.

Most pirate comic sites aim to earn income by placing advertisements on their sites, but Wnacg (紳士漫) allows you to enjoy free comics without annoying advertisements.

In addition, just browsing Wnacg (紳士漫), there are no security warnings displayed, so there is little possibility of viruses being planted.

However, operating a pirated site is illegal due to copyright infringement. Using pirate sites is likely to violate the law.

We do not recommend everyone to use pirated sites like Wnacg (紳士漫).

5 god sites of erotic anime as an alternative to Wnacg(Gentleman Man)

3 completely free erotic anime sites as an alternative to Wnacg (紳士漫)

Anime Member

  • Genre Erotic Anime

Anime Member has more than 20,000 copies of erotic anime and boasts an overwhelming number of anime. it can be used as an alternative site to Wnacg (紳士漫).

Anime Member has a large variety of erotic videos, and the categories are finely categorized.

There are few crude short videos such as sample videos and commercial videos, and many good quality videos with long playback time. There is also a convenient search function, and you can fully enjoy your time at home.

  Free Erotic Anime Movie Theater

Free Erotic Anime Movie Theater

  • Genre Erotic Animation, Erotic Animation Movie

Free Erotic Anime Videos is a collection of links to erotic videos on video sharing sites such as FC2 Video, Xvideos, Xhamster, and Pornhub.

It can be used as an alternative site to Wnacg (gentleman's man). The latest episodes of serialized erotic anime are also updated instantly every week and are recommended for those who want to kill some time quickly.


  • Genre Erotic Movie

SpankBang is an alternative to Wnacg (紳士漫) where you can find many uncensored erotic movies in high resolution starting from 1080p.

There are few advertisements and you can view the erotic videos as soon as you click on the title. The video content listed on the site is not the limited release videos often found on free sites, but rather many full version videos.

The ability to search for erotic videos by category, such as channels, tags, and porn stars, makes it a great choice when you want to watch erotic videos.

Instead of Wnacg (紳士漫), 2 erotic anime subscription service sites


U-NEXT is widely known as one of the largest video distribution services in Japan, and can be used as an alternative site to Wnacg (紳士漫).

Many people join U-NEXT to watch dramas, movies, and anime, but in fact, U-NEXT (H-NEXT) also offers an erotic anime delivery service.

With a paid membership of 2,189 yen per month, you can view a total of over 650 erotic anime.


Advantages of U-NEXT
  • 31-day free trial for new registrants
  • 1200 points will be granted every month without fail if you become a member.
  • You can enjoy more than 650 erotic anime and 5,000 manga!


U-NEXT also allows you to watch erotic anime in Ultra HD, which supports full HD quality. Popular erotic anime makers are all available, and those who want to watch erotic movies that become a series can also enjoy them.

After downloading U-NEXT (H-NEXT) videos, please check the following article.

Want to download U-NEXT (H-NEXT) videos to your PC? We explain how to successfully download them.


You can try the service before joining with a 31-day free trial. Every month, 1,200 points will be awarded without fail. You can use the points to rent new movies.

In the meantime, try U-NEXT (H-NEXT) free trial to watch your favorite erotic anime.


FANZA Adult Anime Channel is a subscription-based erotic anime distribution service, available as an alternative to Wnacg (紳士漫).

FANZA is a traditional major adult video site and a general adult site offering various contents such as exclusive works of popular porn stars and original games.

ご利用の流れ - FANZAクーポン

After downloading a video from FANZA, please check the following article.

8 ways to download videos from FANZA

If you become a paid member of "FANZA Adult Anime Channel" by paying 2,980 yen per month, you will be able to watch various erotic anime as much as you want.

Advantages of FANZA
  • Members of "FANZA Adult Anime Channel" can watch more than 1,000 erotic anime as much as they want.
  • Because it is a major adult site, there is little chance that an illegal manga site like Wnacg will suddenly shut down

There are more than 1,000 erotic anime, which is a good number, so if you like 2D, you will certainly be satisfied.

Although it is somewhat disappointing that erotic anime cannot be downloaded and saved, FANZA's adult anime channel offers new releases at the rate of one per day, with a high update frequency that will never leave you short of wanks.

Using illegal manga sites like Wnacg (紳士漫) is dangerous!

Here is a word of caution: Using an illegal manga site like Wnacg (紳士漫) can be dangerous.

Let's check out what you need to be aware of.

Risk of using Wnacg(Gentlemen Man) ① Virus infection

Using an illegal manga site like Wnacg (紳士漫) carries the risk of virus infection.

You may not get infected just by accessing the site, but if you open a malicious ad that has a virus planted in it, there is a high risk that your computer will be infected with a virus.

While a virus may not be detected on the illegal comic site itself, accessing a malicious site that pops up can infect your computer with a virus.

Risk of using Wnacg(gentleman's manga) (2) You are a victim of hijacking.

Many illegal sites like Wnacg(Gentlemen Man) try to illegally extract personal or financial information.

The operators scheme to illegally obtain information by forcing users to enter their personal information through pop-ups.

Leakage of personal or credit card information through Wnacg (紳士漫) can cause tremendous damage.

Also, never use Wnacg (gentleman's man) because of the risk of your registered website or application account being hijacked.

Risk of using Wnacg (Gentlemen Man) ③ Leading to malicious sites

One of the risks of Wnacg (紳士漫) is to induce users to visit dating sites.

In many cases, links and advertisements posted on pirate sites lead to dating sites and criminal sites.

If you access such malicious sites without knowing why, you may be unexpectedly involved in a crime.

   Criminal sites

Software to download videos from pornographic anime sites similar to Wnacg (Gentleman's Man) -- KeepStreams

KeepStreams is a software to save videos from Internet video streaming services to your own computer. It is the best software for downloading videos from porno anime sites similar to Wnacg (紳士漫).

By using KeepStreams built-in browser to visit erotic video sites, you can enjoy erotic videos without any risk of virus infection or leakage of personal information. You can enjoy the saved videos anytime you like without any viewing time limit and device restrictions.

How to use KeepStreams Downloader?

1 Download and install KeepStreams itself from the official KeepStreams website.
2 Start KeepStreams and go to the home screen. Copy and paste the URL of the video site into the search field on the home screen to access the video site.
3 Play the video you want to download. As the video plays, URL parsing will begin automatically. Press the "Ready to Download" button in the upper left corner of the viewing page to display the download settings screen.
4 Select the desired video quality, audio, input/output destination, etc. Click the "Download Now" button to start downloading. For batch downloads, click the "Add to Queue" button.
5 You can check the progress in "Downloading Now" on the home screen.

*Windows 8.1, 10, 11, Mac (IOS Venture 12, 13)


In this issue, we introduced many things about Wnacg(gentleman's man).

Wnacg (紳士漫) is a pirate manga site where you can read erotic manga for free. However, we do not recommend using Wnacg (紳士漫) because it is an illegal site.

Free erotic anime god sites that can replace Wnacg (紳士漫) include Animember, Free Erotic Anime Movie Kan, and SpankBang (スパンクバンク).

The safest way to watch erotic anime is to save and watch erotic anime from the Internet on your own computer, use KeepStreams to save erotic anime.

Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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