Does YouTube TV Have a Free Trial in 2022?

| Published on Dec 05, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Do you wonder if you can get a YouTube TV free trial before subscribing? Fortunately, yes! Select the channel, add credit card details, and enjoy the free trial YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is one of the largest live TV streaming platforms in America. It is welcomed since the pricing of YouTube TV is reasonable as compared to any competitor and alternative. Moreover, YouTube TV channels are as abundant and versatile as of the possibility.

Before purchasing, do you want to test it through YouTube TV free trial 2022? Fortunately, a free trial of YouTube TV is available. You can avail of different options like YouTube TV free trial 3 months. In thirty days, you can test every feature to the best and understand if it is for you or not.

Do you want to know more about the YouTube TV free trial 3 months? Read the guide till the end.

Does YouTube TV Have a Free Trial?

When it comes to streaming services, everybody wants a free trial to be sure that it is suitable. So, if you are planning on YouTube TV, fortunately, it offers a 14-day free trial. Many people have different expectations as they look for YouTube TV free trial 3 months or at least a YouTube TV free trial 30 days.

This is impossible, but remember that YouTube TV free trial 2022 is more generous than any other no-trial policy such as Netflix, Disney, etc. After viewing and getting the experience of a week, you can explore multiple channels available on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV also offers a free five-minute quick trial in case you want a quick visit before signing up officially and handing over your credit card information. If you add channels from the premium list, you will have to add some extra according to the policy.

However, you can take advantage of a free trial of YouTube TV on premium channels, such as HBO Max offering 7 days free trial, when you sign up for YouTube TV. On the other hand, channels like STARZ have a five-day free trial, and for showtime, you will get a two-week trial.

How Long Is YouTube TV Free Trial?

Due to optimal response, YouTube is now increasing the length of its free trial for the new customers that are recently joining up. However, they usually wonder if they will get a YouTube TV free trial 3 months or a YouTube TV free trial 30 days. So, remember that the new customers can expect to get the YouTube TV free trial length of two weeks if they join on November 15 for a limited period.

Currently, YouTube TV free trial 3 months is not available. However, you can get a 2 week trial as the YouTube TV free trial length is limited to it. You will get access to more than 85 popular entertainment, live sports, and news channels such as NBA, NFL, MTV, Comedy Central, etc.

How to Get a YouTube TV Free Trial?

Before jumping to know how to cancel YouTube TV free trial, remember that YouTube TV no longer offers registration on iOS devices. After successfully signing up to the platform, you will be able to login in as well as enjoy YouTube television through the iOS app.

To sign up for a free trial YouTube TV, you need to navigate to the YouTube TV official website on the device, or you can download the application on an android phone. After downloading and installing the application, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the “TRY IT FREE” option.

  1. Now add your credentials to sign in to your google account and verify your account.

  1. Now you are directed to go through all of the networks covered by your subscription and hit the next button.

  1. Tick all the boxes next to any premium network you are willing to include in your membership and test in YouTube TV free trial 3 months.

  1. Confirm the payment method and add information to proceed.
  2. To complete the process or traction, tap "Buy."

If you are signing up from the website, open the website and follow these steps. Upon completing the steps, you will have a free YouTube TV trial.

What Channels Do You Get in the YouTube TV Free Trial?

A free trial of YouTube TV is comparable to a subscription. Therefore, you should anticipate finding around 100 channels for each YouTube TV network. These channels include local broadcast networks, usually available in most places.

The YouTube TV free trial also contains the channels you watch daily on cable, including ESPN, CNN, and many more. Anyhow, you can choose one as there is so much overlap in the YouTube TV package.

Here is also the opportunity for some premium and high-end add-ons. Some channels have different terms, for example, STARZ has a five-day trial, HBO Max free trial is limited to seven days, and SHOWTIME has a generous 14-day trial. There are also common channels available in other regions, like CBS and PBS outside of America.

What Happens When the YouTube TV Free Trial Expires?

If you realize the free trial YouTube TV you are getting and how long is YouTube TV free trial, you would like to continue the subscription once the free YouTube TV trial period is over by paying nothing more than $49.99. It will offer you access to more than 70 networks, including live and on-demand entertainment.

You can also choose to add the premium channels such as Epix and STARZ to the package with some additional dollars. This is an affordable option as you can establish up to six accounts in order to share them with family and friends. The same subscription will permit you to stream from up to three devices simultaneously. Therefore, you do need to fight with sharers about what to watch.

On the other hand, if you are unsatisfied after a free trial YouTube TV and looking for how to cancel YouTube TV free trial. You have the opportunity to discard the subscription before the end of free YouTube TV trials. If you do not like YouTube TV you can check Netflix free trial and Vudu free trial.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial?

YouTube TV allows you to cancel free trial anytime you want, but you should properly follow the procedure to avoid accidental payment, which is not refundable. Well, when you proceed to YouTube TV cancel free trial, you will instantly access the service, including add-ons.

Free trial YouTube TV usually lasts seven days, whereas the business account extends to 14 days. If you want any alternative, you can look for Paravi.


YouTube TV is a great way to watch live sports and entertainment channels. It also lets you enjoy various kinds of content, including informative news and free-time entertainment. However, every good thing is not for everyone.

So, to determine if this streaming service is for you or not, a free trial YouTube TV is available according to YouTube TV free trial length. You can try it before subscribing to it. If you do not find it suitable, you can go for YouTube TV cancel free trial anytime if you know how to cancel YouTube free trial. 

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