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A Review of You Netflix Series and You Season 3 Ending Explained

| Netflix |
Updated on Jul 12, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
A review of You Netflix and download the You series with KeepStreams for Netflix.

What is love? What is the relationship between love and marriage? Is there a perfect person just for me? Even the most romantic or seasoned of us don't have the answers. The journey to find love is the hardest trial for all of us, and no one is lucky enough to not get hurt or disappointed.

Love is a dangerous challenging game that has no winners, yet someone sets out to win. In this story, our apex predator Joe seems to be always a step ahead of all the other characters and us audience.

In You season 3, Joe finally steps into the grave of love - marriage. In his case, the marriage is like a cage that locks away his ability to feel freely. So, he bides his time to break free. You season 3 ending is both mind-blowing and innovative. We get to see a darker and foxier side of Joe in the finale.

Let's see how he plays this game.

A Recap of You

You Season 1 Recap - the Girl That Never Was


In season 1, Joe falls head over heels in love with Beck who is working hard to get her MA. Beck graduates from Brown and is now studying at NYU. She is an aspiring writer, and Joe happens to be the manager of a bookstore. Therefore, the two are kindred spirits, and their hearts are certainly connected. Without a doubt, Joe loves Beck both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, dreams and passion are not enough to survive in NYC. Beck has to take on side jobs and make rich friends in hope of making a name for herself. Therefore, she is always tired and unhappy, and her struggle is not respected by her so-called boyfriend Benji and friends like Peach. But Joe can relate to Beck in a way, because he has a tragic childhood to match Beck's.

They should make a perfect pair, but there is something fundamentally different about them that ultimately kills their relationship.


Joe chooses to murder Beck's boyfriend Benji and girlfriend Peach because he thinks they are toxic to her. Joe also sneaks into Beck's apartment, monitors her messages, and stalks her. Those perverted actions are all rationalized in Joe's head as he thinks he does everything for Beck, for their love. To his disappointment, when Beck finds out about the truth, she disparages him and puts on a show to deceive him. Feeling unloved and betrayed, Joe outwits Beck and kills her out of despair.

So, it turns out Beck isn't Joe's soulmate after all, and that doesn't mean she is the exact opposite of him. She cheats on him and lies to his face, which makes her just as sinful as him. But she draws a line in murder, and that is why she can never accept Joe.

Heartbroken, Joe moves on to find his perfect girl, and that gives us season 2. If you want to see how a healthy relationship is like, The Time Traveler's Wife will bring tears to your eyes and make you believe in love again.

You Season 2 Recap - the Soulmate That Never Should Be


In You season 2, Joe falls in love again with his ex-girlfriend Candace in hot pursuit. She intends to revenge against Joe for attempting to murder her. This time, Joe's new love interest is actually called Love. Love is rich, beautiful, kind, and fun. She is everything Joe dreams of. Therefore, Joe makes up his mind to be better for Love. He wants to change and atone for his sins to deserve her love.

Despite Joe's great efforts, he becomes disillusioned again with his beloved just when he is about to achieve his goal. Ironically, unlike Beck who doesn't get Joe, Love understands Joe perfectly. To be exact, she is just like Joe, for she is willing to do everything for the one she loves, including killing. Love has killed for her twin brother Henry and kills two people for Joe. She expects Joe to be happy about learning who she really is, but Joe feels disgusted by her. Love is proud of the very thing that Joe hates about himself.


Overwhelmed with anger and despair, Joe attempts to murder Love, but she tells him she is pregnant. And that leads Joe to enter the graveyard of love - marriage. If vindictive, scheming female partners have piqued your interest, I am sure you will find an even more cunning one in Behind Her Eyes.

You Season 3 Ending Explained

You season 3 ending is certainly shocking and amazing. Despite Love's stubbornness and sophistication, Joe still triumphs in the nick of time and ends her life. Then Joe plants the murders that happen around town on Love, including his own, before entrusting his son to a gay couple and leaving the country. You season 3 ending is simply mind-blowing.


In the endgame of You season 3 ending, Love is persuaded by Marienne that being a single mother is a noble thing and realizes Joe is the bane of their marriage. Both Love and Joe are lost beyond saving in the marriage, and Love feels the only way to put an end to her suffering is by killing Joe. Out of despair, Joe has to kill Love instead and finally stops her from committing more murders. Maybe You season 3 ending is for the best, as the town will be free of two innate murderers.

Neither Joe nor Love can control their impulses to kill, and the scariest thing about them is not being able to get away with it but to rationalize their actions. Through You season 3 ending, we realize they are not tortured by remorse or guilt, so the killing doesn't take its tone on their hearts. The two apex predators are bound to fight a duel since they can't coexist. So, You season 3 ending is intense, passionate, and fully understandable.

Character Analysis - Joe - the Dark Prince Charming


Joe from You is one of the most fascinating heroes of romantic TV series. And we feel for him and even love him through his internal monologues and extreme actions. Nevertheless, Joe from You is still mysterious, for his train of thought is never fully expressed or in a strict chronological order. As a result, we don't know his whole plan or true thoughts, and he is always one step ahead of us.

Joe justifies his actions with love and chivalry, which Joe from You thinks is a virtue that should be executed. We should give Joe from You due credit for being a warrior of love, for he is trying his best to fight for love. That spirit alone should be respected. And I have no doubt that his love interests are touched by it. But in the end, the fiercer his passion, the colder his heart can be. Joe from You kills without hesitation, especially when it comes to his loved ones. The sharp contrast makes him all the more interesting and unpredictable, thus producing tension and suspense.


In his search for his perfect girl, Joe from You is constantly attracted to women who are flawed and broken just like him, but he is unable to accept them. He is not after money or vanity. The only thing Joe from You ever wants is unconditional pure love, but that seemingly simple thing always slips through his fingers. Joe from You can never have full control over it, just like when he was unable to stop his mother from abandoning him.

Although Joe from You seems to act impulsively, he can always get away because he can plan meticulously after the crime. He has a calm mind and a vast trove of solutions from the books he has read. Joe from You doesn't have a fancy degree, but he is smarter and more sophisticated than most people because he is well-read. He has a keen sense of what is happening and acts quickly when he detects a problem. It's sad that he always feels compelled to kill his beloved women, but who can argue that he hasn't been writing the ending since the beginning?

Nevertheless, we are still eager to see if Joe from You will truly get lucky in You season 4.

KeepStreams for Netflix - the Best Way to Download You


You the TV show is one of a kind. We get to see the story unfold through the internal monologue of Joe from You. Thus, it adds to our understanding of the mindset of a serial killer. You season 1, You season 2, and You season 3 are all brilliant and definitely can blow your mind. If you haven't watched them, you have missed a lot! But fear not, it's never too late to start. And I have a great way for you to begin this thrilling journey! Meet KeepStreams for Netflix! It is the best tool for you to download the You series offline and watch them however and whenever you want!

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Final Thoughts

KeepStreams for Netflix can enable you to download You season 1, You season 2, and You season 3 offline and treasure them forever! You will find how fascinating the stories are. Oh, maybe you will fall in love with Joe, too. Embrace the romance with us through KeepStreams right away!

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